So, I died 50 times today...

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  1. Trysaeder

    ...and I kept a tally of the sources. I played only CM and HA for the entire day, switching to infiltrator for a few very specific kills. I was on the front lines the majority of the time, taking and dealing damage to enemy infantry and MAXs. I focused on 'feeling' out the game's sources of damage and tried to improve my situational awareness, rather than going for S/H and K/D. Total play time was about 4 hours. Gained about 200 kills with the NS-11, and about 100 kills with the Pulsar LSW. Other assorted kills happened with C4 and grenades.

    Enemy vehicle: 2 (1 zephyr, 1 titan heat)
    Rocket launcher: 2
    Enemy grenade: 2
    Total explosive deaths: 7/50

    Friendly vehicle: 2 (both roadkill+streak end)
    Friendly grenade: 1
    Mistaken identity: 1 (deliberately killed by an ally)
    Self fault FF: 2 (dove for cover, met by allied bullets)
    Total FF deaths: 6/50

    OSK sniper: 1
    Double OSK body shot: 1
    Aimbotter: 4 (obvious ones like 0o0oo, lilililiilil, 01010000l0l names, + I can feel it when someone's aimbotting)
    Total instant deaths: 8/50

    MAX: 1 (dual mercy)
    Automatic weapons: 31
    Total bullet deaths: 37/50

    Flak armour saved me from quite a few explosive deaths, and the flow of the game made it very clear when it would be useful. I often had flak armour equipped just as I began to experience heavy explosive suppression. I had it on 22% reduction for half the day, but as the spam got heavier I gave it another level for 30% reduction. If you're short on certs, the 30% level is very cheap and effective, so consider buying it. Ironically, I was probably exposed to more explosive damage as a CM+HA than as an engineer, who I have max flak armour on. Rocket pods were NEVER a problem, as having comparable air presence along with a single dual burster MAX prevented all of them.

    Shield regen 5 was used all other times. In my opinion, these two are the most viable front-line suit options. I never felt like Nanoweave would have helped. How could I? I'm dead. I can't be sure if the extra bullet's worth of life would help me live. Flak armour definitely helped as I watched many allies die to the same grenade that I lived through. No survivor's guilt here; I spoke on prox chat to tell people that 11 certs could save their life. Ammo was never a problem as the fights were generally very intense, so ammo packs weren't hard to find. Extra grenades per carry would have been nice, except I was out of infantry resources and both my C4 and grenade stashes were empty.

    The instant deaths were surprisingly uncommon, which was very good because they frustrate me greatly if I don't realise what I've done wrong to deserve them. There was only one time (as I remember) where I was killed before I could react by an automatic weapon, which was at medium range. An LA I was shooting at had crouched, I didn't compensate for this because it was such a huge surprise, and killed me very quickly with the trac-5. Double body shots from OSK snipers are always annoying to me, as I feel they're very lame and only happen due to chance. Hackers were REALLY annoying because they're always a streak end, but fortunately seem to be confined to clusters. Admittedly it was an above average hacker death day, as I usually die 0-2 times per day to them.

    I really encourage you guys to take a day to think a bit deeper about the gameplay. It may help you learn to stay alive and be more effective, while educating you on the things you really die to. Once you have that information, you can make gameplay adjustments to fix this.
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  2. helljk

    I did this once, but with much less thinking.

    8 deaths to allies out of 20 deaths. Happened in one base.
  3. LameFox

    'Double OSK'... what?
  4. Garrix

    I really feel that nanoweave is only useful if you are a medic or carry medkits around, otherwise your better off.with shield and being more cautious. I maxed flak armor and nanoweave on my medic, and have to say its fun seeing the surprise on the heavies face when you take a rocket in the gut and kill em anyways.
  5. failbot

    Nanoweave is amazing with resist shield on heavy assault.

    To OP: I doubt there were 4 aimbotters, I've seen 2 obvious ones and played the game for almost 100h now. You can't judge by name alone. There was a pretty well known youtuber who used lililili because he didn't want to be recognized.
  6. Trysaeder

    Two body shots from a bolt action, sorry.

    Woops, didn't mean 4 aimbotters, just 4 deaths to them.
  7. Talizzar

    Wow I never saw a hundred people to kill yesterday. Are you including assists or just kills.
  8. failbot

    Ah Ok, nvm then.
  9. Trysaeder

    Just kills, obviously they're not all in the same place. I focused a bit more on deaths, so I played a bit less aggressively.