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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by datdudejrod, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. datdudejrod

    Hey guys I just recently started to stream on a regular basis and I stream sniping only right now since I dont have an SMG its pure sniping. I wanted to start this because I have read so many posts about how useless the infils are and how bad sniping is in this game. I wanted to show people that it is actually really useful and very fun.

    The stream link is I start streaming around 2:30 pm EST everyday

    I feel that I have a very different style from most other snipers because I perfer closer ranged sniping and run around all day. I dont sit 1000m away and wait for someone to stop moving to take my shots. I consider myself more of a combat sniper since im in battle alot with alot of pistol fighting also.

    I jsut made a new character to start the stream with sniper only and its link is

    If you guys do stop by id love to talk to other snipers because I feel like there arent enough of them out in the game right now. If you have any questions, suggestions, tips anything at all feel free to let me know. Thanks guys!
  2. Kazzah

    Currently downloading the game to check the changes from the original - been enjoying your stream, the bases look huge.
  3. datdudejrod

    Ya the bases are real big and nice, my favorites are the Tech plants and Amp stations
  4. Tyzh

    Nobody with any sense has been saying sniping is bad. Sniping is fine. It's the rest of the class that leaves most people wanting.

    Your stream is nice, though.
  5. Purple

    its not that sniping is bad its just hard. at least for me i feel like church from Red V Blue.
  6. Jests

    The rendering distance change did a lot to help make sniping better, imo. I mean, I never really thought it was bad, there are just certain things that really irk me about it and rendering was one of them.
  7. Tyzh

    Oh man. The rendering distance improvements are the best. I can consistently snipe from The Crown to TI Alloys now. So fun.
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  8. datdudejrod

    You can actually sue a 12x scope now since you can finally see people far away
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  9. Astraka

    Great stream so far. I love how 80% of the things you say go through my mind while I'm playing as well... "Oh look, more tanks!" "Great another Liberator!" "Where are all the infantry fights at??"

    My suggestion would be to stalk the backfield if your team is getting rocked by tank spam. A lot of the time those big piles of tanks have dedicated engineers or supporting Heavy Assaults/Infiltrators that stick by them. You can rack up a lot of very easy kills if you can flank them from behind with a silenced weapon.
  10. Jests

    Especially now that you can actually see those pricks >.<
  11. datdudejrod

    Yup yesterday was world of tanks lol
  12. Astraka

    Still, you're a great infiltrator. When I watched your stream I just laughed & said "No way!" constantly - you pull off head shots like they're nothing, even up close or when the target is moving. Normally when I see snipers in this game I wonder how they think they're helping the team from 250 meters outside of the base, but there is no doubt in my mind that you're contributing.
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  13. datdudejrod

    Wow thanks man I really appreciate your comments alot. Ill be streaming again here soon. Thanks again
  14. datdudejrod

    Starting to stream again daily to show my progression through the infiltrator challenge!!
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  15. GSZenith

    A none useless sniper, +1 btw get Tsar-42
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  16. datdudejrod

    Thanks man I try to actually kill people plus help my team if I can, and yes the TSAR-42 is next on my list I will buy it in the next day or so =)
  17. Mustarde

    Been having fun now that I'm on Mattherson, joining jrod in casual infiltrator squads running around popping NC and VS left and right!

    He took up the infiltrator challenge so I got to laugh a little as he cursed the SOAS-20 while trying to fight with it. I will say he still did quite well and I saw his name pop up in the upper right a good bit despite the weapon :)

    Good times and good stream!
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  18. Ztiller

    I have been trying to set up a stream, but i just cannot figure out how. whatever program i use, the screen just remains black.
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  19. Astraka

    If/When you figure it out, please update us. I know you don't play the Infiltrator all of the time, but I personally would still love to watch you do your thing in real time when you do play as one. Despite how unpopular your opinions seem to be here - I know I can't be the only one.
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  20. datdudejrod

    Thanks mustarde and astraka, Yes the infil challenge is alot harder than I thought it was going to be lol even more props to mustarde and nuka for completing it!! I was going to stream every day but people stop watching when i would use the soas or the other ****** weapons to try and complete the challenge lol. Seems like people only like to watch me use the easy bolt actions, although I will now stream almost 100% of the time when im playing cause if you guys want to watch you can and if im using ****** weapons and you want to leave its ok too lol. Thanks again