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  1. JustGotSuspended


    The thing is the game before didn't allow snipers to 1hk nanoweave targets. In planetside 1 there was no way to equip cloak and sniper rifles. Cloak on vehicles and stalker cloak wasn't a thing in PS2 beta as well.

    It's like with biden, they had everything in place, all they had to do was literally nothing. Instead they completely ruined the game. And keep in mind they haven't even added the 10% movement penalty nerf for wearing nanoweave yet. I'm sure that won't make it easier for snipers to land the single shot they need to score a kill. Of course the few people who stuck around and are still involved in the community "discussions" defend the game's current state to the death - they're the ones wrel listened to, so for them it's all a huge win.

    Smh can someone please make a copy of the beta version of this game already?? I know there's a planetside 1 server.
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  2. Trebb

    Stealth in any PvP game is very hard to balance. On my NSO, the directive sniper rifle sounds neat, so I've been working my way towards that. It almost feels like cheating, invissing your way to the flank everytime. Not saying it's OP or not, but I do see a LOT of invisible people running around.
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  3. AntDX316

    It's hard to get that many people coordinated to shoot at the same target lmao
  4. AntDX316

    If you are having trouble getting shot then you are standing in the open and need to move around a lot.
  5. InexoraVC

    Remove ability to ADS while in cloak.
    Add Sniper rifle headshot resistance to NAR
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  6. LordAnnihilator

    Adding to this, I've espoused that cloak should work like an equip - you have to swap to it to use it. That way, you could balance it by making it take longer to swap or equip if you're using, say, Nano-Armour Cloak. A major issue with Cloakers lies with Clientside - cloakers can basically decloak and execute you before they even render as visible on your end. Adding a forced equip will prevent Clientside shenanigans, and you could then balance weapons like CQC Bolters by modifying their equip times - giving things like Semi-Autos a valuable niche over Bolt Actions.

    If we go the route of adding headshot resistance, first we axe Nanoweaves Small Arms benefit. Its easily the part of the Suit Slot we disagree with and argue over the most (you can't exactly get the other damage types on Infantry IIRC, except maybe a MAX), and we should just bite the bullet, axe it altogether, and come up with a better way to benefit low level players. Then, we create a new Sniper damage type - Anti-Personnel rifle, to match the Archers Anti-Material, and give it to nanoweave. Allow nanoweave to affect the head and boom. The anti-sniper suit slot. Could use some workshopping, e.g. should it go on level 1 to give new players a cheap anti-sniper suit, or should it be higher to prevent new snipers being frustrated? should it keep the speed decrease or no? But its probably a better idea than the speed decrease. I can get Wrels rationale behind the change, but its only going to make the Sniperside complaints worse.
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  7. Gustavo M

    Lad, this game is fundamentally broken and cannot be fixed unless they redo it from scratch -- just have a good laugh at it and move on.
    t. Always have a 50+ death streak by snipers alone every single day.
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  8. JibbaJabba

    To add, I believe he's an Infiltrator main. :p
  9. Imniscor

    The problem with infiltrators:
    > 1 hit kill capability;
    > added with max range for safety;
    > added with stealth for even more safety.
    They are also the best infantry for Closed Quarter Combat because they will most often have the jump on you and shoot you first.
    When they shoot it really kills most of the times. Also the ranged knife is super OP. I headshot everytime with it.
    The advantages of the class, outclasses every other class in the game for a firefight making them obsolete or very niche.

    The game as it is now, is just a cat and mouse game and that is exhausting to keep firing Recon Device all around in a huge map. Even if you spot them on the mini map they still have the visual advantage over you and the damage advantage over you. As someone said, this class also attracts aimbotters.

    Solutions, pick ONLY ONE of them:
    > severely reduce their damage below that of the carbines but keep stealth and range as is;
    > put a 15 second cooldown on stealth and streamline all their 700, 500 and 400 damage weapons to 334;
    > keep damage, range and stealth as is, except that stealth now shows on the Mini-Map;
    > increase the range of darklight to 100 meters and give darklight to engineer spitfire turret;
  10. LordAnnihilator

    In short:
    > Maybe, though I find the clientside issues exacerbate it;
    > Not necessarily, have you seen CQC Bolters;
    > Again, more to do with Clientside.
    > This is assuming theyre using a CQC loadout and don't get detected. I feel like their CQC prowess is the least of the issues with Infil.
    > The ranged knife? Really? Thats the one you pick as OP? Weird pick, honestly. Would've expected the 1HK knife.
    > ...Not true. Like, at all. Heavy is the most played class. Engineers, Light Assaults, Medics, MAXes are still everywhere. On paper they seem OP... but if they were so much better than every other class, why doesn't everyone use them?

    Every class attracts aimbotters honestly, its a continuing issue. Also, the fact youre spamming Recon Darts everywhere outs you as an Infil main too, so you aren't helping the problem by using the class you think is broken. While Infils are extremely effective in outdoors fights, you rarely see them Capping Points in major fights, only ever ghost caps. Sure, they can one shot you, but thats useless if they can't hit you because you're capping the point. Otherwise, those Infils mobbing on rocks over on Esamir would be way more instrumental in winning a fight. As is, they're a major annoyance, and definitely need tweaking, but they hardly rule the game.

