So I tanked a bit for the first time today (my own certed tank)...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. MarkAntony

    looked at stats.dasanfall
    you don't have a single vanguard weapon listed. which IIRC means less than 50 kills...
  2. Ballto21

    to be fair dash, i dont think he was insulting tankers, just that as a new driver he felt like it was cheesy and what his experiences were.

    I dont see anywhere where he claimed to be an expert, just that he learned a few new things about the playstyle and generally found it easy.

    I originally felt this way about light assaults in general when i first started back in ye olde 2013 and did nothing but jump out of esfs gibbing tanks from above. Now that im playing it more i have more of an appreciation for the class and realize its not as easymode as it once was (ADSing while jumping helped a lot). And while i still think that c4ing tanks is ezmode AV, that might just be myself being competent at it.

    What im basically trying to say is he found it easy and cheesy today, but tomorrow he might learn more about it and think it as being less cheese

    He might also be in that honeymoon phase with a new weapon. You pretty much love everything thats new in this game until you find where you always fail miserably at it, then you just kind of clench your anus and go deep into the failure until you fail less
  3. Rayden78

    Whats the problem with this? It's expected to die less, if your in a armored vehicle/suit

    Seems to be legit, considering your in an armored vehicle.

    Yeah they are annoying, but if you can aim with AP and they are within thermal renderrange, its a quick shot.

  4. FBVanu

    to the OP:

    Please keep a copy of this original post... and then look at it again, after you have 500 kills in the Vanny, then again after you have the auraxium on it... and then tell us what you really think.
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  5. Cz4rMike

    Nah, I wasn't getting anywhere. As I stated - I had to make a "stretch". I was mostly joking. I don't know the playstyle of Klypto.

    Anyway, I'm against farming in vehicles particularly, and never did, since it's boring. Unless it's skilled farming - for example sniping people with default nosegun. But it's not "farming" anymore at such point.
  6. day ofm one

    Get into a real fight then.

    Things get messy at 48+ fights.
  7. Vivicector

    As a quite experienced Magrider pilot, I will tell you:

    1- Nanite-physics. Still, my friend, who plays NC and VS says, that Vanguards behave better then Magrider on rough terrain.

    2- Yep, it is, but everyone knows what tanks k/d is. Clever people will look your infantry k/d anyway. Keep in mind, however, that enemy tanks are in the same positions, and infantry is constantly revived by medics.

    3- Safe... Till some Lib with shoot TankBuster at you. Or ESF will lolpod you in the ****.

    4- They are dangerous in numbers.

    5- Well, heh... Solo should not be encouraged, so it has drawbacks to 2 tanks. You can go solo. Solo Mag is a suicide mostly.
  8. Silkensmooth

    Tanks are the easiest thing in the game to farm with.

    If you leave the armor column though it is definately not always easy.

    You can roll around in a mag just fine without the armor column. Just know that if an enemy lib or ESF sees you and there is no cover around and you havent equiped an AA gun you are going to die.

    As it should be, contrary to what you will read here.
  9. Liewec123

    since the drifter buff i now consider any tank within 300m of a base with jump pads to be free certs,
    ready for me to graciously accept :)
    tank columns around biolabs or the 3 nearby bases are a beautiful sight :D
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  10. Jawarisin

    No but if I picked up a weapon that more than doubled my k/d without effort. I'd ask myself some questions about said weapon though. And as I said, I never claimed to be an expert; I still have a hard time nailing ESFs.
  11. Ballto21

    So jawa

    thats a nice vanguard you have there

    be a shame if something happened to it
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  12. Jawarisin

    You. Stay. Far. Away.

    No touching allowed, nor any camera flash.
  13. Ballto21


    Youre right. Less than 50 kills. 5 second search on a different website too hard.

    Granted, 140 isnt much more, but hes spent minimal time at least.
  14. Ballto21

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  15. Mooveoverbrt

    Hi Jawa, interesting first thoughts. Hopefully you'll tank some more and peel back the layers to find that tanking isn't "boring or cheesy!" Look forward to our tank brawl on the battle field!

  16. JudgeNu

    Well as NC you will have to recognize the capability of the armor around you.
    Personally I stay out of the armor columns unless its a mindless zerg to an empty base, and here is why.

    An NC armor column consists of those who spawn a tank and rush forward through friendly infantry and bumping anyone with a decent tank shot only to get to the front and back up into everyone because there is too much incoming DPS.

    Meanwhile VS lock-on's are everywhere.
    Mana turrets, yeah a lock-on and a few hits with mana turrets and you are toast.
    Backing up is usually pointless as the speed is ridiculous when you have, fearless, mind you, HA's chasing you.

    Then you have AP trying to farm infantry at a vehicle shield while no one is going to the generator, or cant.
    Then that gives ample time for C4/Mag/Prowler flanks from behind while no one but a few notice...

    Unless you have a good gunner that has some experience in the game and will actually reply to any chat you send, then you have half a chance.

    Sure the Vanguard is a beast and there are those that use them well.

    15 NC Sundy's and 4 Vanguards is typically a bad ratio, but common and typical.

    Lol, I know I sound cynical, but I only play NC and have for over a year now.


    *btw that profile picture is stupid and ugly, change it.* :)
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  17. Taemien

    I love when most of the enemy do this.

    It means my squad can just fly overhead, cap their base, then mop them up for a crap ton of points. The bonus is we win the alert on top of it. We'll see this guy return in a few days crying about how pointless his tank he just spent 5000 certs on.

    Keep padding your KDR, OP. People like you make my job easier.
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  18. VexXenon

    There is far too many people giving advice on topics that they should not be giving advice on.

    Although it depends from person to person, a good gauge is probably around 1000 kills with some weapon. But even then, I'd say that isn't good enough.

    It's nice that you certed out your AP vanguard, now please do your job and kill enemy tanks as what you're suppose to do.
  19. Jawarisin

    Sadly, I'm also the guy in the liberator that's shooting you out of the sky. There's no passing with me.
    On the flip side, if I ever had to complain about big certs investment with no return, my battle flash would be the first one to go. But hey, it's been entertaining; even for 3000+ certs.

    Well, keep getting farmed peasant :)
  20. CNR4806

    I'd say the ratio is pretty much true for all factions, give or take a few and add in some Lightnings.

    Sunderers as they currently stand costs way too few nanites, resource that already doesn't have much meaning to begin with. Even as someone who pulls Sunderers days and nights, I'd say they need their cost adjusted upwards, at least on par with the Lightning.