So apparently repeated LA C4 gal drops is a thing now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phrygen, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Phrygen

    Janthor ruined my day with that.

    Seems pretty stupid to me considering there is no way to detect a floating LA 100m above.

    Back to D2 and the occasional alt.
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  2. BarxBaron

    Why was no one killing the Gal? :/

    Random C4 fairy deliveries are the least of your worries when the entire squad can continously spawn and drop.

    They are prime targets now imo.

    I don't like having a tank anywhere near where infantry can "appear"....same reason I attack sundies from a decent distance if possible.

    If a gal is overhead or on a bio landing pad over you get the hell outta there then find the most appropriate place to shell the gal or farm them their droppers from ;)

    There's more rage inducing things in the game then gal c4 drops.........seems like a premature "break"... but to each his own.
  3. Phrygen

    no one was killing the gal at 800-1000m because it was their territory (vanu archives) and the gal pilot probably wasn't mentally stunted.

    At least with drop pods they had to hit the ground first.
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  4. Schwak

    You should mag with me sometime.
  5. Lightwolf

    I'll admit I drop living bombs, but really? If its happening to you repeatedly, your folk need better AA.
  6. Phrygen

    it happened twice, because I didn't realize where it was coming from.
  7. deggy

    Did you know that with maxed-out Drifters and some altitude, a Light Assault can drop out of a Galaxy and coast 800 meters?
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  8. Lightwolf

    Not effectively it can't. I'd love to see someone make that happen.
  9. Schwak

    Watching squads drift into a base from a hex away would be quite the sight.
  10. LibertyRevolution

    TWO4 on waterson TR has done this in the past. HALO drop.
  11. deggy

    We've pulled it off, it's not difficult.
  12. UberBonisseur

    Well it was obvious this would happen, Gal spawning only made the matter worse.

    The most efficient stategy for defense always was to blow up sundies.
    Since they aren't cloaked, it has always been easy to blow them up with C4.
    Drop pods, jump pads, and Gals...
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  13. Alarox

    I've been doing this for months.
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  14. teks

    yep, fun tactic. you do die a lot though. we use heavys with annihilators.