[Suggestion] So can these galaxy issues be looked at before the valkyrie comes out?

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  1. Desann

    Yeah I saw those intakes and when HAH! not spending money on that garbage!
  2. KnightCole

    Ive taken one right over bases and let HAs fire into it while my bro guns my Drakes haha.....thing takes quite the pounding.

    Too strong? no, hella strong and in no need of an armor buff? definitely.
  3. Kid Gloves

    I appreciate support vehicles, but I also appreciate what support means. I did, after all, say that the role the Galaxy does very well in is close air support.

    Don't confuse support vehicles with supply vehicles; they're not the same thing.

    The Sunderer is a support vehicle, and if you've seen what a dual-basi blockade sundy can do on the front lines... that thing doesn't need a halberd to wreck faces. Look at the options for the Sunderer. How is the Gate Shield Diffuser anything but a tool designed to put the Sunderer directly into the thick of the fighting?

    Can any Sundy pull off that kind of thing? Absolutely not; it requires a significant amount of cert investment to make a Sundy able to be proper front-line support. The same is true of a Galaxy - which is why I am 100% in favour of giving it more support things to do actually at the battlefield - either as a deployed forward operations point or as a direct participant in the skies overhead.

    Ferrying supplies to and from the battlefield isn't on the battlefield for 90% of the time. So again, why would I want to pick a role where I don't actually spend my time at the fight? Where I get to miss out on cap xp? It's bad enough right now as a Galaxy pilot simply because you have to go so darn far to -get- one.
  4. Cswic

    Well at least #1 finally happened.
  5. Kid Gloves


    If Galaxy QOL issues get addressed even without an official Galaxy update, I'm happy. Because fix'd is fix'd.
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  6. Cswic

    Yup. It's a relatively small win, but at least we don't have to chalk it up as loss.
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  7. Lightwolf

    See upcoming bulldog nerf.
    I don't like this trade.
  8. Cswic

    :p I think it's stupid what they're doing with but we'll see I guess.

    So far from what I've read on reddit / here lib changes are basically the following:

    1) dalton becomes tank AP. velocity untouched but little or 0 splash. Less ammo now.

    2) Shredder loses splash / has tiny splash, relatively unchanged otherwise.

    3) Zepher has some buffs / nerfs to make it more of an all around weapon.

    4) Duster being buffed / changed to be premier anti infantry weapon.

    5) Libs base resist to tank shells going back to pre lib update. Not sure if this will include light ordinance as well (bulldogs) or just medium ordinance (tank shells).

    6) Then either a tankbuster nerf, or vektor buff / spur buff, or a combination of the two.
  9. Snoozzzer

    +1 to this QOL thread

    -1 to nerfing the bulldogs. It's hard enough already to hit things with. Buff walker velocities instead to make them competitive
  10. Cswic

    Walker velocity is pretty decent imo, but it's CoF is bad (worse than basilisk / drake) which makes it hard to hit targets reliably at longer ranges.
  11. Lightwolf

    the initial notes said that the bulldog was performing too well in AA compared to the A30 so they were going to take a hit in gravity, speed, and blast damage.
  12. Cswic

    Yeah I remember reading that one.

    I hope they do the following:

    1) Leave velocity and direct damage untouched.
    2) Increase gravity and nerf splash radius or splash damage.

    It'll be harder to use for AA then but still worthwhile. It could use a nerf vs infantry in general. DA stats site can provide evidence of that.
  13. Lightwolf

    Eh, I'd think an anti infantry weapon should do well against infantry.
  14. Cswic

    Ya but infantry is what they need to nerf it most against. Smaller splash radius by itself wouldn't be too bad, just means people would need to be more careful with their aim.

    Maybe they'll just nerf it for libs (ya right) since it seems that libs are what made bulldog "op" judging by SOE post.
  15. Lightwolf

    I wouldn't hold out any hopes. I sometimes wonder if SOE remembers the gal exists. We've been hit by all the peripheral nerfs (and the drake buff) without once being mentioned by name.

    Maybe that's the reason for the val

    *at SOE headquarters*
    "So we've got the lib and the esf, but we need a third air vehicle"

    "what'll it do?"

    "we haven't gotten any transports yet, right?"


    "Then lets make a transport!"
  16. PWGuy93

    The only Galaxy change I would hope for is the one on the old roadmap that would allow it to transport vehicles.