So does anyoneone else feel like the new screen mocks you each time you don't get a kill?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wobberjockey, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Wobberjockey

    specifially those 'PRO Tips' that teh game gives you that i already know! i want to see what i did no matter how poor.

    i don't want to hear the tips (which always come off in a sarcastic tone in my head) that tell me that i can use new guns, or keep moving, or even better, GO TO A DIFFERNT FIGHT (where i am probably just adding to a zerg and douing nothing effective)

    each time this happens i want to punch the person who thought that was a good idea, or perhaps make a voodoo doll and put a pin where each bullet struck.
    either way, i just died, i'm already angry that i screwed up and let someone kill me, and NOW the game mocks me for it.

    i'll give the new death screen this. it's certainly increased the amount of rage i have at the game.

    Edit: yes. i mad bro.
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  2. GoyoElGringo

    I don't really even notice the tips. All I look at is what killed me and how much XP I got.
  3. OneRedBlock

    I thought the "Medics heal you!" 'pro'-tip was pretty funny.
  4. Devrailis

    To be fair.

    It probably comes as a shock to many people.
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  5. Killerdude8

    Man, The "Pro" Tips are hilarious, Best thing about the new Death screen.
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  6. Jardalas

    Yeah! I can almost picture it staring at me....watching my every move...

    Creepy stalker..
  7. Astealoth

    what's the new screen say when you die without a kill? haven't seen it yet, only played an hour or so of smg infil this update which means free killz all day :p
  8. Elrobochanco

    Yep it's super annoying to be told how to play as I'm frantically repairing and dropping ammo and what I get after eating a stray dalton round is a tip for how I should infantry better. It's the best when the majority of your resupply xp is not given to you as well because reasons.
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  9. OgreMarkX

    It was designed by someone who sits in an office parsing thru "metrics" while having never played the game.

    I never used to care about dying, now I don't ever want to die in fear of facing the atrocity that is the new death screen. It's worse than seeing someone spell ridiculous as rediculous. I lose faith in humanity.
  10. OgreMarkX

    Here's a few more things in world that are like the new death screen:

    1. Microsoft's Paperclip helper
    2. Jar Jar Binks
    3. All the new Star Wars Films in general
    4. Creative Assembly (Rome Total War 2)
    5. Justin Bieber
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  11. Rift23

    I like the one that says "it's okay to join a larger force if you're being overwhelmed."

    Might as well just be saying, "Go find a nice zerg and spawncamp half a squad somewhere."
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  12. The Rogue Wolf

    I think it's kind of dumb, but I don't take it as the personal insult that some others seem to.
  13. FaLI3N

    I'd love some purposefully sarcastic pro-tips if they came from the paperclip
  14. Regpuppy

    I got over the initial bleh of the mini-map feature. Now I'm just annoying that I have to spam click keys to get to the deploy screen faster when I die and avoid the flashy kill screen that comes up every single time.

    Petty, I know. But that extra clicking gets annoying and it's needlessly less convenient.
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  15. grazr

    The death screen definitely seems to criticise you for getting caught out. If you're being sneaky and flanking a base you have a high risk high reward effort going on, and when it fails it's like "What you did was a bad idea and you shouldn't ever do it because: look at your performance rating i made for you, you're so terrible". Even though you know it would have been worth it if it worked as it often can.
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  16. LibertyRevolution

    I think the pro-tips are amusing.
  17. gregfox89

    I actually really like how it documents all the kills and xp i got in a life for when I get long killstreaks. I am really into stats and data. Most of the time though, I get a couple or maybe no kills before dying and I do NOT want to see all that stuff and I just want to redeploy as fast as possible. I think it should be like the old deathscreen, but you can push a button to see that extra information if you want.
  18. Regpuppy

    I'd rather see parts of it incorporated into the Tab screen. Just have the tab screen show the graph for the previous death and/or add the other information to it.

    At the very least just give those of us whom don't appreciate the extra click and redundant information the ability to skip it.
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  19. Meliorist

    Are the 'pro' tips related to what it ws that killed you? Be cool if the advice is relevant to what you did wrong.

    As for OPs question: no; but then I very rarely not get a kill before I die.
  20. TheFamilyGhost

    The best tip is the one that tells you to stay behind the spawn shield and shoot.

    A good tip would be "you're camped; redeploy at the next base".