So, does every sniper rifle come with a free bottle of jack?

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  1. Pointyguide2

    tier 4 hold breath is really nice
    gives you all the time
    but I can never get enough energy to maintain it.
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  2. Pokebreaker

    oooh, the classic "I'm rubber, you're glue" comeback. Someone's mad they didn't get their "respect".

  3. Pokebreaker

    For the implants I use (mainly Regen or Battle Hardened), I found myself just going back to the Tier 1 versions. I don't eat through Basic Chargers nearly as quickly.
  4. Iridar51

    I challenge you to try holding a 6 kilogram sniper rifle completely stable without a bipod. Unless you support the rifle on something, it's not even possible at all, hold breath or not.
  5. iller

    I don't mind the the Sway. What I hate is not being able to quick-scope o_O ....
    For such a twitch-combat based game, they sure don't want us snipers being Twitchy. So hypocritical
  6. Jedesis

    The forums aren't for this mate, you're the one that quoted me first.
  7. FocusLight

    Soldiers on Auraxis are fueled by nanites. They never get tired.

    The scope-sway is ONLY there for the sake of game-balance. Why would anyone NOT play sniper infils if you could easily aim without sway and head-shot all the things with unparalleled ease.
  8. Problem Officer

    Railjack is the only gun in the game Hold Breath has ever bothered me with.
    It's easy enough to line up a shot in 12x with this sway, bullet's out in an instant.
    For follow-up shots with semi, default hold-breath length has been fine.
    imo it's too easy as-is, sway adds and removes nothing.

    Gotta quote em so they see all your replies in their Alerts box.
  9. blackboemmel

    Use the Railjack for quick-scoping - it works.
  10. Jedesis

    Yeah the Railjack's delay doesn't bother me that much, you learn to compensate.
  11. Goldmonk

    Challenge accepted. *begins lifting, brah*
    Like everyone says, the Hold Breath implant (the only one I use) is quite nice. Even without it, pressing the Shift key will give you plenty of time to shoot.
  12. Reclaimer77

    If they made sniping any easier, outdoor gameplay would be ruined. It's already hard enough to find good outdoor fights as it is where infantry can fight without vehicles ruining it.

    An invisible class having sniper rifles is already cheese enough, don't you think?
  13. Mustarde

    Scope sway is p easy to get around.

    Even without implants you can fire two shots in a single breath (default is 4s per breath).

    Someone mentioned me in the thread. I don't discriminate ranges, I will snipe at whatever range gets me the highest KPH
  14. iller

    The old refrain still reigns true: If you died to any snipers: A) they were amazing.. B) You stood still. ... C) there is no C
    Not at all considering us sinpers have to stand still longer than any of our targets ever have to even slow down for....
    Standing still = Dead ... even against SMG's @ 90m and any other guns that can be scoped/fired instantly
  15. Hatesphere

    C is lucky shot. and it happens all the time.
  16. tornflags

    Sucks for you. Now you just lost the respect of a random internet dude.
  17. Reclaimer77

    A good sniper "stands still" while cloaked and only reveals himself for the split second it takes to fire the shot. I seriously doubt good snipers are being gunned down by SMG's (LAWL DUDE, come on) from 90m. Hyperbole.

    As far as the whole "not moving" thing..uhhh, riiiiight. Pretty sure even an average sniper can lead a moving target in this game.

    Sniping has picked up big time in game and I'm not sure why. But they're freaking everywhere and I see no reason why it should be given any buffs.
  18. Flashtirade

    The only thing that needs to happen to sway is that a breath bar or some other visual that shows how long I can hold and how fast it recharges should be added to the HUD.
  19. DoomFruit

    Not just snipers. Take the Eidolon/Warden/whatever the TR have. Anything up to and including 4x scopes and it's rock solid stable. The moment you put a 6x scope on it, instant sinusoidal Parkinson's disease.

    The only reason I can think of doing this is that battle rifles must be pure bastard OP.
  20. SP00F

    Throw money at SoE and they might do something about it.