So I certed into a CARV-S...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by hansgrosse, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. hansgrosse

    And so far I really don't know what all the hate's about. It seems pretty damned good to me.

    I went ahead and certed it during a TR assault on The Crossroads, and proceeded to get a 12-kill streak with it right out of the box with no attachments, fighting among the buildings around the central tower. Now, 12-kill killstreaks as infantry might not seem special to some of you, but for me that's effing amazing! It's rare that I get anywhere even close to that. I didn't die again for the rest of the battle, and ended my session in a better mood than the game's put me in for quite a while.

    I won't make a final call on the weapon until I hit Auraxium with it, but so far I gotta say the thing just feels... well, right. I'm not trying to claim that it's the single best gun in the game, but it's not bad, and it's certainly not as terrible as these forums make it out to be. It seems to be a perfectly usable and viable general purpose gun.

    Can't wait to slap an extended mag on it and go to town all Rambo-like!
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  2. Dingus148

    It is terrible. I would suggest you got lucky. The -S denotes a swear word. The Carv did that the other day for me, then the next day I couldn't kill anyone with it. Sometimes you get lucky, and 1 good day does not change a wide reputation of being trash. Not calling you a liar, but I would suggest a wealth of experience overrides a single, fresh experience.
  3. Ripshaft

    My impression is that the hate's directed towards the carv, not the carv-s. I seem to recall many people who whine about the carv seem to quite like the carv-s. Rather silly all round, the carv is a marvellous gun, and I'm sure the carv-s is fantastic too, though I haven't had a chance to use it personally.

    From what I've heard the carv-s is just an easier to handle carv for the most part. Glad you're enjoying it =p
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  4. KnightCole

    Im kinda tempted to get one cyz like the nc6 erryone claims its crap. I do well with saw i wonder cani do well with carv-s
  5. Flashtirade

    The only thing I like about the CARV-S is extended mags.
    Otherwise, it's just a subpar CARV, which isn't that great of a gun to start with.
  6. OddChelsea

    Just because a majority of people dislike a certain gun and find it to be a poor alternative to so and so, that does not mean that everyone will perform worse with said weapon. I enjoy the EM1, is it better than the EM6? No it's not but I do well with it personally, it just works for me. The same could very well be happening to the OP with the Carv S, it might just feel better to him which WILL improve his performance with the weapon.
  7. KnightCole

    Hows comp x2 and exmag on it? Ill vr it on my next home time. I always loved the attachment options for carv-s
  8. KnightCole

    I kinda wish trials lasted for an hour and let us usr any attachments. Its hard to judge a gun stock

    Also wish the retrial period on a gun wad like 1 week not a month.

    Wish vr improved to include nwa 1-5 bots to...
  9. LownWolfe

  10. Verenz

    As much I believe that TR almost always get the best equipment I wholeheartedly believe that the CARV-S is the worst gun in the game period - no faction would want that thing.

    Clearly its strength is the attachment options but with HVA being kind of pointless that only leaves SPA in that slot and the extra 50rpm from the carv is generally going to give more of an increase to closemid punch. The compensator is available but that would just leave you with the recoil of a vanilla CARV with 50 less rpm and worse hipfire. Extended mags... you have the MCG if you really want that but surely 100 is enough, also both CARV's have awful horizontal recoil without a grip attached.

    I think the 2x sight is the only potentially desirable item which the CARV lacks.
  11. KnightCole

    Well welcome to the future grandpa :) ; P
  12. KnightCole

    And there is the problem with tr. None of their guns have a set of gizmos that really makes them stand out.

    Carv needs a x2 Or maybe adv laser.. Tmg50 could use adv hg. Carv-s just needs like 720rpm and better horiz recoil.
  13. hansgrosse

    That's it exactly! I'm certainly not claiming that the CARV-S is a top-tier gun, but to me the thing just "feels" right. The gun apparently meshes well with how I play. I don't doubt that it's a difficult weapon to use well for many, but I'd argue that it's more a matter of individual shooting habits than any real problem with the gun itself. This is the entire point I'm trying to make.

    As compared to most NC guns, the CARV-S has far less vertical recoil and far more horizontal recoil. Moving from the NC6 or EM-6 to this gun will be a bit of an adjustment. Can you do well with it? Absolutely. Is it worth your certs? I'd say yes, but then again I'm in the minority. I'd say VR and a trial are good plans if you want to be sure you like it enough to buy.

    As for the attachments you're wondering about:

    EXMAG: As far as I'm concerned, exmag is the way to go with this gun. Slap a 200-rounder on this bad boy and proceed to hose down a building... and then hose down the building next to it all without having to reload. The extended magazine will carry you through battles. If you're having lots of trouble with the gun's horizontal recoil pattern, though, then you may want to opt for forward grip instead.

    2x REFLEX: It's the best all-around sight in the game. I can't really think of a reason not to put one on the CARV-S. I tend to prefer iron sights in general, but that's entirely personal preference.

    COMPENSATOR: You don't really need this, imo; the CARV-S has very manageable vertical recoil. Its biggest disadvantage is its 2-directional horizontal recoil, but I've found this to be manageable enough.
  14. dough

    Remember, a lot of folks that post here are inexperienced teenagers that feel they can only make their point by taking the most extreme position possible, then blowing that out of proportion. I'm not saying all teenagers are like this.. but certainly some are.. and the desire to make a point on a forum seems to select for this type of personality..

    I'm quite a bit older, and find all the weapons usable. Some weapons are obviously more situational.. but all have their uses. And since I run with larger teams rather than solo, the 1v1 aspect of any weapon is completely unimportant to me.

    I run with the MSW more than the CARV (since I do a lot of up close assaults).. but the CARV certainly has its uses.
  15. KodiakBlack

    I've always loved the carv-s, it was my first auraxium it's manageability makes up for the lower damage output and the attachments mean you can tweak it to how you like it.

    Now I'm using the Bull which excels at nothing BUT is very maneuverable, I'm making it work, if anything it's made me appreciate that in any given moment it's (WARNING: COMPLETELY ARBRITRARY NUMBERS INCOMING!) 50% your own ability, 45% how the gun suits your play style and 5% the guns stats. People get very hung up on the numbers and get overly reliant on one gun, they try something else and get angry that the gun doesn't work whilst using the exact playstyle they've developed using the first gun and refusing to adapt at all to the new gun's strengths and weaknesses.

    Prime example, anyone notice how much better the T5 felt after they changed the skin? They didn't change the numbers, it just looked awesome so people were more inclined to run with it, its mostly psychology.
  16. LownWolfe

    I've wondered why many TR guns don't have a 2x scope, its one of my go to scopes as an NC.