    > Several problems with this one - do it to Sniper Rifles, they become less than useless and Infils effectively swap to only using Stalker Cloak or Scout Rifles. Do it to SMGs, you nerf all the classes, Infil comes out better than, say, Light Assault. Same with Scout Rifles. Do it to everything and Infils as a whole die as a class, only useful for Stalker knife shenanigans.

    > That cooldown is obnoxious. I've been espousing cooldowns in the form of swap time or a period of decloak time, but 15 seconds is longer than it takes for the whole of any cloak to recharge. 5 seconds, AT MOST, and even then Im certain it isnt the way to go about it. As for the guns, that would effectively mean every single Non-Trap-M1 Sniper becomes a ****** Scout Rifle. Which would kill the viability of the ENTIRE SNIPER LINE, since Scouts and BRs would do everything they do faster and better. Absolutely not.

    > Defeats the point of Stealth entirely. You'd be better off using Sensor Shield and staying uncloaked to ambush the enemy, and becoming visible on the mini map wouldn't help with the far-off snipers. You'd literally just kill Stalker Cloak.

    > Do you even know how big that range is? Do you know how badly that would kill peoples performance, as well as the viability of Stalker Cloak? Plus Darklight on Spitfire would render the ability to hack it useless, as the Spitfire would spot you and kill you, and it would immediately supplant the other turrets even more as the go to. Yeah, let me signal my presence from outer space with 100m of pocket floodlight.
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  11. KastianJJ

    Issue was planetside 1 infil suits where never snipers and designed around a support role. They where more of a distraction, aka the guy who could get up close and disable a tank weapons unseen with a jammer grenade. Mess around with stuff, you where more the splinter cell dude, unseen and ******* a lone person with the revolver alternative fire.

    The infiltrator was designed as a support role, not a combat role with it's cloaking as even if it got the jump on someone it rarely would win a 1 vs 1 at best they could deal with someone who was a driver jumping out to repair a vehicle that forced them to have light armor if they got the advantage of jumping them and forcing them to weapon swap with the revolver/AMP.

    Honestly the role should be split up into two classes, Sniper/Recon and Infiltrator

    Honestly for a recon role, give the ability to toggle scope effects with upside/downside

    Dark light scope, can spot invisible people at a far range but will turn non-invisible players instead shimmer. (Good for semi-auto in CQC or SMG). High level makes the shimmer closer to cloakers moving around for visible targets.

    Heat Vision scope, can spot people easily from far away, but vehicles generating heat in a bubble around them making it hard to spot infantry around it as long as someone is in it. (Bubble becomes less depending on the vehicle type (MBT/Sundies having the biggest bubble no matter what.)

    Bullet Drop Scope, your scope will put a red dot, on where it will land. But while this is active you can be seen on the radar if they're in range. (Duration of this lingering position will last X second per upgrade.)

    Issue is a good infil right now applying the strategy of taking a few shots than running off are next to impossible to find unless another sniper. If they see you running up all they have to do is reposition looking at their old spot and boom dead. It's a wild good chase to find them forcing you to take some lightning to hunt them out or go a stalker infil.
  12. AntDX316

    It's not entirely OP to be against snipers because respawning quickly and being able to see where they are through the killcam. It's somewhat hard to get kills w/ Sniper. Might as well pull a Hesh lightning for better results.
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  13. Ssymm

    Another QQ topic about infil. This is boring. I already said that but let me remember you something :

    HAs are the main issue of Planetside 2. HA are the meta. Because HA are what they are (and also, LMGs), classes like Medic or Engineer are almost useless in infantry fight except for their supporting tools. LA is also in a very bad spot. SMGs infils also definitly loose vs HA. And even at long range, since HAs can equip scout rifles like Bishop / Dragoon / Obelisk, they can deal with sniper rifle infils since they can't OS an overshielded HA. (even if I agree infil here have the advantage of cloak which is normal, long range is supposed to be Infil speciality).

    So before QQing about infil, start to ask for balance what is truly overpowered in this game : HA with their kit which make them at the same time the best class to play vs Infantry, and who just have to press 3 to suddenly be the best infantry class vs Vehicles.

    And also rebalance LMGs which are far too much versatile. Being top tier weapons from CQC to mid - long range is so stupid. If you look at LMGs on other games like Battlefield for example, these weapons are strong but not OP like in PS2.
  14. BlackFox

    That HA's are a problem is true, but the cloaking is as well. And no, the best class againt vehicles is the LA with C4 - the rocket/missile launchers are ironically one of the worst AV wepons
  15. Tunashamed

    Hard to swallow pill: That infil that bolted you could have killed you just as easy with an LMG.

