[Suggestion] Snipers can't be cloaked with a sniper rifle equipped

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  1. VeryCoolMiller

    You can't pay attention to something you can't see and according to your logic i should accept to die at least once to an infiltrator because someone picked it ? Sorry but I didn't sign for this. I played infiltrator, I auraxed the sniper and the class and any time I killed someone i was saying to myself :" this guy had latterly no chance to deal with me".

    The heavy (the only class with enough hp to deal with the initial assault of the infiltrators ) got nerfed multiple times directly and indirectly (no more nanowave anyone ? )

    You are defending the undefendable.
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  2. csvfr

    The only conclusion I get from this is that the playerbase is weaker and more fragile than before. Some years ago there was no postdeath kill-cam to soothe the weaker players. Light assaults would drop from the sky due to jetpack failure if within the vicinity of a detonating EMP. Heavy assaults would likewise need to fight without the overshield. Personally I laugh at the state of cloakers today, I guess it might be because of learning to play when they were stronger.
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  3. VeryCoolMiller

    Infiltrator has never been stronger than today. The nerf to nanowave armor indirectly buffed them.
    Heavy assaults are at the weakest status of their story.
    Light are actually in a really strong status.

    Killcam didn't really affect strong infiltrators that move around and don't sit in a spot.

    Why do you think the inf was stronger before ?
  4. synkrotron

    for starters, a single headshot was possible up to 400 metres
  5. csvfr

    In addition to the EMP nerf and kill-cam, the infiltrator is the only class that got no interesting ASP skills. All other classes can equip an extra primary weapon in the secondary slot. This makes these other classes relatively stronger for ASP players.

    Also I don't see how infiltrators benefited from the nanoweave nerf as sniper rifles still need 1 headshot or 2 bodyshots to kill.
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  6. VeryCoolMiller

    sorry but this doesn't seem really relevant in normal gameplay
  7. VeryCoolMiller

    EMP used to be only a visual impair for the target... nowadays remove shield and detonates mines etc
    Kill cam affect only static scrub.
  8. csvfr

    Wish I could downvote this but it is demonstrably false. EMP used to drain ability energy in addition to the personal shield. IIRC it would also drain the deployment shield on sunderers.
  9. synkrotron

    that is, of course, a matter of opinion
  10. VeryCoolMiller

    no, at release emp used to simply affect the view of the target... then got buffed, and drained also the energy, think that was removed to what we have nowadays
  11. Scroffel5

    Its relevant when you hit someone from 5-ish meters outside of your max damage range while they are sitting in a Harasser rumble seat, just for them to survive and tell the squad exactly where the shot came from.

    Yes, you can. You have another sense - hearing. Also, if you play every class, you should know what Infiltrators are going for. Once you recognize one is in the area by them decloaking or shooting recon or firing/killing someone with a class specific weapon, you should be able to deduce the area they are playing in and where they plan to go. Thats how I fight against an Infiltrator. I outsmart them.

    And if its a sniper, yes, they typically get a kill every time they spawn, up until a point, but you have to examine why. They are typically at long range and outside of the field of view of a player, so they just need to take a shot that hits their target. Howeve,r most players cannot reliably snipe the head on a moving target, hence why they go for still targets, preoccupied targets, damaged targets, and slowly moving targets. So don't be that guy that is the first target.

    Also, I don't care how many kills you have if you don't learn from your mistakes and those of others. There was a guy in Valorant who was top fragging on our team, great shot, but he was an idiot. He kept making the same mistakes and never learning from them, so he got killed. His actions made an impact on our team and the enemies, sure, but it would have been better if he learned from his mistakes and stayed with us and been less aggressive. Its the same with Planetside, especially with Infiltrators.

    I have a solution to a "cloaker problem", as they are often called. Why not make their footsteps louder while cloaked? That way, you can hear if someone is coming up just by how loud their footsteps are. To make up for that, make them run a little faster while cloaked.
  12. VeryCoolMiller

    The solution to the cloaker problem is a counter that get rid of the cloaking... like a field or an aura... and this applies to the vehicles too...
  13. synkrotron

    everything is fine as it is

    stop moaning and get on playing the game

    or stop playing it

    there are a lot more toxic elements to Planetside 2 than a few infiltrator mains
  14. VeryCoolMiller

    if you think a KDR 20% higher than the second infantry class is fine...

  15. synkrotron

    KDR means nothing

    at least that is what I am always being told
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  16. Scroffel5

    Well if you are sniper and a good aim, you are going to die a lot less than with any other weapon. Therefore, higher KDR for snipers, which is what this discussion is about.
  17. Ssymm

    Maybe one day I'll come on this forum and I won't see a crying thread about infils / cloak.

    Will you guys ever stop?

    Infil is fine. If you don't move you deserve your headshot. If you move it's very rare to get headshotted by a sniper rifle. If you can't see cloaked infil in CQC then you need glasses. It's just a bit harder at night yet there's so much light everywhere that it's not an issue.

    The only unfair class in this game is HA. And that's why it's by far the most played class. All the other classes are fine if you master them. Crying about snipers? Just try it out yourself. You'll see if it's this easy to play.
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  18. JustGotSuspended

    good aim? Lmao what aim do you need to only land 1 shot? Especially when there's cloak so you can set yourself up easily for the easiest shot possible. Good aim would be landing consecutive shots, while managing the COF, recoil, bloom, flinch, tracking the target, etc.

    Acting like pointing a perfectly accurate 1hk weapon under the cover of invisibility takes any sort of skill is pretty disingenuous, and is the whole reason the discussion started in the first place.
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  19. synkrotron

    aiming as a sniper is a different skill set to aiming as a CQC guy

    a sniper 200 metres and more away has to account for bullet drop and the need to hold breath before taking that shot

    so, yeah, different skill set completely and should not be compared to what some people insist on as being "normal play"
  20. synkrotron

    also, other games with a sniper element does not have a cloaker... that is generally fitting into each particular game and makes sense

    Planetside is a game based in the future, and cloaking is a part of that future technology

    if you don't like it, go play something else