So eh, where's this update then?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sosolidshoe, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. sosolidshoe

    Because by my reckoning, it's 7:30AM PST right now, which is when the downtime was supposed to be ending, and there's no sign of it.
  2. RadarX Community Relations

    There were a few issues that needed to be hammered out so this has been delayed until tomorrow.
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  3. Chipskream

    Of course.
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  4. Gisgo

  5. Kite Carling

    Bloody hell Radar, I've beed dicking about for the last two hours thinking that it's not worth logging in because the servers would soon go down. Grrr
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  6. Ztiller

    You can't possibly say you expected anything else?
  7. Cull58

    Be happy they aren't just rushing it out again full of problems.
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  8. phreec

    You better hammer them good.
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  9. Ztiller

    Yeah! I mean, come on. They delayed GU2 aswell for the same reason, and look how much better it turned out!
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  10. Gisgo

    Not surprised and not a problem but they could have... you know... informed us about the delay.
    No, twitter does not count.
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  11. xCrabanx

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  12. Slyguy65

    Remember last time they took their time...they broke the game for a weekend then spent a week fixing it...right now might as well rush it.
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  13. latere

    are the notes listed the entirety of game update 3? because i see nothing from the roadmap listed. it reads more like a patch.
  14. MrBloodworth

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  15. Lakora

    Get a bigger hammer.
  16. Agent 47

    And start using the banhammer more often :/
  17. Lakora

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  18. RadarX Community Relations

    Unfortunately the delay call was made pretty late. This should not be the norm for these kinds of things and I do apologize you guys were kept hanging this morning.
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    There are many people who believe that you guys are supposed to do your job flawlessly, 100% of the time, and encounter no hiccups. they seem up be unable to understand how the world works, and that things arnt always perfect.

    As for me, im still amazed at how well you, and your team communicate to the community. thanks for being wiling to answer questions when they arise, so promptly.
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  20. Purple

    at this point you should always assume an extra day to a week will be added to any large patch. its not a bad thing as bugs most likely poped up.

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