So I Recorded a Solo-Infiltration...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by -Synapse-, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. -Synapse-

    I got orders from one of my leaders that we needed a clear path to push towards the NC warpgate, so I recorded my mission:

    Any thoughts/comments/tips would be helpful. I'm just getting into the infiltrator so any feedback would be appreciated.
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  2. Astraka

    Waterson right? If you're ever looking for a partner for one of your contracts shoot me a whisper, player name is Astraka. I would like to think that I am fairly good at the Infiltrator class, and it would be helpful & in my opinion a lot more fun to have another set of eyes watching your back. If you're serious about getting into the Infiltrator class I would also love to give you some tips if you want them and help you excel in an admittedly difficult role that can at times be under appreciated by outfit leaders.

    As for your video, I liked it, but I feel like you lucked out. With a long range kit like the bolt action sniper rifle & pistol with no AMS support I honestly figured you would've been overwhelmed with the people you killed as they respawn & the guy in the Reaver. Fortunately it didn't seem like they were too interested in stopping the cap because no one actually respawned at the base you were at, and the Reaver guy flew away never to return.
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  3. Dr. Euthanasia

    You didn't use Recon Darts or a Radar Flash. Take your pick between the two, but really. Use them. Also, never use your cloak in a situation where someone's about to turn a corner into you. It simply won't do anything except artificially lengthen your reaction time, and only the biggest idiots will fall for it unless you're in gigantic zerg scenarios where they're liable to kill teammates even if they're certain that you're an enemy and not a retreating ally.
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  4. AceMF

    pretty much the most boring PS2 video I have ever seen
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  5. Phrix

    You could have done that in less than half the time by simply using your cloak more and pegging it.
  6. A 59 c

    Dr E makes a very good point on the cloak, it's a common mistake with players new to the class and will get you killed. I liked your use of the ledges on the bridge but you let yourself down by sky lining yourself quite a bit on the hills. I thought your weapon selection could do with improving (used pistol where rifle would have been more appropriate and visa versa).
    I hope you decide to stick with the class, it is tough going at first but it gets easier and far more action packed the longer you stick with it
    I would also take Astraka up on his kind offer. HTH
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  7. -Synapse-

    The point wasn't really to be the most exiting video out there, it was more to try to capture the tense style of gameplay playing infiltrator offers... that and to record my progress with the class. Nonetheless I see your point, and I'll try to reduce downtime a bit.
  8. -Synapse-

    Thanks for all the feedback! I went ahead and recorded another one:
  9. Astraka

    I would put 50 certs into the S-AMS ability for your Sunderer ASAP. It will provide you respawn capability (which you absolutely need), a resupply in bases without a Weapons Terminal, and a place for your outfit to spawn at as soon as they clear the base they're at so you can keep the momentum. If you're lucky, you might also have a teammate or two spawn at it so you've got backup. It isn't as flashy as another rank in your cloak or another claymore, but guaranteed it will be useful if this is the type of Infiltrating you want to do.

    Another thing that would be really helpful for you (but not 100% necessary) is either the Wraith Cloaking Module for your flash, or the Ejection Seat for your Mosquito. Eliminates a lot of the travel time from place to place, and almost guarantees you'll get to your destination unmolested and undetected. Even without those upgrades they are extremely useful in getting behind enemy lines.

    For future contracts, I would refrain from placing your claymores at terminals - they're just way to valuable to leave somewhere that may not get foot traffic. I tend to place mine near doorways & footpaths close to the spawn room. Not only am I nearly guaranteed to get a kill if someone spawns there, but it also functions as an early alarm system so I know when someone is in the area. They're also pretty good to place near the control point as people are guaranteed to go there once turned whether they spawn at the base or not.

    For your contract above, I would've rather seen you post up on a nearby hill with your bolt action after you'd hacked the terminal. Not only would you have easily killed the heavy assault that came to destroy it, but that Infiltrator that ended up killing you probably would've stopped to hack the terminal back scoring you another free kill.

    I'm still available and willing if you want a partner to run around with too. I think it'd be a lot of fun.
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  10. GSZenith

    so about 90% of the player base?
    to bored to post knife HA vs 8medics chain rezing eachother until i killed them.