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  1. Astraka

    This is not confirmed by anyone that I know of, but I thought this was fairly interesting and was worth sharing. Watch 53:00 onward.

    Torokokill responding to a viewer: "Yeah... umm... not really common knowledge cause there wasn't a lot of notes done at SOE live, but uh... I talked to one of the weapons' guys, infantry weapons' guys, confirmed that they're going to be pulling out the damage falloff range on sniper rifles. Which basically means they'll do more damage at farther ranges and allow you to head shot more people, hopefully..."

    Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else heard anything similar to this?

    On a slightly unrelated note, if you're an aspiring sniper or like sniper gameplay you should try to spend some time watching this man's stream. He is probably the most prolific sniper in the game at the moment with nearly fifty thousand Parallax kills.
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  2. LazerusQAI

    screw you NW5!
    even bodyshots can be usefull then...i like it, better long-range performance, more viably sniper gameplay...hope it does not take a year for them to release it.
    and i hope that it is not just a false information :(
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  3. Heyitsrobbie1984


    So my fellow infiltrators, when do we celebrate
  4. DeadliestMoon

    Fellow infiltrators? But you have a LA emblem........
  5. TheAntiFish

    All we need now is an increase in infantry render range. I want planetside 2 Longest confirmed kill competitions!
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  6. DeadliestMoon

    This just spells trouble in the making.
  7. TheAntiFish

    Aw, But i like the idea of actually being a sniper. As opposed to this 300m Marksman ball-sheet!

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  8. Teoke

    Good riddance i say. It's time they fixed Sniping infiltrators. Finally sniping will be viable again, if they decide to go through with this
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  9. Scudmungus

    IF and WHEN it goes live. Only then. Else, DRAMA!1!

  10. Scan

    I am baffled...

    The ammount of hate and ridicule I gotten for claiming Sniper rifles needing to be effective at ranges for sniperrifles.... and now suddenly everyone is okay with this?

    Whatever happened to : wanting to give people a chance to react?
  11. Astraka

    I just guess those folks aren't here yet?

    I also interpret what Toro said as they are going to increase the range at which a bolt action can OHK, but not completely get rid of the possibility of it not OHKing at extreme ranges. I think this would probably be more readily accepted then them simply removing the protection NW offers altogether. Something like 125m-150m for NW5 seems fair to me, but then again I've never really had a huge problem with Snipers and wouldn't care if they could OHK all the way out to render range like before.
  12. DeathSparx

    If they make Snipers start OHK'ing again at reasonable ranges, I might trade in my nanoweave armor for an ammo belt because I usually snipe in the 150-200m range.
  13. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Oh I hope for such day...all ill do for few weeks if and when this goes live is get a cup of tea, position my self max render distance and lol at all the medics / engineers/ infiltrators.

    On side note as mid range sniping is concerned recently for bored reasons I dusted off my semi auto sniper. ...oh that girl I inly used at start of game to get 1k certs for bolt....

    But my god it's so fun haha. Almost 100% to kill cloaked infi. You hit them, and their shield glows. And it glows for 2-3 hits so they are usually dead by then.

    Shooting while moving left right and crouching is also mad fun.

    Sure certs dont roll as fast but its hilarious to always get a moving target, even if they are runing like they're high on batteries :D

    P.s TheAntiAngler I'll send you the stuff later; fishing now :D
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  14. Shuuda


    However, I doubt the so-called sniper community would be satisfied by that. Short ranged snipers probably did not have that much trouble with Nanoweave to begin with, and long range snipers would probably want it extended even further.
  15. Vaphell

    yup, i understand they simply plan to move the min_dmg point further, effectively stretching the dmg curve, which makes the HS dmg curve cross the HP lines for various levels of NW (OHK thresholds) further away than it currently does.
    In case they plan to restore the intended dynamic based on the old NW numbers; once i whipped up a chart to see how far the min_dmg point would have to be for the ohk to kick in at 75m/100m and the results were approx 115m/140m (+40m in both cases)

    It's good news because 1. sniping becomes much more viable/predictable in midrange where it was a crapshoot - will I be owned by NW or not? 2. suppressor becomes viable again without the crippling 30m/50m thresholds
  16. TheAntiFish

    Hey, You can still get 300m OHK with the suppressor....(Definitely not on NW5 however) It's just harder to hit them in the head. Check your point of impact.

    I get annoyed when people blame the suppressor.
  17. Dr. Euthanasia

    Positive change for our class? Or maybe just a way for SOE to placate us and dodge the Nanoweave issue altogether! Do not be fooled, brothers, it is merely a ploy invented by our overlords as a means to control us! They have already taken our OHKs - who knows how much longer it will be before they take our shields! Our children? Our very lives?! Stand with me and let them know that we will not tolerate reasonable buffs to the infiltrator!

    Really, though, let's hope they don't think this is all it's going to take to make snipers have a fair place in the metagame along with the assault classes. Players killed by sniper rifle headshots should take longer to be revived by medics.
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  18. TheAntiFish

    I'm so confused by the above post that i may just report it as inciting terror.

    And what do you mean TAKE our children? I had to GIVE them my firstborn in return for them unlocking the extra 40fps available to my rig.

    Still waiting btw SoE....
  19. LazerusQAI

    if they want to stretch the curve only, i think it would solve nothing at long range.
    it would change the midrange combat a bit, but there would still be no reason to try a headshot at long range where you can barely see the target.
    Midrange (like the mentioned 150m) would still be a range where every other class could spit on you (i think, i was never good at estimating distances).
    took a few good shots where i needed to aim with the 4th dot, if it would change nothing at that range...screw it.
    i mean...if you hit he head at that range, you deserve a kill, and not a *plonk*
  20. Dr. Euthanasia

    Nah, if we're effective at 150m, the only guns that would stand a chance of threatening us are combat rifles or those ridiculous perfect-accuracy LMGs, and even then only with high magnification scopes. The problem with 50m is that it's very firmly within "death by SMG/Carbine" distance when your weapon isn't designed to shoot at people who are shooting back.
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