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  1. lothbrook

    Feel they're in a good spot right now, i don't use it too often but the other day there was a big vehicle battle in north western indar where i'd go flying in and pick off the weaker tanks, must have gotten at least 8-9 before i misjudged a magrider and slammed into it, which is exactly what i think the harasser should be doing against vehicles, as far as its AI ability, thats tied to the fact AI secondaries suck balls except for the PPA.

    The new handling needs to be reverted though, you spin out far too easily which almost got us killed a couple times.

    A veteran full health tank crew will shred you as they should in a fair fight, buffing them any further i feel is unnecessary as i think their primary issue is the same all vehicles have which is air is too strong right now.
  2. MajiinBuu

    Cheesy Composite armor was nerfed, not the Harasser itself. You whiners make me sick.
    As a stealth user, the nerf didn't affect me at all. The halberd takes an extra shot to kill stuff, big whoop. I never really repaired from the backseat, I always gun my own buggy, so If I need repairs I get away from danger first, so there's no difference between repairing outside or inside.

    Since you can pull lightnings anywhere now, I expect there'll be less harassers.
  3. VanuFTW909

    I used maxed Stealth, too, about 95% of the time I pull my Harasser, but that does not mean that other cert lines should not be a viable alternatives just because they do not fit your or my play style. Also, how does nerfing a common cert line not nerf the vehicle, as the functionality of a vehicle is tied to its base characteristics and cert lines . :confused:

    Compared to other vehicles, the Composite Armor cert line for the Harasser is sorely lacking and could use a slight minor buff, in my opinion.
  4. Sagabyte

    So earlier today I got a dedicated AV loadout (as in VERY dedicated, me as the falcon max, enforcer on top, engi driver), and my crew took out some lighter targets like lightnings and sunderers. That was about it other than a smoking Prowler on the roadside without a driver. That was really it other than a poor infantry dude on the side of the road.

    We couldn't engage anything that wasn't alone and in the middle of an open field. Prowlers in anchor with AP would wreck us by the time we entered the battlefield. A harasser that dedicated to killing vehicles should be able to kill at least one target on the field before having to **** fast.

    The harasser should be a flanking vehicle, and not a picker-offer. Unfortunately, it dies too fast for this to happen. I want to see if Backseat Repair can be increased to 50% speed and I want to see if some small resistance increases to AP weaponry are possible.
  5. Aloysyus

    First you insult us as "whiners" who make "you sick", then you continue with nonsense that is simply not true. I have no problem with anyone saying he is still doing fine in the harasser but what you've written ist just plain bullsh1t. They did not only nerf composite, they nerfed stock armor, nerfed the nitro, nerfed the rumble seat repair by 70% (!) and the damage output was almost cut in half.

    So you saying "The halberd takes an extra shot to kill stuff, big whoop." is just you trying to verbally spit on us, nothing more.

    So to speak with your language: You ignorant flamer make me sick.
  6. Alabammer

    So now youre going about how it doesnt have a role. Tell me what clearly defined role any vehicle has in this game, besides maybe a skyguard? All vehicles can just about hit and do damage to all types of vehicles and infantry in some way shape or form. There are no vehicle objectives in this game other than shoot whatever you feel like shooting, and you should probably choose a loadout suited for that aim. I mean I hop in my tank, I dont think, Im playing a role right now, I think, ok I can take 2 extra shots than my harasser, that means I should kill at least 1/3 more stuff before I die, that is literally what goes through my head, then again I dont play this game for its conventional objectives.

    All Ive gotten from you in terms of why you think harassers are shyte against tanks is that one 'good harasser duo' go in front of your tank and your above average tank shooting skillz (to pay the billz, ******!) made short work of him..... OK, I consider myself a badass in a buggy, doesnt mean I havent made a bad turn in one and gone head first right into a mag w/ a saron that fully unloaded and killed me before I could say sh*************************************T!!!!. If you want a role, how about stealthy assassin, I set up unique and interesting ways to kill stuff in my travels, I use the bend from Gravel Pass to Tawrich as a nice personal choke point for mines. Go in, shoot a few shots at a Maggy/Vanguard/Prowler (or bus if I feel like wasting my mines on the hapless) until I annoy them just enough, hell I intentionally miss 'close' but hit 1 so they think 'stupid noob, better go squash this bug, im in a tank what could go wrong' then they come up the road and promptly blow up, its a GD B..E..A..UTIFUL sight! then once im out of mines, Ill just go and kill all the lightnings and look for the weakest MBT and kill it and work my way up, just because your undermanned against 2/2 MBTs (that are actually good, because trust me there are plenty of baddies too) doesnt mean and I quote from one of my favorite movies in Biodome "just because were stuck in a bubble, doesnt mean we cant cause any trouble" so to speak.

