So basically a commissioner can OHK infiltrators

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Bape

    As title says u can OHK infiltrators now in the head.
  2. Dis

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  3. Flapatax

    Luckily between the Hipfire nerf and the terrible ironsights you can't even aim them anymore.
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  4. Hoki

    nothing new
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  5. PanzerShrimp

    You hip fire the commissioner?
  6. Dethfield

    You have always been able to do that.
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  7. K2k4

    I've always hipfired unless I'm trying to ping people in medium range. After the hipfire nerf commissioner doesn't shoot where the crosshairs are aiming while hipfiring, instead the bullet disappears into the ether, neither hitting my target nor anything around them. It's super frustrating. I'm pretty sure i'm hitting behind the gun on my screen where I can't see unless I turn but I'm usually too dead to double check at that point.
  8. PanzerShrimp

    So now have to aim a pistol....To get headshots?

    WOW, what a terrible terrible change.
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  9. Hatesphere

    commissioner laser sight has always been pretty powerful in close range. now its meh. I wish i could slap a 1X reflex on the thing.
  10. K2k4

    Erp, removed my sarcastic reply because it didn't actually reply to what the responder had said but what I had thought the responder had said with my terrible reading comprehension.
  11. Ryme

    Did they recently change the damage on it? I could've swore it was on-shotting my non-NW'd LA, Medic, HA, and Engineer as well.
  12. Bape

    no with the old nanoweave infiltrator can tank one bullet to the head now the new one it OHK in the head 1 bullet.
  13. Hoki

    Infiltrators have 500 health, 400 shields, the commissioner does 450 damage, and headshots do 2x damage.

    If this is a problem, well giving infs 100 more shields probably wouldn't be game breaking.
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  14. Admiralty

    You could always OHKO infiltrators at extreme close range provided they didn't have NW pre PU02
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  15. Camycamera

    you can do the same with all pistols. pistol+ knife= death.
  16. TheFamilyGhost

    I like the changes to hipfire.

    Getting one hitted by small arms when one can take a 120mm to the chest is ridiculous.

    If you haven't been opposing the nerf/woeisme crowd (no matter how they're disguised), then you're guilty too.
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  17. Bape

    Oh im not complaining im just letting everyone know u can one shot them in the head now :)
  18. Eclipson

    Hopefully we get this soon which would allow us to actually see when ADS'd and use the pistol at the longer ranges that it is intended to be used at:
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  19. z1967

    Yes. All of my yes. Please, I would sacrifice a soul to Vanu for that.
  20. Hatesphere

    a sight on the comish? hell yes i will farm souls for that.