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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by datdudejrod, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Astraka

    Even though I've used the rifle extensively myself I still cannot get over how hilariously ineffective the SOAS-20 is, but you still manage to make it work somehow. I watched a previous stream with you using it at Freyr Amp and good god even the sound of it makes me cringe... why do so many TR Infiltrator weapons sound so wimpy when silenced? I can't say that watching you use it deterred me from finishing the broadcast, but I can sort of understand why people would leave - its so painful to watch you try and kill folks with it.

    A bunch of totally unrelated additional feedback: When those head shots don't register that I know were clean hits, I catch myself cursing aloud as if I was playing. It's nice to see some good fights that aren't on Indar. On 03-05 at 01:07:18, that no-scope head shot blew my mind - you were so lucky. I know that there are not any differences between the factions' bolt actions, but I swear when you play NC it seems easier.

    Keep up the good work. Every minute that you stream is another minute I manage to stay awake during midnights.
  2. datdudejrod

    Lately I dont even mind the SOAS as much, I just spawn in and rush like a mad man to get some kills with it lol. It still amazes me how many people are oblivious to infil's running right past them. But yes I can understand when everyone leaves the stream when I use it lol, I don't even like to use it but sadly I have to complete it for that challenge! And as far as the NC sniper rifles go the default NC sniper is prob my favorite one ive used in the game so far, I like its quick firing along with 1 head shot kills. The bullet drop and speed is just natural for me on that weapon.