So Devs are you even going to acknowledge the stuttering?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by nitram1000, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. nitram1000

    This is borderline game breaking. I was just flying a scythe, turned a corner game froze for 0.5 seconds and I crashed because I lost control.

    So, what is the deal? Is this another problem you're brushing under the carpet like the login server problems, while you make heart camos and helmets with shotguns attached? What a joke this game has become.
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  2. Artifex78

    Another polemic thread. Why so aggressive? I am pretty much sure they are working on it. Stuff takes time. Besides, it only happens now and then and (IMHO) it's not a big deal. Yes it can be annoying if it happens at the wrong moment but it's far from game breaking.
  3. vulcan78

    No actually many of us share the same frustration, we have major, and I do mean MAJOR game-breaking technical issues that SOE has refused to address much less acknowledge:

    1. "Ultra" particle effects broken, no word whatsoever from SOE on this issue, I ran around for 3-4 days with no particle effects only to find out from another forum-member here that "Ultra" is broken and to have particle effects rendered one needs to revert to "High".

    2. Non-existent SLI and Intel multi-core CPU optimization with non-trivial consequence of unplayable stutter, especially during any kind of explosions, AND hit-registration issues, meaning, you think you unloaded 4 out of 6 rounds of Underboss into an opponent only for them to report that they were only shot once:

    This is a game-breaking issue. There is ZERO acknowledgment of the issue from SOE, much less an ETA for actual optimization for non PS4-clone PC owners.

    3. PhysX. Broken. No ETA of its restoration.

    4. The crash-to-desktop every hour or so has returned with a vengeance. No acknowledgement of the problem.

    5. Pronounced, game-breaking server lag. No acknowledgment of the issue.

    Without acknowledging the major issues, many of us are concerned that they will persist all awhile the dev team focuses on creating frivolous new content solely because there is a profit-incentive to do the latter. They assume that we will continue to stick around and deal with all of the problems above while they release crap like a Crossbow, Valentine's Day Camo, Generation 2 Halloween Horns, "P!MP my ride" grills and spinner rims. This just adds insult to injury. Many of us do not possess an infinite amount of patience and tolerance for this abuse and will just leave the game.

    Here's what the game used to look like with PhysX and might look like again sometime in 2017, when SOE feels it has made its management enough money and is free to address the technical issues, actual optimization (not the PS4 port that "OMFG" was) and the restoration of PhysX, say about $500 million or so.

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  4. DrumsMcaw

    What OP said...noticing alot of subtle breaks in performance and its annoying. Game doesn't seem to have the fluidity it did a few weeks ago.
  5. starlinvf

    Thats the pretty much the nature of SOE games. Its steady improvement over time, but mared by spikes in performance as move forward. We're still light years ahead from when the game launched, and PU01 basically proves the thing is doable.

    But like a lot of things when they try to address vendor specific problems, it can end up with bad results as the low level fix undoes the higher level optimizations as a result. I recall PU01 had great across the board results, except for a sub-set of AMD users.

    However, this kind of thing doesn't surprise me one bit. When you have a large number of hotfixes built up, and then go after a deep underlying issue, your almost starting over from scratch.
  6. Octiceps

    A picture speaks a thousand words. That is all.
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  7. Artifex78

    Most of the points in your list are not even remote "game-breaking". The fix for the SLI issues is very straight forward - don't use SLI when playing PS2. It's that simple. I know your reply will be "NO WAY, I SPENT THOUSAND OF MONEZ FOR SLI, SOE HAS TO FIX IT!". They will eventually but until then, just disable it. Problem solved!
    Same with PhysX. It's just eye candy.
    Maybe it's just me getting old or something. I started playing shooters with crappy graphics (not at that time of course) on slow hardware. :)

    The 90's called and want their bmp files back. What are you trying to tell us? PS2 runs fine on my PC. After OMFG I was even able to raise the resolution (now 16xx instead of 13xx) and activate shadows! Yay!
  8. Mastachief

    Higby said on twitter they has been unable to replicate the stutter/hitch...... yet i have 30 guys having no problems replicating every night....
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  9. maxkeiser

    I have the stuttering as well. Never had anything like it before the latest patches introduced it.
  10. Octiceps

    What part of "unplayable stutter" don't you understand? It's got nothing to do with SLI; happens on single GPU all the same. If getting well below 30 FPS in heavy fighting and while flying ESF, along with 0.5-1 second total game freezes that make us crash our fighters, is not "game-breaking" to you, then yes, you and your reflexes/reaction times are getting old. So go back to playing your Doom II at 320x240 35 FPS; you needn't bother with this game.

