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  1. LordAnnihilator

    I decided to look back on the archives. Here's my finds.

    Page 2300 (Nov 20, 2012) : New players asking questions which genuinely needed answering (first launch) and the earliest post is a "Prowler is OP" thread. Also, more common sightings of moderators, mostly shutting down non-constructive threads.

    Page 2000 (Dec 25, 2012) : Complaints about bugs, features, and suggestions on things to be done. Already the opinion is strong with this one.

    Page 1700 (Feb 8, 2013) : Questions on when new stuff will come, and threads on stuff sucking. No cries of NERF to be seen.

    Page 1500 (Mar 24, 2013) : Messages on things that happened and complaints about OP stuff, particularly the Phoenix.

    Page 1200 (Jun 15, 2013) : Discussions on GU11 and a load of complaints of things that need changing, coupled with a few positive (I.e. Not critical) threads.

    Page 1000 (Sep 20, 2013) : Calls for changes, and plenty of "?"s and "!"s. Oh, and a few random threads.

    Page 700 (Mar 17, 2014) : One 6 month time jump later, we have test servers, rather negative threads and fix suggestions that by this point will certainly never be heard.

    Page 500 (Jul 10, 2014) : Lots of thoughts, mostly for genuinely good ideas (why aren't explosive flowers a thing?)

    Page 250 (Dec 20, 2014) : New knives, weapon advice, and despair at SOEs business practices.

    Page 100 (Jun 4, 2015) : As is obvious by now, time is flying by in not that many pages (relatively). Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions today.

    Page 50 (Aug 13, 2015) : Much more recent. Things players did, some suggestions, and plenty... Of ellipses...

    Page 10 (Oct 3, 2015) : Ah, memories... The first moment I stepped onto these forums. Relative balance, beginnings of some hacker/aim bot complaints, etc.

    Page 1 (Oct 17, 2015) : Today: a ton of trolly NERF LIB threads, some questions, and some threads by me. Much change, methinks.

    Also don't quote me on some of this info, It was for set pages. I honestly have neither the time nor the patience to look through the entire forums. And this is only for the gameplay forum.
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  2. AlterEgo


    You make for an adequate scribe. Have you thought of joining the Vanu Phy. Sciences unit?
  3. Pikachu

    How do you get to those specific pages? All I get is "scrolling" manually from either beginning or end of the list.
  4. GuhMaster2512

    At the end of the url you can type page-10 or any other number to get that specific page of thread listings
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  5. customer548

    Perhaps should we print all those pages in order to sell them in 2055 when Planetside 4 will be out.
    "Look at those 2015 noobs lol...They were complaining about flying Maxes...Now Maxes come with a Cert line for Jetpacks xD. And HAs are now all cloaked...Those prints are so fun !!! "
  6. JojoTheSlayer

  7. LordAnnihilator

    Jetpack MAXes...
    If the launchers aren't improved/more widespread by then, I fear for our future.