So Devs are you even going to acknowledge the stuttering?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by nitram1000, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. strangulate

    If they would just respond to the issues, and say they are doing something would make everyone feel better!
  2. QRLegion

    The 1 sec stuttering started for me about 2 patches ago.
    I think it may be sound related. If I hear a new sound in a session, usually one of the more uncommon weapon sounds, I always stutter just before I hear it. Just wonder if it might be something related to the way the game loads sounds in as they are required?
  3. Stew360

    Agree as well as they are aknowlege of the major FPS drop , major crash problems , and screen freez / stutter we are experiencing and they are monitoring all this etc.. to find a solutions
  4. Wafflepancake

    Oh gawds, and here I thought it was only myself.
    I run on what I'd consider a high end system. And up until the last patch the game ran perfectly in even the biggest of gunfights. However as of late, I could just be turning a corner in an area where it's just myself and maybe three other people - and BAM I'd get insane FPS drops. Only gets worse in the battle itself :(
  5. DeadAlive99

    +1 here. I have a low end system, so normally I would just assume it's my box, but.... with people who have 2-10 times the power that my box has, exhibiting the exact same symptoms, I'm forced to assume it's not all on my end.

    Flying a Scythe into active territory always gets me killed.

    I also noticed over the last two patches that performance has gotten progressively worse, and I also have more crashes. I can never play more than 30-40 minutes per stretch, and will crash much sooner if I push hard into heavy action.

    C'mon SOE, communicate please. Don't follow the usual template of zero critical comms and happy-go-lucky tweets.
  6. PlanetDefense

    I didn't even realize this was a game problem. I thought it was my system. Why is my game getting several of these problems now? What did the last patch do? It screwed so many things up for my game.
  7. Octiceps

    Didn't you know? Whenever something goes wrong with this game, rule of thumb is to always blame the game first. ;)

    It'll save you a lot of time and frustration spent trying to troubleshoot a issue that you'll never be able to fix on your end.
  8. Octiceps

    Here is an example of exactly what we're all experiencing (not my video):

    I get these same freezes while tanking and infantry fighting, although not as severe. Freezes happen regardless of FPS or where I am or how much action is going on around me.

    Another problem I experience is that flying ESF gives me less than half the FPS I would get anywhere else, even when flying over completely empty terrain.
  9. BlackDove


    It seems like it's the game when your hardware and software configuration don't change, but there's an update for PS2, which seems to break the game, or the servers are laggy for many people on the same day. People try to fix their PC, and the standard recommendation from support is to delete some files and that'll fix it, except it doesn't.
  10. Flipwin

    I also get this.

    Did you guys not get the memo?...

    SoE are busy porting PS2 over to the new cash cow PS4. There is no time or money to solve, update, bugs and generate new content...

  11. TomoB

    I get this also but not nearly as bad as in that video, for me it's like single freeze every 10mins or so, never several times in a row. But annoying anyway as it tends to occur when I'm eagerly trying to shoot something (%#%#
  12. Felkuro

    Only happends to me maybe once a day and the game freezes for me for 1 sec then goes back into normal. it never botherd me so yeah, i tought i was the only one with the problem.
  13. Octiceps

    Which is why I never bother with SOE Support.