    You guys should really try it for yourself to see what's up. The stealth recharge function adds an element that HA simply doesn't have to deal with. Its infinitely more difficult to get double and triple kills with bolt and semi auto snipers compared to LMGs. No launcher or C4 option to deal with vehicles/MAXes. No C4 option to farm windows/corners. HA's deal with enemy smg infils, knifers, and LA shotgunners much, much better than infils as well.

    Then there are the more indirect downsides. Being able to stealth to flank is great, but you're much less likely to get a revive after you inevitably get flanked back. Getting 1 or 2 kills before death, then watching those kills get revived is pretty much the staple experience of an infil, smg or rifle. CQC rifle infils have fewer lanes to snipe from and are more stationary, so they get zero'd in more by enemies, especially counter snipers. Also the "Kill enemy infiltrators" directive is usually the 5th to complete. I know I spent days only hunting enemy infils.

    The most logical nerf you could propose is increasing the bolt reload by .5 seconds. But then all those infiltrators will use semi-autos. To nerf those, you have to nerf scout rifles as well, which are not only in a weak state already but also serve to counter enemy snipers to begin with.

    I think a lot of people are in a similar situation to me right now. I love playing medic, but I've auraxed the class and the AR's. I love playing HA but I've auraxed the LMGs and the HA directives are rough. I auraxed the SMGs on infil, the infil class itself, and I just spent a week or so getting the 50 sniper bounty kills. LA/carbines are maxed as well. The logical next step for me is to CQC snipe, and while its fun, the kills are a lot slower per hour so I've decided to faction swap.
  16. Ssymm


    Just try it. Try to play a long range infil with a bolt action + scope, and see what's your KPM / SPM. Try to play mid range ghost / SAS-R / Tsar Infil, and duel LMG's, ARs, or DMR's with a bolt action rifle.

    You'll then start to respect the infils who headshot you at 200m while you are unpredicably sprinting.
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  17. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Don't confuse overused with overpowered. HA's are meta because they are useful in any situation and have an ability that caters to those farming players of lower skill. That said past a certain skill point Heavies start losing to Medics, Light Assaults and Infils due to the higher skill ceilings offered by their weapons and abilities.

    People still ******* about snipers in the Beta when Infils were useless and shielded NW5 Heavies had almost 2k hitpoints. Whining about snipers is just hard-coded into some players' DNA.
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  18. Truzen

    Just follow the trace of the shots and go kill them on the flanks. They've spent time to get there an find a good spot to hide. Now you must to spend your time to find them. What's the problem? That`s even worse than that for the snipers because you don`t even need to make the effort to locate them. Just dying once to them and they are revealed on the kill cam.

    Just don't go straight to the point and protect your flanks.

    "good firefight" in the battlefield of a war is surrounded by snipers. If you don't want to deal with snipers around you, don't play war games. Just play FPS games with small maps.
  19. BlackFox

    I would say that the role of snipers in such games is justified. But that they are designed to hunt infantry in every way possible should be looked at.
    They don't need motion sensors when they have access to AP mines to secure their backs, they don't need the cloak as the long range should be enough protection. I can flank them sure, but they can cloak, get out of sight and attack from any position with a hone hit kill weapon. Same with countersniping, if they don't die with the first headshot they'll cloak,run away heal and return.
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  20. Sumguy720

    Surface level thoughts:

    1. Stealth is not an infiltrator exclusive. I've run sniper loadouts on all classes with - what the BAR-200 or whatever and a 6x scope. You can do it, and it's not unrealistic to get kills easily that way if you are sufficiently patient and are able to get into position unnoticed.

    2. If you're standing still you can be killed before your statistical reaction time by weapons other than bolt action rifles relatively easily. You do not need to stand still to establish a lock with a launcher, nor should you.

    3. Long range snipers generally should be able to kill you only *ONCE*. You have a kill cam, you have tons of spawn and cover options. Once you know their location their advantage is gone. You can continue to play into their advantage by trying to countersnipe with your scout rifle as a heavy assault or straight up rush them over open ground, but that's not your only option. The penalties for death are pretty low for a regular combatant. Much higher if you're doing covert ops yourself either as AA or AV or AI, in which case you're in the same boat as the sniper who killed you.

    4. It takes a lot of time, patience, and prep to get good bolt action kills. You need to know where your targets are, you need to find a location that gives you access to their location without exposing yourself, you need to *GET* to that location, and you need to do it all before your targets move away. Oh and then you need to manage your breath, know your ranges and drops, and jesus lord compensate for travel time if they're moving. Extremely hard to do at 200+ meters if you've ever tried. And if you get a body shot? Basically game over, you gave away your position for at best a kill assist unless your target is really exposed and can't get to cover before you rechamber and THEN you have to hit them again, which wasn't easy to begin with.

    Anyone that can reliably headshot feels cheesy with any weapon. Close quarters bolters are particularly annoying but so are pump action heavies / light assaults.

    But like, snipers are some of the easiest targets to kill if you find out where they are. It takes time, and patience, yes, but no more time or patience than it took them to get to their location in the first place.