    I cant help but get the feeling, and someone else said it best when they said you were unwilling to change or adapt your playstyle, that you just want to go back to the good old days pre-nerf harassing (where it didnt have a role either, except kill everything). Can I just tell you what would happen if it ever DID get reverted to even 80% of what it was.... I sharpened my skills so much with a blunted weapon (post nerf harasser) that any such buff would immediately result in me killing any and everything I come across, oh wait, thats what led it to getting nerfed in the first place. I am totally fine with where it is, I can work with where it is.

    Finally, to address a few points you made, you dont know what I constitute as good runs all day, it meant, having runs in a pre-nerf capacity, killing everything in sight this includes MBTs, lightnings, battle buses, and as of the last two weeks it seems the occasional Liberator, for maybe an hour at a time before getting blown up averaging about 2 to 3 certs a minute (I have full membership so that might be a skewed figure). Secondly, I dont farm infantry, I make better certs off scrap metal than meatbags, but I could do it effectively if I wanted to all a matter of planning and setting yourself up for success (think I said that already in my last post), and as far as running and hiding, thats no different than pre-nerf when people would just turbo out, rep up and come back, NO DIFFERENT, in fact Id argue thats what a harasser is, a vehicle that runs and hides, then comes back and kills, rinse repeat. I pull a harasser everytime, that means its ALWAYS my best chance, and I mainly attribute that to the fact that it is completely lacking a specific role.

    In other words, stop seeing the harasser for what it was, see it for what it is, know its strengths, its weaknesses, and how to get maximum effectiveness from it in every situation, if you blow up to a tank, dont cry to mama, analyze WHY you died, what you could do differently, and how you can put yourself in a situation to kill that son of a b*tch....
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  7. Aloysyus

    See, that's what i mean. First of all: I dont want and i don't need lectures. Not at all. I tried to show you guys that i have enough experience in every vehicle on every three factions to express myself in this issue. You can feel free to check my stats although i know it doesn't mean too much but you can see my playtime in the vehicles. I am pretty pissed of this school-teacher-angry-pointing-fingers kind of behaviour you and others show here. Keep it for yourself, i don't want to verbally debate like this.

    Second: I explained several times now that i am aware of some lucky infantry farms. But also i explained that the Harasser has access to a wide range of weapons which it cam't use properply anymore because it goes down too fast.

    Third: I also stated several times, that i don't think you should have to be one of the best drivers to perform well in a Harasser. I don't know how good you are in it but when someone with 40d playtime comes here and lectures me about how bad i am not being able to adapt i get my doubts. You have almost no experience in any other vehicle, not even any auraxium in a tank, you have no friggin clue about what you are saying about balancing. Yet you come here and lecture me? Even worse that MajiinBuu guy who does not even have 10h (!) in a Harasser. I am sick and tired of discussing like that. This is not meant as an insult, but seriously... Other than you i have much experience in pretty much every vehicle and i know every perspective. So what i mean: I can still do well - sometimes. Other experienced drivers can do well - sometimes. But would i tell one of the less experienced players to spawn a Harasser to have fun nowadays? No! Maybe we both have a different opinion what "performing well" means. But the thing is i compare it to the other vehicles i perform in and the harasser is still the weakest. There are other players who doesn#t perform that well in any vehicle and when they hear how easy i die in i Harasser they answer like you: "What do you want? i do 5 kills before i die!" But i see it from my perspective.

    Fourth: I don't say it should be easy to taka out a good MBT. I said that the Harsasser is still the weakest vehicle, you need 2 or 3 guys to make it perform at least decent and for that it is too friggin' weak. Every other vehicle performs better. If every other vehicle would be that weak - fine. But i am sick and tired of Liberator crews ruling the leaderboards while i almost have to say sorry to pull a Harasser because i can't do crap in in than snipering at some smoking tanks. When i want to farm i get an HE lightning or go VS and spawn a PPA Farmrider.

    Fifth: No other vehicle needs that amount of certs to function at least decent. Not only you need a good and experienced driver and gunner, you also need a lot of certs and even when you have a fully certed Harasser it is still weak. Why in god's name would anyone starting new in this game cert a Harasser instead of just pulling a tank? The moment he spawns a Harasser he will go down in secons when he enter some battlefield. There is no easier certs for the opponents.

