So I Decided to come back and see how the game was going.....

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MuNrOe, May 29, 2014.

  1. MuNrOe

    Game hitches freezes up when in firefights. Infantry speed has been reduced. I don't know how Sony but somehow you have made the game play worse then when I last played it. Flying a Galaxy into a contested area is like playing in strobe. If it was not for my outfit and my members I would never play another Sony game ever again. You guys have had what now close to a year to make this game up to par so to speak.

    You haven't even released Hossin yet seriously Higby wtf. Same with you to T-ray. Yeah I'm calling you guys out on this. All the promises and stuff that came from you guys back in the early days when you spoke to me on mumble what happened to that stuff. To say "Still in development is only a kick in the nuts". Plantside 1 is still a mile ahead of this game in game play and playability and its over 10 years old. With the tools and people at your disposal to make this game truly epic (LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN UPON RELEASE GIVEN ITS PREDECESSORS HISTORY) to let it fall to this level is not only appalling but flat out negligent.

    You have had many MANY great FPS players leave this game in droves while the people who stick around and pray for something better to come from you guys keep getting disappointed at every turning point.

    Smedley either get you sht together and fix it or Hire someone who actually cares about the game and it's survivability. The potential to what this game could have been to what it is now is not even sad. Its beyond that.

    I really hope that somewhere in this something good comes out of it and the game can actually become something more like what it should be. A awesome massive FPS game that doesn't hitch and lag and is not plagued with more bugs than a Backpackers hostel.

    I would give you guys cookie for your effort but unfortunately my cookie comes in the form of a broken jackhammer.
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  2. Maelthra

    Maybe try playing the game on something other than a toaster?
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  3. Moz

    Was going to go with typewriter but yeah, toaster works.

    Seriously though OP, what system are you running? Are all your driver up to date etc etc? Maybe some of the guys here can help you get things running a lil smoother?

    Also, i would rather they got Hossin right than released before its ready.
  4. Torok

    Munr0e <3
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  5. Bankrotas

    If we're talking about current F2P Planetside 1, it ******* sucks and will suck. It's a terrible FPS and when FPS part of such game is bad, the game is unredeamable.
    Your computer issues are not fault of SOE, game has been running quite stable for awhile now. It's networking might be an issue, but not performance.
    Don't become Tuco, please. This game has and had way more potential than PS1 ever had, just because they got the FPS part right this time.

    To, rookies, who don't know who this guy is the most kills with Jackhammer when it was a bad bad weapon and first reached 20k kills with it during dark ages of JH.
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  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    i guess not having played PS1 is a blessing. because it lets me enjoy PS2's large scale and features without having to compare their quality to the game's predecessor all the time. yes, i may have missed out on something, but given that PS1 is rather old i don't really mind
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  7. Hibiki54

    Jackhammer Jesus has spoken. You should listen.
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  8. Badname707

    I don't get the deal about PS1. It had just as ****** performance if your computer couldn't handle it, and the gunplay was terrible regardless. I got bored within months. Granted, the game itself was more fleshed out, but it didn't excuse the poor gameplay.
  9. FieldMarshall

    Welcome to SOE, where they run stuff into the gutter, then move on to the next cash fountain game.
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  10. squarebug

    Pretty much this- but anymore we don't get veteran rewards and it's now "f2p"

    what will SOE make useless next
  11. VonStalin

    I have been out for a week playing bf4, but I am back again and ps2 is the only game I play.. I don't understand why ppl complain. Ps2 gives a lot of hopes on new toys, probably thats why ppl get so anxious, but ps2 has also a lot of to offer right now. More than its competitors. There is nothing else what to play..
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  12. Bindlestiff

    Why does that even matter?
  13. MrNature72


    Glorifying old players who rarely touch the game now is kind of ludicrous. Let the old celebrities die off.
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  14. Goretzu

    To be fair I hardly ever had a CTD back in the day with PS1 (didn't with EQ1 either).

    Conversely I've only ever gone more than a few hours without a CTD in PS2, and between some patches it has CTD every 10-30 mins or so.
  15. Bindlestiff

    There is a lot wrong with the game for sure, but there is also much that is right and that keeps many people coming back. Content that is on the roadmap or been promised, which even if it is done in a half ***** / half measured way, will still add huge playability to the game. Nothing else comes close to being PS2.

    The last patch stabilised the game for me no end; no hitching, no crashing to desktop, it felt super smooth - and my system is far from high spec. Others in the outfit and companion outfits have said the same.

    Like everything, if you fall out of love with something then it is difficult to fall back in love.
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  16. Iridar51

    To be honest I don't get why Hossin is regarded as a holy grail of PS2. Two weeks after its release Hossin is going to be a ghost town, same as Esamir and Amerish are. It's just another continent, a new set of maps to fight on. In no way it fixes anything.
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  17. Huxer

    If it's sent out as just another continent, I agree. If it comes out with a sanctuary and home continents for each faction with continental will be something...more.
  18. Gearlock

    OH MAN SH*# just got real.
  19. Hicksimus

    Too much wall of text.
    I came back yesterday after several months off and all they've done is disable Physx, make the interface less friendly and add implants. Guess I'll come back next year.
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  20. MuNrOe

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