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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Slaidd, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Slaidd

    As someone who plays engineer by far the most out of all the classes, I have to ask. How do engineers like basically being a MAX b1!tch, following them around like those sucker fish do with sharks?

    Do you feel like you're having fun, dancing around with our little repair tool, waiting for some sniper to get a lucky headshot or some LA to kill us with a stick of C4?

    Am I the only one that is getting pretty damn sick of slurping little drips of exp from MAX armor?
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  2. StB2000

    I mostly play engineer because of the unlimited ammo, the turrets and the mines (when they were useful that is). Repairing stuff is a side occupation. I repair the base turrets i want to shoot stuff with. I repair maxes/tanks when it's convenient and safe. If a Max wants to be repaired, he has to learn to take cover and wait till i'm finished.
  3. Bearcat

    When I play engineer, I'll repair MAXes around me but I have never followed a MAX around. I don't care about the low XP, but then again I'm not playing for XP.
  4. Predatorus

    Following a max around repairing is not worth it unless he/she is your buddy and will repay the favor for you. Throw some ammo down where the Max's are parked and keep moving to get to the real cert farms.
  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    i hardly get to see a max face to face because i am usually engineer in a tank on large open-field battles. that said, i'd never follow them around but usually when i want to repair them they stand still. nevertheless, i am not very often in infantry engagements, so max repairing is something i dont do often. but when i see bursters sitting somewhere low on ammo, i stop by, get out of my tank, drop ammo (and repair them if necessary) and then move on
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  6. MFP_TK_01

    I'm right there with these 2. If I'm in the vicinity of a max then I'll rep him, but I'm not about to be follow them anywhere they want on a leash. If they take off running while I'm trying to rep then that tells me they are good and I go about with my own killing.
  7. Ganjis

    On the move you generally do more good by shooting the enemies that focus on the MAX. This is what I do when I follow a MAX around, healing it. I will top them off at cover or play heal-bot when they come to a choke point.
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  8. makrome

    Engineers can keep the forces going forward, be it repairs, ammo, turrets or mines.
    Can be quite satisfying to keep the maxes rolling and conquer the point/make a push out when you're nailed down.
    In case you're just doing it for the XP, you're doing it wrong.
    Play for fun, not for a counter with increasing numbers*.

    (*= if that should be your thing i recommend the calculator, press '1' '+' and spam '=' until you're satisfied)
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  9. Vanus Aran

    No one forces you to do anything, you know?
    My primary class is the Engineer too - even tough I draw other classes as much ( I think ).
    And I detest Engineers who are nothing but Max-bootlickers.
    Indeed they are annoying.
  10. Meathook2099

    Yeah ok.
    Try repping consoles, vehicles and turrets for a change or operating them.
    Shooting the enemy is fun too.
    Try that.
    You don't have to play like a pigeon in the park unless you want to.
  11. Slaidd

    I do all that on my engineer. The problem is there are SO many maxes, every single fight you're in, wherever you go, you're doing very little killing of the enemy. You're repairing maxes. Unless you just don't. I know in most fights, when I'm on as engineer, I have anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4 maxes lining up around me screaming for repairs. I'm in an outfit, so it's expected that if you're an engineer, that's what you do, you repair maxes and drop ammo. Because the nature of the game right now, who wins most of the time, hinges on who has the most maxes.
  12. Xyeth

    I don't follow them around. If they are nearby and I can help, I do.
  13. Slaidd

    If you're in an outfit, that's the expectation for engineers, you repair maxes and drop ammo.

    Like I said, if you're one of only a few engineers in a whole platoon (that's not rolling around in a tank) if you're on the ground, you're going to have maxes lining up, screaming for repairs, whether you want to or not. How long do you think you're going to last in an outfit as an engineer, in today's max-dominated game, where you don't like repairing maxes?
  14. Nintyuk

    I'll Prioritise repairing injured maxes as I love repairing things but I will never follow one around because I feel I have to but I do like the feeling of being a force multiplier and the feeling of helping people who have no way of helping them selves. Plus any time I choose to hang out with a max for a bit it's always impromptu and I wont stick around unless It's clear that I'm needed.

