So how am i supposed to get the directive weapons?

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  1. Gokki

    ... If 90% of my kills are assist? I more often than not do most of the damage only yo have a random bullet finish off the oponent and i only get assists?

    ... If it requires almost 6000 kills with 5 different weapons? What if some weapons suck, like the MKV supressed?

    ... if i can empty an entire magazine into a heavy assault and he just turns around and headshots me?

    Maybe i suck, but im dying a lot and being frustrated because im playing with weapons and classes i dont want just to get the directive weapons? I know they're not "better" but it's what i want - they have heat mechanic instead of ammo. How can i get them if im being outplayed most of the time? Help?
  2. Illucidator

    First of all you dont you can use all the weapons now and be fine without the frustration. The heat mechanic isnt really all that tbh. Just play your favorite weapon and have fun with the game. But if you do want to get directive weapons that bad there are many ways to get easy kills for example bio farms or hossin while everyone is more concerned with alerts on other continents. Also turn down your graphics settings for an fps boost. Its much easier getting headshots with 50 fps rather than 20.
  3. CapperDeluxe

    You have to get those kills, so figure out why you're not killing your enemy and do better. Some weapons are just better at different things and you have to make sure you have the advantage in an engagement to secure the kill.

    Assuming you're trying to aurax the SMG's, then the only way you'll kill anyone is usually up close since they are not real good at killing at a distance. I'd recommend going for carbines or something instead (or whatever class weapon you prefer is)
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  4. 4wry

    What happened to this suggestion? The playerbase seems to want it, so when will it be added to the roadmap wishlist?

    XP-based weapon directives FTW!
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  5. FateJH

    Learning why you're not getting the killing blow on your opponents or often dying yourself in a firefight is one of the first steps on the road to understanding how this game works and how to tune your actions to better work with the flow of the game. All I can do is suggest watching Wrel's video on how clientside works.

    It's old but still very valid.
  6. vanu123

    Very carefully.
  7. Calisai

    Don't jump on a HA unless he's distracted or previously hurt then.... or use an EMP grenade as an opener... Being an infil, you should be trying to dictate the terms of the engagement as much as possible. Attack from flanks, try to always use surprise to your advantage, etc. I rage all the time when I get killed 1v1 against a HA... but after I calm down, I realize, I shouldn't have been attacking him at that time or angle. I should have either disengaged, waited a little to attack, or hit from a different angle.

    That's where radar use and learning typical attack patterns helps. You don't always have to kill everyone you see whenever you see them. If its a smaller fight, hunt them for a bit. Try and pick a time when its most in your favor. Have a dildar down? Wait until he's taking it out before you kill him.... is there a friendly pub player around you? Follow him on his flanks and attack those that he attacks.

    His trait is a shield, yours is the cloak and radar. Use both to negate his as much as possible.
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  8. Paqu

    Sounds like you are sticking around with teammates too much if you are only getting assists. Start pushing out more aggressively and try to flank your enemies. MKV is a good weapon for behind the enemy lines action for the light assault or infiltrator.

    Also just so you know, the directive VS SMG does not have heat mechanic. Heat is only on the carbine, assault rifle and LMG.
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  9. Ghosty11

    First things first, pick a weapon and class you are comfortable with and try to stick with that class and weapon. By this I don't mean play that class to the exclusion of all others, but try to stick with one class if the battle warrants it. (e.g. if you decide to play medic and tanks role up to your base, don't hesitate to switch to heavy or engy to deal with them).

    Learn to master the weapon that you have chosen. Try different play styles and weapon attachments until you find one that works well for you. For instance, when I got the Araxium for Pulsar VS1 I found the best set up for me was the 2x holo scope and laser sight since the weapon has fairly low horizontal recoil I could live with out the fore grip and make the weapon more useful in CQC battles, and still be able to pop heads at range. Some weapons will be utterly dreadful to use, try to play to their strengths, but don't save all weapons you hate for last else you can become burned out, alternate weapons you like with those you don't to keep things interesting.

    Lastly, just play the game and have fun, don't try to make work out of it, else you will probably burn out and quit playing entirely.

    Once you get that first Araxium it seems to get a bit easier with each gun, because you train yourself to become a better shooter no matter which weapon you are holding, and how to adapt to changing situations based on your play style and they type of weapon you are using.
  10. MrJengles

    Apparently it's not as quick a change as it looks so they put it on the backburner. Something to do with XP might be awarded to the wrong weapon for mines and things.

    Sadly, coding is a massive bottleneck for DBG and the reason many great things aren't being worked on.
  11. Plastikfrosch

    As a member i would wish for xp-based weapon directive, but thats the point: a lot of people would say (i know people who are non-members and said that) "the game would become too much pay to win"
    i think it would just be as it already is --> pay to get faster forward.

