So I got the Auraxium Medal on the AC-X11...

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DiHorizon, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. HerpTheDerp

    Comparing AC-X11 to Reaper DMR and saying it sucks makes at much sense as comparing Reaper DMR to Gauss SAW and saying it sucks.

    And percentages are irrelevant. AC-X11 does more damage at any range than Merc and that's it.


    You're making none.
  2. CanadianAttackBeaver

    I'll type slowly for you.

    Comparing AC-X11 to the Gauss rifle to support your point is cherry picking data to suit your point. The direct comparison between the AC-X11 and an assault rifle is clearly the Reaper. And no, I never said the Reaper nor the AC-X11 "suck".

    Percentages aren't irrelevant; learn how to do junior high math and you'll see my point.

    True, the AC-X11 does more damage than any other carbine at any range. That is an undeniable fact. What is also a fact is that the higher damage of the AC-X11 is irrelevant past the mid ranges. Killing a target in 8 shots as opposed to 7 means nothing when you aren't likely to land the 7 shots before the other gun lands 8.
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  3. Pikachu

    I decided to scrap silencer and HA for this gun and use it for my engineer, and it's surprisingly good. :) It's just the sound... but at least it's different from the default NC carbine.
  4. HerpTheDerp

    I didn't "cherry pick" anything. I just went with Gauss because it's the default NC AR to show that AC-X11 has excellent ranged damage propagation. Because, you know, ARs have almost universally better long range damage propagation than carbines, for obvious reasons.

    And why aren't you likely to do it considering AC-X11 is the most accurate carbine in the game?
    And why do you assume the other guy has perfect health?
    And why do you assume all your shots are body shots that will do exactly the damage as displayed?
    And why do you not take into consideration that he might be a Heavy with either shield?
    And why do you not take into consideration that he might have invested in Nanoweave armor?
    And what any of this has to do with damage loss at distance at a percentage again?
  5. CanadianAttackBeaver

    And comparing the AC-X11 to the Reaper is the direct comparison, as was pointed out to you by me and TeknoBug. True, AR's do have almost universally better long range damage retention; nobody is arguing that. It also should be clear to you that the Reaper is the AR equivalent of the AC-X11.

    Because of recoil, rate of fire, bullet speed and the small magazine which increases the significant of a missed shot. Do you even have experience with the AC-X11? Try it, try the Razor or Merc, and tell me which gets you a kill at 50 metres with greater reliability. Then try it at 75 metres. Hell, even Wolfwood, the most obtuse member of these forums, has finally realized the AC-X11 is a mid-range carbine.

    Because it simplifies the analysis, removes variability, and provides consistent assumptions from which to build a model to generate comparative statistics.

    Weapons do a specific amount of damage, so increasing health via nanoweave or shield capacity via overshield, assuming you held your assumptions constant, would provide you an analysis that gave results in proportion to mine, except the time to kill and shots to kill would be inflated due to the higher health and shield capacity.

    Percentage drop off shows which gun loses proportionately more damage per 5 metres. As I showed you, despite your mathematicaly illiteracy, this is determined by the absolute difference between max and min damage; it's a way of comparing which guns hold their damage better between max and min values. What's interesting is that the devs balanced the guns to have a similar % drop off at specific ranges; at 75 metres all of the NC carbines (excluding the GD-7F) are at 25% of their maximum damage.
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  6. Aleyck

    When I Light Assault I like to sit on roofs and shoot down on people with this gun. It's fun and works better for me than the standard Merc. I don't have a good time as Engineer with it, though.
  7. HeadshotVictim

    my guess would be that you misunderstood the LA, but as long as you have fun it may be your way to play, right? :D
    be honest: addiotnal 50 m/s wouldn't make the weapon worde for you.
  8. Iridar51

    What did I ever do to deserve this offensive treatment from you?

    I vaguely remember saying something about old ACX's DPM not being so bad if you compare it to the Merc:
    20 x 200 = 4000
    30 x 167 = 5010
    Saying this hardly warrants such offense.
  9. CanadianAttackBeaver

    I remember you calling my analysis a "weakly constructed house of cards" and arguing against the conclusions I reached. Conclusions which the devs clearly reached as well.