    Are you mentally ret@rded? Do I need to put two and two together for you? Look at my FPS, look at my hardware utilization, then look at what subsystem is the bottleneck according to the game. If that doesn't scream messed up performance optimization to you, you need to get your eyes (or brain) checked.

    I don't really care that performance is fine for you, especially if you have low standards. It's simply not acceptable for many of us with better hardware.

    Seriously, the only thing you got out of my screeshots was that they were BMP?! Are you still on 56 kbps dial-up? I take all my screenshots in a lossless uncompressed image format for best quality. #dealwithit

    Typical out-of-touch PlanetSide 2 dev.
  11. Frostbitten

    I wouldn't call that stutter. Stutters are much shorter.

    Those are frame freezes which I'm having now (never occured anything like that before those last couple of weeks) and they last 0.5-1 sec. They almost have pattern, something like once in 15 minutes.
  12. Artifex78

    My my, someone took a rage pill this morning. "Stutter" (in context of this thread) != "low FPS". Your issue is off-topic in this thread. The cause of your issue lies most likely in your rig's setup. Probably easy fixable. But not in this thread and not with the kind of attitude of yours.
  13. Demerzel

    Can't play anymore until they fix this, getting FPS drops into the 20s from 50-60 every five to ten seconds, makes playing effectively impossible. Please tell me this is on SOEs end, I was getting 80-120 fps a couple patches ago.

    (in before 'lolz toaster rig')
    Intel Core-i7 920 @ 3.8GHz
    2x AMD 6970 in CrossFire (CrossFire on or off does not affect stuttering) Catalyst 13.12
    24GB RAM
    Win7 64-bit on Vertex 2 SSD
    PS2 on Vertex 4 SSD
  14. Octiceps

    Why don't you ask OP what's off-topic and what's not? You're not in a position to make that call. As far as I'm concerned, drastic FPS drops and momentary hitching/freezing/stuttering/whatever belong in the same lump of general performance issues with this game. Many people who experience one also experience the other. And I'm not even gonna get into how much troubleshooting I did before I gave up trying to fix this broken game. If this game runs like crap on all of my computers, it certainly isn't for lack of effort on my part.

    You're the only one in this entire thread who's in denial about it all simply because you personally are not affected (lucky you). Maybe your magical AMD CPU flies now after O:MFG AKA PS4 optimization for AMD CPU's? At first I thought that was just BS on the part of the tin foil hat crowd on here, but after seeing performance on a friend's FX-6300 rig go through the roof after the PU's while my performance got crippled and remains that way, I'm convinced it isn't groundless conspiracy theories anymore.
  15. vulcan78

    The problem is that the game runs just as bad on a single GPU with that GPU seeing 90% utilization everywhere resulting in sustained temperatures of 80-85 C, even with the fans running full bore. Although SLI is still poorly optimized, the main source of the poor performance is the Intel CPU.

    Some players can play PS2 on the lowest settings and be satisfied with that, or turn of effects such as SSAO to pick up enough frames so that they can be more competitive. I am not one of those players, aesthetics are a big deal for me, I like to feel immersed in a virtual experience. I don't care how fun a game could be, if it looked like Minecraft I wouldn't play it. For this reason, I am eagerly awaiting restoration of PhysX. To understand where I am coming from, watch this early review of "The Elder Scrolls Online" at the 5:30 mark.
  16. Stew360

    happen to me as well a lots as well as game crash while flying , cost me plently of reaver ... Also the frams stutter for 0.5 sec also happen while playing as infantry but happen even more while flying
  17. RisKey

    This is not exactly correct because I am running an AMD rig and have the same stutter everyone else does. This problem was introduced by the latest group of patches so its more then a performance issue the game played just fine before that. There has been numerous threads about this and not really a response other than higbys.

    It has nothing to do for me with activity on the screen or load on graphics or cpu the pauses/stutter happen anywhere anytime even in an empty base.
  18. Octiceps

    Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if the stutter is not related to anything on our end at all, but server-side network issues. That would be hilarious.
  19. BlackDove

    I really am starting to think its server side issues. What would cause a system that hasn't changed at all, to vary in performance, from day to day? My PC hasn't changed, and some days it will run the game fine, and some days the game just runs terribly. Don't expect them to give you any kind of explanation. At least not on here.
  20. VanuZuma

    Some days I would completely agree with you. I have had amazing gameplay experiences with great performance followed up maybe only 8 hours later with less than smooth performance. Hell even relogging during a crap session seems to make a difference sometimes. It could all be in my head, but like you said nothing changes on my end but the gameplay sure does seem to fluctuate.