    But another suggestion could be: make the nearly 6000kill that weapon class. it would not matter if even 1 of all those weapons (carbines for example) would be on auraxium as long as you do the amount of kills to get the directive weapon.
    --> it would not force you to stay to 1 weapon until youve got the aurax medal even if its not the perfect weapon for the situation.

    but yeah, the actuall model is a pain. sometimes it seems to rain only assists and some people are so greedy that they run through you from the back while you are shooting someone just to get the kill even if they get your shots in the back.
  12. Pokebreaker

    It takes time, just like everything else. The current method of having to auraxium 4-5 weapons to get the Directive Weapons forces players to experience different weapons. Apparently, the directive weapons are meant more to be a slight challenge to you, after you have gone through the previous weapons. After getting 5800 kills, you should be able to handle that class of weapons slightly better than when you started. This plays into the directive weapons, as they are not necessarily easier to use, but have quirks that mostly experienced players will be able to tame.

    If you aren't killing very much, then you need to look into improving your aim and positioning. The most common mistake I see Blueberries making around me, is running out around a corner, then stopping to look to see if an enemy is there. They should be pre-aiming, and slowing strafing until they determine the corner is clear, or has enemies (of which you are already ADS, so you can shoot sooner). Many recommend a gradual reduction of aim in-game aim-sensitivity. There is no magic number, it's just one that you eventually feel comfortable with, and notice a performance increase. I started off lowering mine by .05 per week. I did it for a week to get used to the new movements, and then lowered it more until I found a good place.

    While I think KDR is the bane of the casual FPS world, it wouldn't help anything making weapon directives XP based. XP-based directives only rewards lazy players. Clearly it is possible to obtain the required amount of kills per weapon, because many have done it, albeit at different speeds. It takes time, effort, and frustration to complete, thus making the reward more worthwhile (although I think the NC directive weapons were a waste of time). WHILE obtaining those kills, those players also become more proficient with said weapons, as well as the game in general. After getting 5800 kills over 5 different weapons, if the player is still as bad as when they started, then something is wrong with them. However, because everyone wants everything as fast as possible, with little inputted effort, things like XP-based directives will eventually happen, rewarding players more for doing less.

    This will not encourage players to improve, as they will get the BIG rewards, while never having to assess why they are so bad in the first place. What this does is prolongs the overall problem with the player-base lacking the desire to improve themselves. They will spread to other games, continuing this trend of reducing any and every challenge down to a kindergarten level; which is actually insulting to Kindergarteners, because at least they like challenges, and learning new ways to do things.

    But at the end of the day, players just want to get their "participation award", then move on to plague another game, because they unlocked everything so quickly and easily.
  13. 4wry

    Factoring in membership XP or boosts is a problematic subject. The suggestion is to make it baseline XP. Yes, it would give paying members further advantages if factoring the XP (pay for convenience), but it may also summon negative stigma among non-supporting players because an auraxium would no longer be linked to the experience gathered, at least not to the same proportion.

    Obviously, the threshold for auraxium should be higher than the actual [XP/kill * kills required currently], but maybe a combination model would be good: i.e. e.g. 750 kills + X amount gathered in assist XP or additional kills.

    I think these things are already being tracked. E.g. when you go down, it will display the amount of damage received from up to two players and from which weapon. I'm aware that other issues are more pressing at the moment for the team.

    True that. By the time you get them, you should be quite skilled using that class of weapon.

    It does take time, and it keeps players going. However, it also is frustrating when you only get an assist despite doing 90% of the work. That goes both ways though. As pointed out above, the total XP cap will have to be higher as well, making it less of an issue.

    On a different note: I think another problem is that the whole "farming" aspect is taking too much focus away from the actual objective-based gameplay. Many player simply don't care about the strategy, simply about farming for certs, directives etc. IMHO, XP-based directives would help in that respect.
  14. Klypto

    You will have to accept the fact that not everyone will have a directive weapon, only those worthy,
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  15. Devrailis

    Getting a lot of assists is normal in the game. If there's at least a dozen players nearby, there will always be a high chance someone else will land the killshot.

    Try controlling your fire and bursting more. Once you've learned burst contrrol, you may want to try taking shots that look unlikely. You'd be surprised how many times you'll be able to pull a kill on someone at range by exercising some trigger discipline. You'll also find that it will be very common to land that kill shot yourself on a fleeing infantry who may have just eaten an HE round, grenade, rocket pod, someone else's magazine, etc...

