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  1. MasterDk78

    Try be a heavy standing still trying to get a lock..
    On my deathcam i noticed like 10 snipers trying to kill something.

    Best part is, they decloak, shoot and kill.

    You know what i like? A good firefight, its rare as ****, and just plain stupid.
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  2. BlackFox

    There is no real infantry combat possible when snipers sit at every corner - even if they don't instantly kill they take out a huge bit of health just for the next guy that runs into you.

    But expecting any kind of idea about proper gamedesign from the devs would be very optimistic anyways
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  3. Unlimited

    Oh, come now that is crying on such a low level.
    You're standing still means you're gonna get blasted. It's basically the first rule you learn in any shooter.
    Blaming the devs for your own incompetence, though do tell what YOU know about proper game design or what it actually takes to run a pvp game.
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  4. MasterDk78

    no its seriusly getting out of hand, it was not this bad as it is now.
    2 of my friends and me just simply quit. exit the game.
    if you cant walk 3 foot without hearing snipershots or being sniped point plank lol (dont know how he did that while we was moving)

    but.. point is the cloak, im fine with stalkers having it, they have a job.
    (like putting orbital into player base, or tank culloms) ///puke
    sure is fun to watch people fly, but when it happens all the time...

    as i said, good firefights are over or very rare.
    Base building is pointless... since they nerfed the sundey tower rep, and towers esp anti vechile is so bad..

    why have daybreak not countered anything on the new things they added?
    Maybe if you guys made structure shield module give buildings 2k shield around it, and the modules excluding the stucture shield module a 500 hp shield, things would even out a bit.

    why is after all these years, ps2 is still just a copy and paste when it comes to faction wise vechiles?
    Only diffrence is the main battle tank...

    just a frustrated player, that 90% of his time sit in vechiles now and farm people and shoot down esf with tank.
    Not getting sniped that way, sad when you like a good firefight
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  5. Liewec123

    If there are 10 of them all in one place, pull an ant and go roadkill them all
    while they scurry around unable to do any damage to you XD
    (I doubt any of them will have the (criminally under-used) explosive crossbow which is pretty much infils only source of AV.
    (except UBGL on the gen1 battlerifles, or cortium bomb, neither of which are an issue to you here.)

    If you want even more karmic revege, make it a cloak ant to run over the cloakers ;)
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  6. BlackFox

    If you have problems in hitting a moving target that's OK - but don't assume everybody is a bad sniper
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  7. blackboemmel

    Where? That's 10 free kills for my Stalker Infiltrator!
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  8. BorgUK1of9

    Agree with OP, for god sake balance the snipers, HS at 10ft with a long range sniper rifle is not balanced. You can tell because so many new players are on it, because its easy win. Getting bored of firefights being ruined by the stupid amount of HS in this game now overall, even I get stupid amounts and my aiming these days is crap because I am getting on a bit.
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  9. RRRIV

    you notice ten snipers hard scoping?

    i'd say you noticed 10 targets for your DMR/BR/SR.

    a hill with more than 1 sniper is called a farm.

    as far as firefights go, no, I disagree that snipers kill them. sundies being blown up or a defense (of said sunderer or the point) failing kills the fights.
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  10. MasterDk78

    tbh i dont think they give a damn what we think
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  11. RabidIBM

    Honestly, one of the reasons I stuck with PS2 after ditching other shooters is that the snipers aren't that bad. Again, that is compared to other shooters where sniper is the only playable class.

    Still, given that the game is shrinking, making server mergers necessary, inevitably increasing average latency, they should probably increase the time it takes to cloak and decloak. In some cases the decloak + fire time is less than some player's latency, which combined with client side hit detection makes a broken class. On their screen they die first, then their killer appears.
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  12. Unlimited

    You managed to completely miss the point of what i said while also not adressing any off the things ive wrote.
    But for the sake of non-argument, with proper movement you're not going to get sniper farmed, its as simple as that.
    A good Sniper wont even bother with a target that knows he's there.
  13. InexoraVC

    as a heavy assault main I can say "move to live". But a lot of my deaths are caused by snipers. And I agree - there are too many snipers. Standing cloaked and aiming a doorway not punished anyway.
    I suggest that infiltrators could not ADS while cloacked
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  14. OneShadowWarrior

    They rather nerf nanoweave to the ground instead of addressing the real issues, like overpowered cloaked snipers. I been saying this forever.
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  15. BlackFox

    Around 8 pm GMT+1 it's useless to play as the only calss that's running around seems to be cloakers - Snipers in the hills, stalkers in the bases. Infantry gameplay is dead at that point

    You didn't read what I wrote, and that is that even a body hit is often enough for the next enemy to finish you off. The sniper may not get the kill but still can **** players over. And yeah, running constatly around from side to side and jumping does great things to the own accuracy... so those even passivley mess up other players game
  16. LordAnnihilator

    I'd like to point out at this point that we've been over this dozens, if not hundreds of times - Infils, at the moment, are probably in need of some tuning. There are easy solutions (Increase Cloak/Decloak time, make Cloak a weapon slot so you have to re-equip your gun), and there are stupid solutions (remove Snipers/Cloak/SMGs/1HK Knives).

    We can whine all we want, its unfortunately down to the Devs to do something about it, if they do feel there is an issue. I don't quite concur with MasterDK78's OP, but I can pretty much concur with this lovely piece of wisdom.

    We have a community manager - but he barely talks to the community. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen his name on the forums, and thats mostly seeing edits to peoples posts he's done. I doubt its his fault, and what he has been seen posting is decent work - but our opinions are clearly rather slow to make it to upper management. A bunch of newer player friendly changes only now being implemented with their targeting of NPE. We could've had Lightning HEAT default way earlier...

    But I digress. If they haven't said anything on Sniperside, then any "problems" surrounding it are not on their radar. They should be, but much like the freaking Cortium Bomb, we are stuck until they get around to it. Such is the life of a fan of this game, I'm afraid.
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  17. MajorDonkey

    I get that feeling a lot of the time, then I go on a sniping spree and the VS on Connery will literally hunt me down with entire squads and go out of there way to get me with vehicles as a Sniper! So I think if more factions took this approach there would be less people playing sniper as often!
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  18. Peebuddy

    I do love the idea of utility spitfire turrets, you know instead of the gun it could have a darklight spotlight always searching the area. Planetside 1 had a bunch of variants to it, the devs could have a lot of fun with it. Like a repair station variant, healing station from medics, flack/AT versions, cloaked versions, a small overshield one from mass effect, or a widow mine one from starcraft
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  19. InexoraVC

    C'mon! If you're a infil sniper you can just redeploy, get a cloaked flash and continue mocking the enemies. If the whole squad will hunter a single sniper who will win the alert ?
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  20. Crayv

    The last few times I have taken a break from the this game has been because I get tired of being sniped out of a full sprint by sub BR20 infils who apparently spent their first certs on a BASR. Not even counting the fact that weapons like BASR attract aim botters like poo attracts flies, high precision gaming mice make aiming far easier than it used to be (having a gaming mouse was still uncommon in 2012).

    It boggles my mind that they don't let infils have shotguns but having a long range one shot weapon is fine, "cuz skill" or something like that. It is low risk as there is nothing that lets you see through cloak over than a knife range flashlight and can safely sit on the other side of their entire team. It is also high reward once you figure in bonuses for: headshot, long range, and kill streak.

    BASR and reward on HS/Kill implants are two of the most damaging things to the game currently.
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