So does anyone play C4+grenade bandolier light assault?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by LectraWyraph, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. LectraWyraph

    I have a grenade bandolier for my close quarter combat infiltrator setup, and I like it a lot. I'd rather have extra ammunition, or more grenades, than just take a bit more damage before dying. So for me personally, more ammo or grenades, is always better than other slots- unless maybe I'm on anti-vehicle duty as heavy assault.

    I never got to try out the grenade bandolier for light assault, and I never hear of it often, but in theory it sounds like it could be amazing, especially combined with C4, and possibly for explosive suicide type attacks. Has anyone invested in the grenade bandolier, and found it to sometimes combine very well with the LA class?

    And that C4 nerf, just exactly how bad was it anyways? And would you recommend getting a grenade bandolier first or C4 first?
  2. oherror

    Never have but i guess i will now for kicks and giggles.
  3. Iridar51

    Grenade Bandoleer + C4 don't bode very well together:
    A) resources
    B) different purposes - grenade bandoleer is anti infantry, and it's any good only in big fights - at least 24 v 24 on small bases and 48 v 48 on big ones. C4 is mainly anti vehicle/anti MAX tool.
    It's not like "well, I'm tossing my C4 there, might as well drop a couple of grenades". They require different approaches. Grenades can be thrown from distance or bounced around the corner while being relatively safe. C4 requires being very close and in line of sight of the target.

    My point is - yes, you can combine them, but they got nothing to do with each other.

    Grenade bandoleer itself works well with Light Assault, since nanoweave rework I've made it a point to use grenade bandoleer in big battles, and got a few multikills after throwing all four grenades somewhere.

    I didn't notice the C4 nerf, really. Wasn't it 2,5 m before and 2,0 m now? Perhaps, it will be less effective vs infantry, but I've never bothered too much using it that way - too dangerous and unrewarding.

    Get C4 first, definitely. Grenades don't blow up tanks and MAXes.
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  4. BurntDevil

    I run the bando just to be able to spam handfuls of flashbangs along with my smoke launcher. Doesnt get me kills but sure annoys the crap out of people.
  5. cruczi

    Yeah, I run with multiple flash grenades. I like to lob them out liberally to help with having the advantage in fights, can be used defensively, offensive or to support teammates.

    LA can be played in many different ways and getting C4 first is only important if you intend to use it versus vehicles (or MAXes). In that case it's more important than any grenade related cert. If you don't plan to be an anti vehicle LA then you should probably figure out what your focus is - multiple grenades are a good addition but some swear by adrenaline pump or a pure survivability bonus like NW or ASC.
  6. Paqu

    I have had that combo for almost a year now. Its been a blast, but getting kills with grenades nowadays is quite hard. It has propably taken me more time to get last 300 kills with them than it did to get the previous 1300 kills.

    People dodge them better, more flak is being used and well their blast radius isn't that good anymore.

    Flashbangs are too unreliable and expensive. And smokes. Well they are ok and cheap, but still not so sure is bandolier really needed with them. So I have been using flak lately.

    For heavy assault the bandolier is great to use due to the concussion and AV grenades. And for medic with the revive nades.

    So I have to say I cant really recommend it anymore for the LA. C4 on the other hand... highly recommended. :)
  7. Iridar51

    I've always had a strong opinion that flak is useless for LA, could you please explain why you're using it? Is that just kind of personal preference "man I hate dying to explosions" or there is some kind of deep thought behind that and you think that running flak is indeed optimal [for you]?
  8. Paqu

    Iam not saying its necessarily better than the shield capacitor or even the current nano on a LA. I was going back and forth between ASC and flak and ended up taking flak for few reasons.

    1. No more deaths from AI mines
    2. I wont die to grenade even if standing right next to it
    3. Dumbfires cant one shot me (tho that didn't happen very often before)
    4. If Iam hovering over a tank or approaching one and the gunner spots me I can take one Halberd shot in the face without dying or one more shot from enforcer which of course increases my chances of blowing it up.
    5. Just overall resistance against all other splash damage + direct hit resistance against some other weapons too like rocket pods and Fury/Marauder.
  9. Iridar51

    I see. Thank you, if you don't mind, I'd like to put this quote into my guide.
  10. Unclematos7

    Grenades bounce around way too much to be used reliably...:(
  11. Paqu

    Yeah sure. Of course I was talking from VS perspective, but for non VS player the max rank flak means it takes 4 shots from Saron to kill. Level 4 flak takes 3 shots. And Proton PPA is quite ineffective against flak wearers as well.
  12. Manetheren

    Yes, I actually run c4+bandolier, but I use smoke grenades together with a T5 AMC that has a nightvision scope, smoke allows me to fly over the enemies, find a spot to camp, and by using night vision I can take them down + spot maxes so I'll know where to drop my gifts (C4).
  13. Hawktitan

    I use a bandoleer with flak grenades on my light assault. I have flash grenades too but rarely use them. Maybe I should try them again and see what happens.

    It's not the same as C4 granted, but that is kind of the point. It's more versatility.

    I may not use them a lot but I've found that when I want to use them I will want more then one, and there is nothing I hate more then seeing a good opportunity to use them but running out. Plus the other body suit slots aren't really all that appealing to me anyway.

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