So, how is the Nyx?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Mrasap, May 4, 2013.

  1. Mrasap

    Im having a lot of fun with the Sirius (SMG) for CQC, although it seems lacking for the occasional open outdoor fights. I was surprised about the Nyx in the VR, 3 body shots seems rather decent. Does anyone have any experience with this rifle he would like to share with me? Couldn't find anything using a forum search.
  2. FnkyTwn

    It seems like the Battle and Scout Rifle upgrades were to bring those weapons into
    a more current state than they previously were. It's great news for somebody who
    already owned them, but there's not enough there to warrant buying them if you don't.
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  3. AnuErebus

    It suffers from poor damage output and crap bullet velocity. While it's a workable gun and can be quite fun to use if you like semi-autos, don't expect to perform with it as well as you would with other guns. Stats show 3 body shots but that rarely if ever happens on anyone other than fellow infiltrators and if that infiltrator has high enough nanoweave even they won't go down to 3 shots. To be on the safe side always put 4-5 bullets in the person. At range you may even have to shoot someone 6 or 7 times before they'll die. The bullet velocity also severely limits its use at longer ranges, it takes a fair bit of leading to ensure that the bullets hit a target. Nyx at least has the advantage of no bullet drop so that's certainly enjoyable over the TR and NC variants.
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  4. Dramma Lamma

    I wish they never "buffed" it. It wasn't too bad before but they actually made the ADS accuracy worse, and trashed its hip fire to boot.
    The only good thing that came out of that was extra ammo.

    Some people seem to say the full auto scout got better and I never used it enough before to say.
    But I can defiantly say the semi auto scout rifle has been ruined.

    If you are right behind a inattentive target that's not moving like repairing a turret its a great gun, outside of that its horrid
    Literaly any other gun in the game preforms just as well against a non moving target at that range.

    I kinda have given up on it for now and went with the ghost instead for that range.
    Here is a thread discussing the recent changes so you can have some more opinions and decide for yourself.

    If you are looking at buying it now, please for gods sake don't.
    Please have roughly a month more of patience, wait and see if they change anything with it in the infiltrator update or if they release a new semi auto scout that's way better.
    If you still have your eye on it at that time then get it.
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  5. Granderil

    Unlocked Nyx few days ago and i have 540 kills now. I like it more then Artemis or SMG. When u run with SMG it's like nobrain mode, but with Nyx u need more skill and some tactic.
    If u want to use that weapon forward grip + x2 scope is the best choice. Nyx is pretty crappy with silencer btw.
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  6. Ganjis

    I use Nyx with 3.4 scope when advancing with other infantry on enemy positions in small-medium sized engagements. Stay cloaked, move from cover to cover. When someone pops up to shoot at allies, pop a shot in their head and they duck down quick. When an ally burst fires at an enemy, squeeze a few shots at their target and they go down. If you get close, you can still use it to fairly good effect.

    It is not an incredible weapon, but it has some redeeming qualities.
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  7. Mrasap

    Thanks for the replies, I'm going to refrain from buying it then.
  8. Celliosh

    Good choice.
  9. Dramma Lamma

    Good call, this is a situation where a bit of patience might pay off well in the end.

    And if it doesn't then there's still nothing preventing from buying the nyx at that time.
  10. The King

    if you have the bandwidth, try it out in the test server...
    IMO, it sucks. It is only good if the dudes do not move.. at all. Then you can pop a few headshots on them quick.
    But if they're moving, good luck...
    Also, do not put a silencer on it if everyone is moving. It is so slow. I was about to buy it because in the VR training, it seemed kickass. However, playing it against real people, it sucks....

    Artemis isn't that great either.
    The Solistace seems better at range.. (spelling is off)
    It does weak damage and before you kill someone, you ran out of bullets still....

    I would wait.... SMG is just good and the ghost is pretty decent. Also the normal starting rifle is not too bad... It's a lot better than the Nyx IMO..
  11. JohnProut

    Nyx is my favourite weapon.

    It's a very versatil weapon that shines in mid range but can do well at long range and close range. But the main thing about this gun imo, is that it requieres very few bullets to kill and shots are so damn silent. The consequence is that when you kill a guy, nobody around notices it because you fired just 2 to 4 bullets maximum (in most case and if you're good) and nobody heard it, and the guy you just killed doesn't have a clue from where he's been shot.

    SMG is more sneaky combat style. Firing 30 bullets in 3s is not very stealthy. Pretty much everybody in the perimeter will know you're around when you kill a guy with SMG and they'll start to hunt you down. But its OK cause it's a very powerfull weapon and you can defend yourself fairly well.

