Snitch dart

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by PKSpark, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. PKSpark

    Would you like a dart you could shoot on any enemies, and if this dart hit one, it will stick on it for a while revealing everyone around the target?
    Like the parasite spell from the zerg queen unit in starcraft 1.

    And you could destroy that snitch dart by shooting at it (you'll need to be a bit accurate to not team kill the target)
  2. Biddion

    It's an interesting idea no doubt but probably impractical to implement. You are describing a regular dart that would move with the character or vehicle. If this were enacted, though, I would shoot my flash to get free recon.
  3. PKSpark

    If C4 can be stuck at some point on players weapons it may be possible to extend this to the bodies weapons
    Also using it on your own vehicle would give your own position!
  4. DCWarHound

    C4, sticky nades, av nades. all of em stick so it shouldn't be so hard to implement it into the recon dart.
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  5. Moz

    Hence the "proximity radar" upgrades become less useful....
  6. Problem Officer

    Better not be detectable by the target's side, else TK drama.