So eh, where's this update then?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sosolidshoe, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Cougarbrit

    Wish more people like you played forumside 2.
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  2. MarlboroMan-E

    You just can't please the children on these forums. If you delay, they whine. Release with bugs, whine. Tell the team to fight on, Radar, I'll look forward to the update tomorrow.
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  3. SuperLexatron

    It's still broken for many people. In many different areas. A majority which started with the GU2.

    Don't suppose you want to enlighten those of us who have been unable to play for any length of time for nearly 3 weeks whether or not our problems will be resolved with this update - or will we have to wait even longer/quit?
  4. xCrabanx

    I'll forgive you if you publicly say "Live free in the NC!".
  5. schwarzklang

    they should skip that update till some stuf from the roadmap is in that patch
  6. RHINO_Mk.II

    Thank God you're doing it the right way around instead of releasing a broken patch and then having to call everyone in to fix it.
  7. control-z

    Thanks for your hard work PS2 developers.
  8. Naigus

    If SOE ever releases a update on time itll be the end of the world.

    Ps: In B4 delayed until friday
  9. Nocturnal7x

    Lets just assume it will still break the game haha.
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  10. Tricknovalight

    to all you people complaining they are delaying it...SHUT THE HECK UP! I'd much rather it be delayed BEFORE release than have all you guys complain about it being rushed out with whatever bugs they found. Its like you guys have never played an MMO before.
  11. Chipskream

    GU02 wants to have a talk with you.
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  12. DukeFlash

  13. Ztiller

    Hey, i don't mean to come off like some crazy zealot, but perhaps we could release a patch, on the designated time, that doesn't completely **** up the game somewhere else?

    But i'm just dreaming.
  14. MarlboroMan-E

    Sounds to me like need to start your own gaming devopment company. Considering they didn't announce the patch till last's not like we've been waiting on it for weeks.
  15. Tricknovalight

    first, this isn't nearly as big of an update as GU02, second thats probably the reason they are delaying it.
  16. Ztiller

    Maybe they shouldn't have announced it in the first place if it wasn't ready? People weren't expecting it this week, so why did they have to rush it, and then fall short? They had plenty of more time to double check it.
  17. Aerolath

    Well at least the patch notes are out in good time ;)
  18. overunity

    Please schedule patches for Mondays so that the weekends are not potentially ruined by any introduced bugs .
    I understand they cannot be bug free but at least limit the impact as much as possible .
    If it comes out late thursday this could again ruin the weekend for lots of players .
    Thank you .
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  19. Azzer

    Yes, unlike GU02, which was also delayed "because of issues" and then came out flawless thanks to the delay.

    Oh wait...

    I smell a re-occurrence.
  20. RadarX Moderator

    Realistically we have two choices in these types of situation, which once again are not the norm.

    1. I can announce not only the update but the 90ish minute downtime in advance even though it could be cancelled if something severe enough is found.
    2. I can wait until an hour or so before the actual downtime when I'm 100% and disrupt peoples (especially our EU customers) play time.
    This really isn't about rushing anything or having enough time to double check it. In final testing, which included hundreds and hundreds of changes, there were a couple of bugs severe enough the team felt they needed to be fixed first and they will be. Today.
    Ultimately this wasn't about announcing patch notes. It was about announcing downtime for the GU which inevitably leads to "Where are the notes?"
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