So, dual-weild pistols?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Nie_Tutaj, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Nie_Tutaj

    Why not? It fits the LA, can take up the primary suit slot, is already programmed into the game with MAX units, and would make most pistols more useful (is that right? "More useful" sounds wrong.)
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Dual NS revolvers? a trifle OP I think.
  3. Liewec123

    people have been after dual pistols for LA for a long time.

    dual spiker oneshot! :D
    dual repeaters would just melt things!
    even dual mag-scatters could be fun :p

    i vote yes for dual pistols, but only faction specific ones, as eternal said, dual NS pistols would be OP. ;)
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  4. Iridar51

    ^ the extent of every dual wielding thread ever.

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  5. Reclaimer77

    It's been so long since LA got anything, hell, why argue against it?

    If you don't wanna DW pistols, than don't. Could be fun if done right. Even better if done wrong :)

    Engineeers get new guns and deployables, Heavies constantly get weapons (Anniversary bundle), even those ratfaced infils got a whole class of new rifles....

    We don't got CRAP!
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  6. BurntMyWater

    I don't think he's against dual pistols. He's against dual-wielding our CURRENT pistols because the way they are now, they would be pretty OP. Iridar is suggesting that we create a new dual wielding weapon for the LA primary slot. That way it would be easier to balance. I personally like his idea. Maybe with a static cone of fire, LAs can finally shoot somewhat accurately while jump-jetting
  7. SupaFlea

    Same thing I've always said really, The last thing we want is to take the Cloaker route and soley become a class for killing and nothing else, I haven't waited patiently this long just to get another means of killing which i wont use.
    Granted DW would a be a change and maybe even fun for while bit I want utility not killing ability, if you have played long enough as LA you already are almost just as capable at killing as a HA in straight combat without the roof camping that our class has become known for.
  8. OwlMatt

  9. cobaltlightning

    Dual Pistols are, as many things, a 'maybe.'

    In order for it to not be OP, it would be/have to have:
    No primary Weapons: Pistols or nothing
    Absolute horrid **** accuracy, like MAX weapons
    No ADS, like MAX weapons.
  10. OwlMatt

    In other words, any dual pistol setup that isn't OP has no reason to exist at all.
  11. Iridar51

    What kind of screwed up logic is that? If it's not OP, it's not worth adding?

    Split Armistice into 2 weapons, each with half RoF, put each in a single hand = balanced dual wielding.

    Plenty of reasons to exist. It's cool, adds variety, can be used to add empire specific class weapons to LA, can be used to fill a hole in LA arsenal in a form of weapon that remains relatively accurate while flying on the jet pack or even has fixed CoF. Run and gun, basically.
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  12. OwlMatt

    You're misunderstanding me. I'm saying that there is no way to add dual-wielding to the game in a way that actually adds something to gameplay without being OP, not that there is no point in adding things that are not OP.

    That would just be the Armistice with different animations. It would add nothing to gameplay. And how would ADS work?

    You don't need dual-wielding to do any of that.
  13. FunBotan

    IRL dual pistols power < 2 * (one pistol power) because you loose alot accuracy. So, if they somehow balance dual commies to be just as effective as a shotgun...
    Come on, dual commies are just so cinematographic you'd all want them!
  14. Iridar51

    Don't "need", but might as well have. We don't "need" anything in this game. We all could be using only one weapon with the same looks and stats on all factions and that would be enough.
  15. cobaltlightning

    Like select few weapons, it's a niche. The benefits of this could easily be done better with a different setup, and then some.

    Some one suggested it having a fixed COF, and that one I could agree on.
    Basically, you'd become a much more Agile and much more Fragile MAX.

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