    Remember, you'll never land shots you never fire and shots you never land will never kill anyone.
  16. miraculousmouse

    Dude just learn to take the kills for yourself... aim for the head and you will generally kill people before the kills can be stolen. Or just be creative with how you play and you will strike gold, aka get a good flank and rain down hell from behind. I got the Betel, my bro has gotten the butcher and the unity. Some people have gotten every gun. It's not that hard.
  17. Pokebreaker

    I agree about the farming aspect. However, look at most FPSs; regardless of the game/match being about the objective, players will ALWAYS focus on only killing the other team, before the objective. Years ago when I played Search & Destroy in Call of Duty, I would get ridiculed for actually planting the bomb and protecting it, versus running around trying to kill the last enemy. In Battlefield, you can't get players to PTFO to save their lives (little do they know, the best kills come from defending objectives). The majority of players just want to run around and kill anything and everything possible, while completely disregarding any objective the developers designed as the main focus. This is just what I've witnessed over the last 11 years that I've personally been playing online FPSs (I started late).

    My point is that the issue of farming is an internal player issue, not one specific to any game mechanic. In my opinion, theonly way to reduce or shift the focus of an FPS from caring more about kills, to more objective focus, is to remove any and all benefits from killing; no stats tracked and no XP. The problem with that is, it might be very boring, because it would cause players to avoid engagements; as they would only serve to waste time from them getting to the objective (kind of like what happened with WDS), where the majority of the points might be located. On the other hand, players might enjoy massive fights alot more, as their deaths wouldn't be thrown in their face as a point of embarrassment.

    To round up my thoughts on the above; kill-based directives actually play more to the natural psychology of most FPS gamers than anything else. While the number of required kills will vary in difficulty per player, they are going to always focus on kills anyway, so the current directives give you a reward for it, will forcing you to try other weapons and playstyles as well.

    (I think they should have found a different directive type for Medics. It's bad enough Medics (the bad ones) didn't revive or heal before directives, but when they were given even more of a reason not to pull out their Med Tool, it became even more frustrating. The support classes should have been given Directives that award them awesome stuff based purely on their support class abilities and roles. Hell, even if they were to have weapon unlocks that occurred based on a needing a massive amount of Revive/Heal/Shield Bubble ribbons. Or even a "Doc" title (military folk know the significance of that title) they could get after a certain number of heals or revives. Just something that didn't inadvertently "force" (based on our understand that players just want to kill) support players to ignore their roles, and act as Infantry. I know, I know, Medic is Medium Assault, and is only played for the self-heal, not for reviving ;)
  18. qquqq

    a very interesting question,
    the directive design issue that wrel brought up is not a solution to his problem however as it would require a change to the system.

    we need to consider alternatives for his completion. as expecting the game to change to suit us is not reliable,

    I am going to assume that completing these directives is the goal so I will not question it,

    There are several methods which should improve your kills to your weapon,

    The first and most obvious is generally practice your aim, 90% assists is far to high, becoming a better killer is a goal that you should already be headed for on your road, focusing on that more than the end goal will get you there faster with less frustration, i recomend watching wrel, he taught me lots, if people are stealing your kills to much, solve the problem, put your self in better situations or steal kills your self,

    Next would be to understand the weapon, don't try to use those weapons the same as you used your previous weapon, learn about it, what is its best role, and adapt your game play to put your self in your advantageous position more often, just like in the art of war, do not enter a fight which you can not see your self wining,

    Another option is to set up your weapons so they will complete the goal, and just play, I do not activly try to complete directives, as long as I change out weapons i am done with, I will eventually complete the directives,
    this will make it so I don't even have to try to finish it will just happen as I play,

    What is most important, is to play classes and styles that you want to play, directives may be some thing nice to complete, but enjoying the game is far more important, besides you wont use directive weapons on classes/weapon types you don't want to use,
    think of them as something at the end of the road for the classes you do use alot, if you want to be a completionist, wait until your natural progression to directives on your fav play-stiles is done first,

    hope it helped :D
  19. omfgweeee

    Imo your problem is that you dont use your weap at optimal range. SMG is close range weap. Use it close range and you will score many kills.
  20. AmitGr

    According to dasanfall You have ~3k assists and ~12k kills, so the kills/assists ratio you have is not that terrible as you make it (it's not good either...)

    I see you are in DIG, I have no idea if you play mostly in orginized platoons or not, but the DIG way of bringing 2 platoons for each fight and overpopping it 3:1 is a good way to cap bases, but not a good way to get kills, 90 guys share kills of 20 enemies is statistically bad to get kills. Try playing in balanced fights, get your playstyle, and you will get these auraxiums flowing.
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