    Those are my words and thoughts on your question.
  15. Vanus Aran

    Well im not searching for an Outfit anyway.
    I founded my own with 3 people, including me. Now only the other one guy is still online.
    But I dont want to go in another Outfit anyway. I see no reason why. The game is still fun this way.

    I could join some 1337 Outfit in order "to rise my efficiency" or "win" but I dont want to.
    If we win or not, who cares? Outfits cant provide me with what I need anyway.
    And what is that? Strategical elements and depth.

    At least those that really make a difference.
    SOE is nonstop working on removing the needs for certain tactics and approaches.
    Why even joining Outfits if I can just join an teamspeak-group I found randomly on Miller, that is as good?
    People who join a group with rules and roles just in order to win, shouldnt complain about their role.

    But I just thought I dont understand your problem. If you dont want to be an Engineer. Dont play one!
    Because its an Engineers job to repair Maxes in Infantrybattles. No one else can, after all.
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  16. ironeddie

    I stopped playing as engi precisely because I got bored doing the support role. I switched to heavy because really I like to kill.
  17. Slaidd

    That's interesting you say that, I've been playing a lot more heavy the last few days, and even been trying out other factions for the heck of it.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate your thoughts on it.
  18. smoke eater

    This is quite the unfortunate statement because of the truth of it. I am in an outfit and one of the leaders will pull a MAX and demand an engineer follow him around. I don`t bother with that, let him scream. This game it to be played any way a persons wants to play, there are no real set guidelines on what you HAVE to do (except not cheat). If I start to repair a MAX and he runs away, let him run. If he screams for ammo and runs away then he isn`t getting ammo. If I repair a MAX and get shot because I am not being protected then I won`t repair that guy again. Play how you want, don`t serve someone else.
  19. SirIBON

    Why you want to play an Engineer, if you do not want to work for the operability of the Team, or being a Part of it.

    As an Solo you have unlimited Ammo and what? Mines, ok.
    The other Classes gives alos good benefits in my point of view, even the other Supportclass, the Medic has better weapons.

    I think to play a Supporter is a hard Job, but someone has to do it.
    Repairing Maxes, while they running away, or do not give you cover is not a nice thing. Repair the Teamplayers, the one that give you cover and stands still. Be the Supporter, that supports where the team has his needs. You have a also a gun, but the others classes have better ones. So it is my job to hold them in combat. Only I, as an Engineer can do it. Shooting on Enemies can do anybody.

    As the numbers of friendly Maxes rise the smarter Teamplayers will survive, the tumb will die anywhere.
    Speak to you Team and make yourself the Center. Create a Supportpoint, there they will find you, Ammo and Repair.
    In Towers (defense) this is very easy, take the highest level and stay in the middle. This is easy for all to reach, and makes a very good point.

    I had these problems with two of my famous Outfit Maxplayers. Both playing a very aggressive styl. I get killed allmost, while repairing these fancy dancing, high heels wearing so called VS Maxes.
    I speak with them and so we find a Way that we play even better together. To know how people think is good to understand how to work together.
    It is my will that the Maxes stay in Game, because they are good killers. They do a good work for the Fraction, and myself has no CD on my Engineer. My instinct of self preservation is very low, if i can do good work for the Team.
    Things like KD are important for others. That we will win, or hold the Hexes, that the enemies Sunderers go down and so on are important for me.
    I think that Self-sacrifice is a part of a good Supporter. Self-sacrifice not for each price. To repair a tumb max you will not win much, only some seconds before the max goes down again.

    If you want to own someone with a gun, than take a class with a hardhitting gun and better combatfeats.
    A Supporter should support, but the one that wants to get the support should act in a way that the again support.

    The Engineer is a very powerful class. He can stay alone. He need not really the others, but the others need you. Be polite to your Fractionmates and help them. Empty clips make funny sounds but bring no Enemy down. Vehicle Support as long they stay, repair them, only you can do it. Engineers take a big part of responsibility for the Team. The Team counts on you, they need you.
  20. TheStink

    I don't care about the XP, if a moment in a battles calls for that MAX holding the door from the enemy or max's need a repair to get back to holding a front line I'll repair and if one yells for a repair when I near I'll repair. When I play engie I play to support not get kills.
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