    If you meant your comment jokingly, I apologize; the thread got heated with Wolfwood in there.
  10. Iridar51

    Oh wow, such grudge holding. I said "house of cards" to Erendil, and that was before he edited his post not to look like a house of cards.
  11. CanadianAttackBeaver

    Nah, less of a grudge and more of a thumb-in-the-ears, tongue-stuck-out "I'm right, you're wrong; I told you so" sort of moment. I love it when loudmouthed critics are wrong.
  12. Iridar51

    Whatever floats your boat, man. I just with you would get your facts straight before you insult another loudmouth critic. And remember to check if he's a loudmouth critic at all.
  13. Moisture

    Like every 200 damage NC weapon, Its recoil is meaningless when its nearly purely vertical for automatic bursts.
    And within one of these bursts you can easily cause enough damage to drop a target up to easily mid range.
    While maintaining top of weapon class accuracy.

    These weapons are consistent and effective and adaptable if you are.
    This is easily worst of the 200 damage series of weapons but still among the best weapons in the game to me.
  14. LownWolfe


    This is my new favorite thread.
  15. Epic High Five

    What in the high hell, this thread died June of last year.

    The X11 sucked then but is goddamn incredible now. Don't use it as a long range carbine though for the love of god. Engies should use the Warden for that, LAs the Razor.

    The X11 (which I use exclusively and have auraxiumed) is a CQC-mid monster with a laser. Give me 400 damage instagib full auto headshots or give me death!
  16. Corezer

    The ACX-11 has enough perks to make it mediocre...

    400 damage within 10m for headshots makes it nice against resist shield heavies
    High damage can actually cause meaningful levels of flinch at the ranges you will see carbine employment.
    6STK past 10m means you can keep a 2x speed headshot TTK out to the distance of lvl2 drop.

    it will always fall behind the reaper because it doesn't keep that 3x headshot kill forever like the DMR does.

    What would have made this an actually good weapon would have been instead of the bullets per mag, just giving it .75 ads speed (since it sucks at the hip) and/or softpoint ammo to deliver on those first 2 perks more consistently.
  17. lilleAllan

    0.75x ADS move speed wouldn't make too much sense, considering the AC-X11 has the worst moving CoF of any carbine.

    If I was in control of balancing, I'd up the bullet velocity by 50 or so. I simply don't get why a mid-long range carbine gets worst in class bullet velocity.
  18. Epic High Five

    I don't think the X11 is even in the top three of NC carbines for long range. It certainly doesn't even compare to the Razor at distance. The X11 is a purpose-built close-mid range gun, where you can take advantage of the superior burst accuracy that the initial 0 deviation and low ROF allows to instantly blow up everybody by pointing at the upper chest and then pulling the trigger.

    Intuitively, it seems to make perfect sense that the X11 would have the worst moving accuracy of all carbines simply because it's the whole "thing" with the SAW and the Reaper ain't too hot on the move either, but in fact the list of carbines with worse moving ADS COF consists of guns people would assume are more accurate on the run such as the 7F, Lynx, Jaguar (this surprised even me), VX6-7, and the Serpent.

    It is the worst on the move when hipfired, though I can personally attest (with well over an auraxium worth of kills with the gun, used exclusively up close) that so long as you're running a laser you'd never notice it. The bloom looks bad on paper but with how low the ROF is, you'd never notice unless you're laying on the trigger for the entire magazine.

    If I'm hipfiring up close, I'm generally only dumping out a few rounds and then knifing, as that drops the TTK of the gun in CQC to 0.25 seconds (2 rounds+knife) meaning it is functionally identical to even dps monsters like the 7F/Serpent.

    Also, the velocity isn't as bad as people say. It's a carbine after all, and the average carbine velocity in this game is 492m/s. At 480m/s with the option for HVA if you like, the X11 isn't in that bad of a spot.

    Not like the Serpent at least, with its sub-Commissioner velocity of 420m/s :eek:
  19. Bankrotas

    Actually, not it's 0.32 it's only 0.02 more than most NC carbines and 0.03 less than all CQC carbines: GD-7F, Lynx, Serpent, Jaguar and VX6-7.
    Note 2 of 3 0.75x movement modifier weapons have higher moving ADS cof, than AC-X11, only NS-11C has 0.25 moving CoF with other VS carbines, while NC and TR basic carbines are 0.3 moving CoF. Unlike SAW, AC-X11 doesn't suffer so much from moving.

    P.S. weapon datasheet has been updated. Rejoice!
  20. Oleker2

    AC-X11 is my main gun on my NC character... All I wish is a little less vertical recoil. Just that.