    Nyx is more stealth assasination style. You can go on a killstreak without being noticed and/or hunt down, like if you were sniping from 300m but you are just 20m away from action which offers much more possibilities. If you do it right, you can take down lots of targets before somebody even start looking for you. Downside is, when you're spotted you have to aim fast and right or you're dead. But you can still defend yourself using it as shotgun with laser sight. I survive CQC 1v1 fairly often, even vs shielded HA. But you have to avoid those situations as much as possible, try to keep minimum distance (15m i'd say). That said, i don't hesitate going indoor with it or right in the action, you just have to be aware of what's going on around (thx recon device).

    I understand why the majority of people don't like this weapon cause it's kind of hard mode at start. It rewards good aim and smart play cause mistakes cost twice. A few missed shots in CQC or bad decisions and you're pretty much dead. But once you get experience with it and learn when to take your shots, positionning, situations to avoid and situations to look for, the nyx can be very effective and it's a lot of fun being the stealthy assasin in the shadows.

    loadout : 2x reflex, silencer, laser sight

    I might had : GU7 dicreased a lot it's hipfire accuracy, but i don't know why since GU8 it's as effective as before GU7. I didn't see any patch note mentionning any modififications. I gess they might have buff laser sight on the nyx since they did a lot of twiking on scopes and attachements in GU8. Same fore auto-scoot (artemis).
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  12. Yamiks

    Well NYX was my 2nd 1000 cert gun i bought after artemis
    1st of all this weapon is simular to phantom(sniper class, mid-range, semi rifle) But NYX is slower in fire speed, little weaker, but does not have snipers floating aim and [shift] as breath hold. Besides NYX just like artemis is MUCH more silent than phantom (when both are equiped w/ silencers)
    Ilike NYX more than phantom just because it doesnt have this floating , but being very silent is also a great + , but since this wepon is suitable for mid-range silancer is reducing bullet speed it might be a great -. So its up to you to decide phantom(cheaper) or NYX.
    and yet NYX is great weapon to use.
  13. pnkdth

    Got it, and while I do not regret doing so, I wish I had waited for the sale. It is a very niche weapon, and often enough I prefer the Ghost/Phantom(or Spectre) over it. The no sway is nice but you will notice the low damage(compared to the other semis), especially against players with nanoweave. Also, running with a suppressor the Nyx become a water pistol whereas the Artemis(its fully automatic brother) become a deadly silent killer. The Artemis also have a lot of bullets in reserve thus suits the infiltrator who like long walks alone in pale moonlight.

    It isn't bad, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have certs/SC to spare. It feels quite different from most weapons.
  14. Celliosh

    I might have to revise my previous statement. My first real test with the Nyx yesterday was defending TI Alloys from Ceres Hydroponics. I went 37-9 with it, just using a 4x. Compensator and Foregrip would probably have saved me a couple of times. Personally I would have not done as well with the Ghost, as there was several times the enemy was close enough that a BAR would've fired to slowly. The situation could of course have been perfect for the range for the rifle, and today I might suck with it, but I was definitely impressed and surprised yesterday.

    It should be mentioned that I could probably have done just as good with the Artemis in this situation.

  15. Celliosh

    That's not correct btw.

    Phantom : 231 ROF, 400 damage.
    Nyx : 255 ROF, 334 damage.
    So the Nyx have a lower DPS, but still faster ROF. :)
  16. Barue

    I think he meant bullet velocity, you gotta lead your targets more etc.
  17. Ravenorth

    Nyx is a great weapon, but its pretty useless against players with nanoveawe, that single bullet that you need to take them down makes a huge difference in fights. Without a nanoweave it would be my favorite weapon to use, but now its most useful only for picking out targets that havent seen you. It could really use a damage buff, so it would always kill in three shots at 1-20m range, even the Commissioner outperforms Nyx at those ranges
  18. Celliosh

    I managed to win 1-on-1 fights with heavies at 10 with it, it can't be all bad. What I would really like to see on it is HV ammo. That would probably really make the reach of it that much better that it's actually a very decent weapon.
  19. Ravenorth

    Its not all that easy against decent players with nanoweave who know how to aim. Its not making it any easier that you really cant know if your opponent is using nanoweave or not until you realize he is not dead after three shots. Playing lottery with semi-automatic rifle is not the most wise thing against decent players and thats why I´d rather pick Commissioner, because I can be sure that my opponent will be dead when I manage to put three bullets on him within 1-20m range.
  20. Celliosh

    Stop shooting when he's dead, not when you think he should be dead. ;)