So I ragequitted in January, decided to give PS2 a try again for an hour

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  1. Inzababa

    and I'm totally hooked again !

    GUYS, it's not often I (or anyone) provides fanboy positive feedback that isn't whining and complaining, so keep this message preciously !

    I LOVE what you did to the game since January. I won't get into all the details (unless someone asks me too) but I'm really having a lot of fun since.

    I had a bit of "nothing to do" time so decided to launch PS2 and play for an hour or so, and got totally hooked again.

    I don't think this will be enough to save the game, PS2 is already really old and it will take a lot more than this to turn things around. But I think it'll pump just a little more life into it.

    So ... well done and thanks :)

    edit : don't forget to nerf infiltrators ! Check the stats for yourselves, there's too many of them, way too many of them, and imo they are way too strong atm.
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  2. MuggieWara

    Nothing like a nerf call to prove someone is hooked again! :p
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  3. adamts01

    There were a lot of steps in the right direction. But they still haven't addressed zerging being the be all end all tactic, which has always been my primary complaint. But yeah, CAI and Critical Mass helped, they just need some more tuning.
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  4. JibbaJabba

    I just don't find zerging to be that much of an issue anymore.

    By zerg I mean "roll massive force, immediately spawn lock, everyone stand around dick-in-hand until cap completes... repeat"

    These are not entirely difficult to defeat. Two squads can bloody the nose of a full platoon and it will give up.

    1. Maintain 100% cohesion in your smaller force...your dots on the minimap should look like a single blob.

    2. Back cap them before they have a point. A small handful of adventurous folks will jump back to see if it's a ghost cap. Demonstrate forcefully that it's not. The moment they send a force back big enough to fight you, leave instead of fighting. Retake the point at the base the zerg is trying to hit.

    3. Once they get control of the point at the base they are zerging, ignore it. Hit their spawn logistics instead. Having 2x your forces doesn't count for **** if they have no where to spawn those forces.
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  5. DrPapaPenguin

    Infiltrators? Strong? How?
  6. StaHoo33

    Does it matter? NERF! hehe
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  7. HippoCryties

    Welcome backkkkk
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  8. Inzababa

    Out of all the times I die from being shot by infantry :

    89% of the time it's an infiltrator killing me.

    That's how !

    PS. those stats are fake :p
  9. Meathook2099

    To be fair to newer players, I've had friends try the game and quit because...
    There's a class of invisible players BUT WAIT...
    There's a class of invisible players that can OHK you BUT WAIT...
    There's a class of invisible players that can OHK you and make their vehicle invisible too and run over you BUT WAIT...
    There's a class of invisible players that can OHK you and make their vehicle invisible too and run over you and troll you.
    Not to mention One hit knife kills and recloaking.
    Yes a class of invisible trolls.
    Stupid, stupid idea.

    DBG would do well to fix invisible trolls and remove the reverse maneuver from ESFs.
    Those two changes would resolve the reasons why all my friends have quit this game.
  10. Halkesh

    Infiltrator aren't OP, but they're sooooo frustrating to face.
    Main medic and sniper will give you ptsd.
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  11. LordKrelas

    That class is one-shot to the head by a Pistol -- and the cloak isn't perfect, makes noise , and needs it.
    The only cloaking vehicles, are the Flash - Which is either easily destroyed, or annoying as sin - and the Armored Ant.
    Which isn't class specific.

    Not to mention, every class has the knives.
    Medics can heal themselves & others rapidly while firing AR's
    Heavies, have shields that increase their health pool for the duration
    We have a class that flies.

    If you want to complain about one Class in a vacuum, just keep in mind the rest of the game.
    Not to mention, the Cloaking ANTs, a construction vehicle, that can ram a Lightning tank to death isn't related to infils.
  12. Meathook2099

    There is nothing in your reply which defends or validates the existence of invisibility in this game.
    The infiltrator only needs invisibility to get into sniping position. No vehicle should have the ability to render itself invisible.
    When designing any game with classes it is important to define the roles of the classes and then as best as possible limit the capabilities of the classes to their respective roles.
    What is the point of classes otherwise?

    My post wasn't meant to attack infiltrators but to show that a strategic advantage like invisibility should be strictly limited.
    Your cloaking ant comment only bolsters my position.
  13. JibbaJabba

    Look, just because us veterans can effectively deal with infiltrators doesn't mean it's not ****** for the overall health of the game.

