So I Decided to come back and see how the game was going.....

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  1. Huxer

    I know how you feel, I really do. Ya leave a game because you are unhappy with it, mechanics, development process, whatever made you unhappy. You still have attachments to the players and a sense of longing for the way things were. Come back to the game under the auspice of "just visiting" but really you want to see something that will compel you to return. The game is not a new game, it's the same game and there are some of the same people, some new people. I've never had a lot of luck falling back into a game I once loved then turned from. I see you felt it important to tell us all that you still don't like the game, I'm sure the people who used to know you care.
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  3. Desann

    Glorified gamers.....


    reminds me of that kids movie: monster house, when they go to that dude in the pizza shop.. HAHA found o youtube of it:

  4. MrNature72

    What, like posting me up there is going to embarrass me?

    I am absolutely fine with that K/D. I'm not here to impress anyone with kills or awesome feats. I'm here to be a wholesome part of the community, and I don't need a high K/D to do that.

    I openly admit I am a mediocre player, at best. I'm solid on tactics, and I'm good at locking down airspace with a Hawk or Annihilator. But I say that not because "I" want to be a celebrity. No, I say that because you old boys all seems so cynical and stuck in the past, whenever you get on here it's to trash the game.

    Honestly, look at it. It's still a fantastic game. Implants don't really cause any trouble, it's there for people that want it, and people who don't can ignore it. Hossin is on its way, and so is continent locking. TTK is pretty balanced (for the most part), the servers are still populated, and we all still have fun shooting each other.

    Instead of coming on here to "call SOE out", why not come on here to give them some support? Instead of using your pull to bring the game down with claims that you are so positive your Groupieside 2 fans will listen to and bandwagon, use it to push suggestions made by the players. Start some forumside support rallies. Enlighten us with aged advice on the game.

    We're not here to bow down to the great and mighty Jackhammer Jesus. So you got a lot of kills with an oddball shotgun. Awesome, I'm happy for you. If you want my respect, however, and the respect of people like me, you need to have a proper presence on the forums as a strong contributor. That's what, in my opinion, should truly make people famous here in Celebrityside 2.

    Honestly the only thing you accomplished with your response was make me question how I bought 3 Daltons.
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  5. Tasp

    Yea... that's the problem. You are talking about possibility, not reality. This game has potential... that's about it. Why haven't they actually done anything with all that potential? They've squandered it away on cash grab flavor of the week weapons, decals and then followed it up with cutting members from the team and redirecting resources to the likes of H1Z1 and EQWhateverTheyCallitNow (another FPS! WOW, totally a great idea guise! Zombie games nice and original no one's in this market! Also it's not like you have a semi-original IP already in existence that could be even bigger if you got your act together)

    Game's got a ton of potential, I'll give you that. Too bad after more than a year it still feels like we're in beta. I'll come back when the mythical resource revamp occurs, but who knows when that's happening.
  6. Whatupwidat

    The OP is clearly mental - other than a fair few niggling gameplay bugs and questionable buffs to certain flying tanks the game is currently THE BEST it's been since launch.

    Is it perfect? No. But then no game is.

    Seems more that he's pissed the game hasn't been adapted to fit his play-style, rather than him adapt his play-style to the game.

    Wow. Petty much?

    Glad you stopped playing dude, the community is better without ****** elitists like you. Cheery bye :)
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  7. MrNature72

    Glad to see that you're all about not being a cynical *ss, unlike a lot of people. The game is super fun to play.

    Honestly I'd like to see them release Hossin and continent locking, label this game Planetside 2.1, and start another advertising campaign to bring in a new stream of players. Not a new game, but a huge enough update to warrant a new advertisement string.
  8. Whatupwidat

    Aye, it is - no other game gives even a remotely close experience as this game.

    As I say, is the game perfect? No. Are there times I rage at mechanics and ****? Of course. Is it enough to take away my enjoyment of ALL the other parts of the game?

    Not at all.

    If anything, given the tiny size of the dev team and the massive size of the game - they should be COMMENDED for PS2 even being playable, let alone enjoyable :D
  9. MasterCheef

    it must be terrible to live in a world where PS1 is the holy grail of gaming for you.

    PS2 is the best FPS out right now for me. I couldn't imagine having to fall back to PS1 to remember enjoying myself.
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  10. MrNature72

    Totally agree.

    I also despise this elitist junk, like high BR and high K/D instantly make a superior and more credible member of the game community.
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  11. Bankrotas

    Thing is. I consider PS2 way better game than PS1 ever was. Or could be with it's FPS mechanics. And it's personally best FPS game I've played in last 5 or so years. Jeez, last good FPS I've played was Tribes:Ascend. Which I would play still, if they didn't have spyware inbuilt in their anticheat system.
  12. Camycamera

    first off, don't try to run this game on a toaster. but if you aren't, update your fecking drivers.

    and second, the devs truly do care for the game, and yes it is pissing me off how long it has taken to get continent locking/hossin/resource revamp, but they are working on it, and they just started work on continent locking a couple of days ago in fact. they can't just drop everything they are doing now to make hossin etc, as that would screw with the schedule.

    be patient, wait for for a couple more months, and hopefully this stuff will be in the game. Hossin and continent locking are comming out next month in fact, so there you go.

    although fingers crossed for hoping that they don't get delayed.... again.....
  13. kwskillsX

    Dude your bugging ps1 was an amazing game even now requires sick aiming abilities you must if been bad at it
  14. ironeddie

    I do sometimes think this games development has been poorly managed and certain decisions from Higby or those above him at SOE have been poor. I cite things like having to switch from hex to lattice or the optimisation drive. Both events that meant massive delays to the games development. Where would the game be had those things been right in the first place?

    But that said the game has achieved some impressive feats. What other fps multi player is there on this scale? I've been playing since beta. I still find the game fun. Still look forward to playing. It isn't nearly as bad as some make out.
  15. The Shermanator

    The issue isn't that PS1 was a superior game, regardless of how much nostalgiaindividuals like myself might sometimes claim it was. The FPS component was archaic when it came out.

    The issue is that PS1 was a highly evolved system in which they just kind of discarded, completely forgetting any and all lessons they have learned from the game and instead chose to endure these issues again, when they already had 100% perfect solutions. There were certain features that were just outright better in PS1. Lockable/hackable doors, for one. Uploading viruses that propagate through the lattice system, for another.

    So, in short, PS1 isn't a better game. It just has certain features that should have not been left behind when developing this game.
  16. Bindlestiff

    It was a genuine question, of which no opinion was offered by me.