    So about the role: Yes, every other vehicle HAS a role. An MBT destroys pretty much everything on the ground, a lightning farms infantry and takes out air, an ESF destroys everything in the air and can farm Ground, Liberators can destroy everything, flashes can farm infantry CLOAKED and infiltrate bases, i don't need to speak about Galaxys. So the Harasser. hmmm... annoy a few smoking tanks and roadkill some plebs, being insta-killed by almost anything in the second attempt?

    And if you want to answer me again: Please stop trying to lecture me, i know this game well enough.
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  8. Klypto

    The only time this ever really worked for me intentionally is on Magriders, and that's because I can see their feet.
  9. vsae

    Current harasser has no real strenghts. Im totally with the OP.
  10. KoS-1

    I can't tell you!! Can't give away tactical operations. :)
  11. KoS-1

    I would jump in. But that dead horse....well....is dead!
  12. oberchingus

    Well you could....I mean we'll just keep adapting to what we're already doing. I've been talking to GlobeMaster about tactics and strategy, comparing notes etc...like 2 chess players after a match. I think that's what keeps it interesting. After all Alarox & Klypto aren't your run of the mill Vanguard players.
  13. Aloysyus

  14. EViLMinD

    The harasser is much better with the last changes (ex turbo utility slot moved). I used to harass all the time. Loved it. But, after the the heavy nerfs I stopped.

    I recently started harassing again. Problem now is I have to solo because 95% of the gunners are absolute crap (it's worse than before the nerfs). Quality gunners don't want to roll in a harasser anymore. Only idiot nubs and pugs will get in... and the vast majority of 'em don't know they need to be an engi or repair in the rumble. Sucks.
  15. Mechlord

    Medium ordnance weapons had their base damage reduced, but their damage against most vehicles remained the same due to resistance changes.

    The actual damage reduction of the Halberd-H compared to its MBT counterpart is 20%.

  16. Silus

    As a Skyguard, I feel that, oddly enough, the AA cannon is pretty damn good for keeping Harassers at bay. There's less fussing with hitting a fast moving target, and generally a Harasser will fall back if you lay into them with half a mag or so.

    Not so great at killing, but pretty good at deterring.
  17. Aloysyus

    I would be not too sure about this., The problem is, that an AP round still does more than 2k damage. When you are in a Harasser you don't explicitely fight Halberd-rounds from a tank. And "one more Halberd round" is simply not true. I counted it: before i needed (if i remember it right) 5 or 6 Harasser Halberd rounds for a Prowler in the front (without front armor), now i need 9 at front or 5 in the back. For a Vanguard i need 11 rounds in the front and 5 in the back. magrider is 9/5.

    So they didn't really adjust the resistance of tanks to Halberd-H rounds but nerfed Harasser composite, it goes down even faster with tank halberd rounds. You need 2 hits to make a stock harasser burning. And the AP cannons were buffed and they can compensate the reduced halberd damage with that. Plus everything else does more damage against Harassers.

    So if i really need 5 shots in the rear or even 9-11 in the front and just two Hits by either Halberd or Main cannon anywhere get me burning, then it is pretty obvious that the Harasser will lose anytime if the tankers are not complete scrubs. It should not be easy to take out an MBT but it should be possible.

    But whatever. All i was saying is that the one more round thing was bollocks. i am not really good at maths but i can count tank shells and i have my experience.
  18. Aloysyus

    The tragic thing is that the latest patch nerfed the Harasser even more as it is now slippy as f*ck. Well done, SOE.
  19. RaidsRUs

    As someone who has only recently gotten into a Harasser (I have a couple of hours, tops, but I did manage to start before everything got coated in a thick layer of invisible ice), so I realize my opinion isn't worth a whole lot to people who have logged loads of time in them. That said, I'm having a blast. And I'm driving it stock, mind you, except for the 1 cert basic ammo and zoom for the basilisk. Now, I haven't played around with all the various cert options (as I said, it's stock-- I almost never have any certs to throw at vehicles), but I think it could stand to take just a little bit more small arms fire, while remaining as vulnerable to tanks and aircraft as it is currently.

    Do note that I said a little bit. My reasoning is that it would be nice to be able to get a little bit closer to infantry fights than I can currently, as long as I keep the throttle open and don't drive directly into the killing ground between two infantry forces.
  20. Aloysyus

    Would you do me the favor and describe what exactly you do with your Harasser and how it plays out for you? I am really curious here.