So about that 5760x1080...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PhiladelphiaCollins, May 5, 2013.

  1. TimoWasTaken

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  2. cann0nf0dder

    wasn't that going to get you banned ?
  3. SirJMD

    That will get you banned, yes.
  4. MikSchultzy

    There are a couple users who have reported being banned from using PS2FOV. I don't think I wish to make use of it...
  5. Fifty6k


    Guys, guys I bought some hats, please do us a favor and fix this issue for the community. I know, I know, you guys are told by higher ups that they need a second yacht, but I promise Ill buy even more hats when I can actually play the game again.


    - A concerned gamer.

    P.S. I just changed my avatar to reflect how Ive been feeling lately.
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  6. TimoWasTaken

    They were banning for Flawless Widescreen, so they took it down. They banned for PS2FOV one week, and then unlocked the people again that put in a support ticket, and I haven't heard of anyone banned since that first purge. I have used it since then for over 100 hours and no one has banned me. I promise nothing, but for me I don't enjoy playing with blinders on.... if they ban me, I will sadly move on. Wish me luck, I'd hate to lose the crazy ton of money I've spent on this game but if they ban me, they ban me.
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  7. Rogue1138

    Anyone heard anymore from a dev on this lately?
  8. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything new, but this doesn't mean they're not working on it, it just means they're busy. I'll be sure to keep you folks up to date if I hear anything. Thanks for being patient, everyone.
  9. Rogue1138

  10. MacGoose

    You could try to play with one monitor. I'm sure your rig can handle that.

    Not that I'm not for what you want. Any expansion in any direction is good for the game. But you make it sound like it is impossible to play the game on your rig - and I'm sure it's not.
  11. Rogue1138

    No any expansion in any direction is not necessarily good for the game. So as long as they keep adding content to a broken game instead of addressing some glaring issues your okay with that? Those of us that invest the money and time to setup a multi-mon system expect to have some trouble with games from time to time but to be ignored and be banned for using 3rd party fixes is shameful at best. Every other game I play including other FTP models has better multi-mon support than PS2. What gives SOE? While I do think this game is epic in its scale and magnitude I think it could be so much more given a few tweaks to optimization. Better threading and GPU utilization and multi mon support would put it on par with other top tier shooters.
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  12. MacGoose

    Think about it like this. The people working on adding content - art developers, are not the same people working on game issues - the coders. So if you want them to stop adding content while working on game issues, you're just going to end up with the same people working on the game issues - the coders. But since you want them to stop working on adding content - the art developers will be doing nothing. Because it's not like you can just set an art developer to work on game issues and coding. It may not be that PS2 can do multithreading, but the developers can...
  13. Fifty6k

    Riiight.. So Art developers know how to add art to the code... Of course they have coders working adding weapons/vehicles/hats/vehicle hats. etc.. You know that adding that stuff takes more than just drag and drop right?
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  14. Skunkworks

    332 hours and counting on PS2FOV.
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  15. Rogue1138

    Wow good to know. I might play this weekend then.
  16. Gary

    Baffles me... Allowing people to directly increase how much around them they can see through the use of 3rd party programs is not being prevented despite blatent advantages to everyone who uses it.

    Yet using SweetFX to change the visuals to look better and "prettier" is not allowed because it could be used to grant unfair advantages..

    SweetFX completely unacceptable and bannable because it could be used by a small minority to grant an advantage, PS2 FOV, might get you banned despite it giving everyone who uses it an advantage by increasing how much they can see around them.
  17. MikSchultzy

    DICE fought this battle for YEARS. Starting with widescreen monitors. I remember buying a widescreen monitor, and Battlefield being the ONLY game I couldn't get to support wider resolutions than 4:3. A few years later, I finally had a fix. Too bad it took them a new game to make it work right.

    Now they openly support Widescreen, multimonitor, and other methods of large-view. They're even out-sourcing virtual reality set ups for the sake of more immersible gaming. Multi-monitor (and to extent, widescreen) is less about seeing more, and more about being sunk so deep in it, you don't hear your wife/gf/spouse/whatever ******** about you having been in the game for 10 hours straight. It's not about being able to see wider - I rarely can take advantage of it for focusing on what is in my crosshairs - and more about feeling like you're there. It's a cheaper sense of virtual reality that is easier to set up and maintain on a budget.

    I find that most people who ***** about it, simply have not used it.
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  18. Rogue1138

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  19. Fifty6k

    You know there are a lot more advantageous things than extra peripheral vision right?

    One of the biggest advantages is FPS, and we take a HUGE hit for using 3 screens. Multi monitor gaming is less about seeing "more" and more about feeling like you are actually there. The fallacy of wide screen gaming giving major advantage is quite resolved. That debate happened a long time ago. The future is in immersive gameplay, most major titles support multi monitor resolutions, its a trend that will only expand with time.
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  20. MikSchultzy

    I should note that I do believe in SweetFX and other similar applications that "enhance" a graphical setting with low/no performance hit. I used one in BFBC2 for a long time that made so much of the game look more crisp, loosing that "blury" effect that I can only imagine came from Consolisation.