    Other games have snipers. Not invisible ones though.

    /shrug ain't gonna change.
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  14. DrPapaPenguin

    TBF a light assault with a shotgun AND a one hit kill knife is something far more frightening.
  15. LordKrelas

    There isn't invisibility: This isn't Halo. We don't have full health Invisible enemies with decent ranged Blades.
    There is a ripple camouflage, on a Class that is a one shot from a Pistol available to all but max units.

    I have an issue with Cloaking Ants: Since that takes AV weapons to scratch.
    If Flashes, didn't have shotguns, they'd be less dangerous with that cloak -- due to the whole cheap as a grenade speeding vehicle, exposes the pilot.

    What is the point of the other classes if one can disable their own weaponry to have a shimmering cloak with reduced health?
    My gods, the inferiority of a full entire extra health bar at a click, with full weapon capabilities, and full health against it?
    The inferiority of regenerating health of yourself & everyone else around, with full health & weaponry against it?
    The inferiority of Flight , with full health & weaponry against it?

    The only class lacking a direct respective ability, that also doesn't disable their weapons, at the cost of health, is the Engineer.
    Who drops ammo packs.

    An infiltrator needs their Cloak, not invisibility, to ambush opponents: Whom can literally one-shot the Infiltrator with a Sidearm.
    We don't have invisibility -- and it is incredibly limited on the Infantry class.
    An Ant, is far deadlier than an Infil: It's cloaked, armed, needs AV weaponry to damage, has room for additional infantry, can ram battle tanks to death, and has the entire construction system around it.

    An Infiltrator has the least health, needs accuracy, and for SMG's must be within the full range of every other class, while being vulnerable to being one-shot the easiest -- while lacking any AV past a short-ranged crossbow for a sidearm.
    It's screwed against Vehicles, It's screwed in a direct fight against infantry, and unless blind, it's able to be seen by every class expect at sniper ranges.
    Which is the point.

    We don't have invisibility.
    We have an optical camouflage - that can be seen through. On the most fragile class.
    Halo has actual invisibility, on a fully armored & cloaked enemy - with health equal to the uncloaking enemy.
  16. Lightly_Salted

    I'm actually looking to start playing again, never got very far but I played for a while (Didn't do tasks or anything, didn't have much just played to shoot things). I mainly stopped playing because of the lag I was experiencing with my old rig, and the painful grind of Certs. But now I have my new rig, tested the game for 10 minutes yesterday and it runs amazingly on Ultra, and I want to start getting back into the swing of things so I'm going to get a membership.

    Can someone give me a run down of the stuff that happened in the past couple months? (If you want, longer than that :D ) Just to get me up to speed. I'll do some reading for myself but it would be easier to have a summary. Thanks!
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  17. adamts01

    Daybreak does need the money, but you should play for at least a week or two before you take such a big step. As far as major game changes... Combined Arms Initiative was a huge vehicle rework, and that balance still needs a lot of tuning. Air was nerfed to near-worthlessness and armor isn't really worth it. The game is entirely centered around infantry at this point. Critical Mass changed how continents are locked. Now it's all about territory held, and holding back a double team once your faction starts an alert. Expect drastic changes on any weapon/optic you buy, as Daybreak makes balance adjustments with a hammer. The most important thing to do is join an active outfit, group up, use coms, and start building a friends list.
  18. Inzababa

    for infiltrators, all they need to do is look at the stats, it's a balance quesiton.

    PS2 isn't a fair game, that's actually why I like it. I'm not saying infiltrators are "bad", just a little too unfair..

    check the infiltrator population, check the stats, see for yourselves.

    (although there are some stats only devs have access to I wish I could see :) )
  19. JibbaJabba

    Guys. It's invisibility. Don't be obtuse about the shimmer. To a new player, infiltrators are Higby invisible ok?

    The infiltrator class is balanced just fine. But... it suuuuuuuuucks for new players to face. Don't be all defensive about it.

    Also sucky for new players:
    IFF detection due to nutty camos.
    Headshot multiplier on full auto guns.
    Bug turned feature ESF flight mechanics.
    The "take me somewhere to die horribly" button on the map screen.
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  20. Meathook2099

    Totally agree.
    The dev team needs some fundamental rules.
    As far as flight mechanics go there's an old one. "If you can't do it with a joystick, then you can't do it with a keyboard and mouse."