So I got the Auraxium Medal on the AC-X11...

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DiHorizon, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Crayv

    This is an old thread.

    I like it a lot more now since they bumped the mag size up a bit (and it is a weapon I want to like) but the low velocity still kinda kills it for me.

    The poor moving accuracy means you can only fire while standing still and the poor velocity means you can only reliably hit targets that are standing still. Not a good combo.
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  2. Sandpants

    It spread after 2-3 shots and becomes really unreliable.

    It didn't need a mag increase. It is rather efficient in ammo consumption per kill considering how it can be used.
    It needed higher velocity and lower bloom.
  3. Corezer

    .75 ads on a primarily ADS weapon would be far from a bad thing...

    The moving CoF is barely larger than other carbines, .02 wont make a difference inside of 100m, the reason it doesn't hit targets is either you cant aim, or you hold down the trigger for too long.

    Like I said, .75 ADS and/or SPA would push it from a "bleh" gun to a decent piece of kit.

    The biggest obstacle in this weapon's way is that people look at it as competition with the razor, which it isn't. This gun is a side grade from the merc. that's all it is meant to be, stop worrying about velocity or bloom, we already have a gun for that job.
  4. Epic High Five

    Also worth noting is that the X11 benefited substantially more from the HVA buff than other guns, and the addition of HVA still doesn't seem to add much vertical kick.

    The X11 is my #1 favorite carbine, and now with HVA and a silencer it's got more killing power at more distance than before
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  5. 5ou1

    Baby Saw is one of my favorite guns and definitely one of my favorite carbines. Had a lot of fun during that auraxium. I'll eventually get back to the razor but just wasn't feeling it.
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  6. Kriegson

    Not sure why some people laud the saw and yet call this thing garbage when they're so similar. Slap on HVA to deal with low speed projectiles and the recoil is fairly easy to control on it's own.
  7. Corezer

    that second damage drop makes all the difference.

    Reaper and Saw 3 shot to the head for countersniping, the acx takes 4 like any 167 carbine.

    That's pretty much it tho, I still find the gun plenty good as positioning/ambush is the king of CQC, not any weapon stat, and the ACX takes plenty of advantage there.
  8. Epic High Five

    Pretty much this. The X11's damage dropoff is (relatively speaking, at least) pretty damn unfriendly. The real power of the X11 is within the 0 to ~30m range where it's still in the 167-200 damage range. Point at chest, recoil kicks into head, instant kill, collect certs.

    The Reaper and SAW are decidedly better at 30m+, but they're also decidedly worse on the move and have worse hipfire. With a gun like the 11C, you can get the drop on a shielded HA and land headshots and still lose, but that's never something you need to worry about with the X11 :cool:

    HVA helps this gun a lot and seems to have very little effect on the recoil, strangely enough. It's a must-equip for the X11
  9. lilleAllan

    So after some grinding yesterday, I finally got the auraxium for the AC-X11.

    2 good bursts canl drop a target
    Perfect accuracy when shooting stationary
    Only 200 dmg carbine in the game.

    Atrocious bullet velocity. HVA is mandatory
    Poor accuracy while moving
    Hipfire is god awful. Especially if you're on of those guys, using a compensator

    All in all, It's a decent weapon with a high skill ceiling. I mostly used it on LA - firing from elevated positions and going for chest/head.

    I still think that the GD-23 Razor is a far better weapon. Better accuracy while moving, faster reload, top tier velocity, better recoil.