[Suggestion] Sniper Rifle's Questionable Damage Distribution

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    Let me introduce you to sniper rifle category:

    CQC - TSAR-42, SAS-R, Ghost.
    Tier1 - M77-B, NC14 Bolt Driver, XM98
    Tier2 - SR-7, LA80, V10
    Tier3 - RAMS .50M, EM4 Longshot, Parallax VX3
    Exceptions - Railjerk, Phase****, SR-200, DieMao(will not be included)

    CQC - fastest chamber, access to 1x-4x scopes, but slowest projectile speed. Ask any salty vet and he will say what it is the best sniper rifle in the game.

    Tier1 - intendent to be a cheap and kinda long range sniper rifle, excluding railjerk this is the worst sniper rifle in the game and it's best upside is price - 325certs (default for NC) which clearly not enough to cover it's downsides

    Tier2 - apart from having really handy magazine size this sniper rifle also have "better" scope-in time. In "better" means this is the best sniper rifle for quick-scoping since it have tightest CoF before scope appear on your screen. Very niche and unknown feature of this weapon.

    Tier3 - longest chamber, longest reload, not enough damage for such low ergonomics weapon. Overshadowed by auraxium version, because it have even faster projectile velocity, a lot more comfortable reload speed and 750dmg to oneshot everything.

    Railjerk - Because of it's 200ms trigger delay other stats doesn't matter, this is the worst sniper rifle in entire game (you have to move immidiatly after shot and even this not guaratneed you avoiding counter-sniping, trigger delay also mitigate fastest projectile speed). Only usable for quick-scoping since this 200ms delay is ideal do so.

    SR-200 - Tries to be specialist in everything. Have features of CQC (4x scope) and Tier2 (mag capacity), average bullet velocity, access to ballistic computer (no scope sway in high magnification optics), but cannot kill nanoweave wearer in 2 bodyshots.

    Phase**** - Unique and probably most fun sniper rifle in the entire game. Like SR-200 cannot 2-bodyshot nanoweave wearer, but it compensates by it's ability to shot twice like semi-auto sniper rifle. Inifinite ammo pool, one and only sniper rifle without bullet drop. Can finish overshielded heavy with headshot+bodyshot combo.


    Let's sort them by their role:
    (to avoid unnecessary complication i will not include min dmg and ranges since they doesn't really matter anyway)

    CQC - 700dmg 1.1chamber 500m/s 5mag 2.8Sreload 2.1HSM 1x-4x
    Tier1 - 650dmg 1.225chamber 500m/s 5mag 2.8Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Tier2 - 650dmg 1.35chamber 600m/s 8mag 3.1Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Tier3 - 700dmg 1.5chamber 650m/s 5mag 4.72Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Aurax - 750dmg 1.5chamber 680m/s 5mab 3.86Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Railjerk - 750dmg 1.7chamber 850m/s 4mag 4.1Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x 200ms trigger delay

    SR-200 - 600dmg 1.4-1.75chamber 600m/s 6-9mag 2.5Sreload 2.25HSM 4x-12x
    Phase**** - 550dmg (Var)chamber 550m/s (Inf)mag (Var)reload 2.2HSM 6x-12x

    Sniper rifles was ranged by their "effective range" and we can immediately see the trend, the more long-range the rifle is supposed to be, it's chamber time becomes longer, projectile speed faster, but damage... For some ******* reason the most popular CQC sniper rifle have 700dmg.

    To understand why this is important you must know what exactly all these damage values mean. Hovewer, you must believe me, because i am not in the mood to type here simpliest math, for example if you think what nanoweave wearer have 1200 effective health and not 1250 go to school and stop bothering me.

    750dmg is enough to oneshot if headshot overshielded heavy assault which using resist shield
    700dmg is enough to oneshot if headshot overshielded heavy assault which using adrenaline/NMG shield
    650dmg is not enough to oneshot overshielded heavy
    600dmg is not enough to 2-bodyshot nanoweave wearer
    550dmg is not enough to 2-bodyshot nanoweave wearer

    Since resist shield was nerfed in to abyss (from 45% to 40% and then to it's current 35%) almost no one uses it. Which means what 700dmg is usually enough to running around oneshotting everything. What a surprise what CQC sniper rifles have exactly 700dmg and this is the primary reason why they overpowered.

    This means what in game actually usable is:
    CQC - for obvious reasons
    Auraxium - when you need more range or kill that pesky resist shield user
    Phase**** - because it's ******* fun


    How stats should look like:
    CQC - 600dmg 1.1chamber 500m/s 5mag 2.8Sreload 2.1HSM 1x-4x
    Tier1 - 650dmg 1.225chamber 500m/s 5mag 2.8Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Tier2 - 700dmg 1.35chamber 600m/s 8mag 3.1Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Tier3 - 750dmg 1.5chamber 650m/s 5mag 4.72Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Aurax - 750dmg 1.5chamber 680m/s 5mab 3.86Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x
    Railjerk - 750dmg 1.7chamber 850m/s 4mag 4.1Sreload 2.1HSM 6x-12x 0ms trigger delay
    SR-200 - 650dmg 1.4-1.75chamber 600m/s 6-9mag 2.5Sreload 2.25HSM 4x-12x
    Phase**** - 550dmg (Var)chamber 550m/s (Inf)mag (Var)reload 2.2HSM 6x-12x

    All what changes is damage values, because it must be in line with other stats. Also i would like to see removing "Unique" feature of railjerk, because it is already have worst stats across entire sniper rifle category - smallest mag, longest reload, longest chamber time.

    I am not a guy who suffer or getting annoyed by CQC bolters. I am myself is a quite expirienced (but clearly not the best) bolt user so i know what i am talking about. Sorry elusiveone, but it has to be done, current stats is just wrong and make no sence. You have to sacrifice damage for better chamber time and reload speed otherwise tier1, tier2 and tier3 sniper rifles are left unused placeholders/tools for grinding Auraxium SR.

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  2. Campagne

    Overall I mostly agree. I was very surprised when I first learned the 1x-4x bolt-actions had higher damage than the T1 rifles, seems very silly. And the Railjack could do without sucking so much and flat out just being an unfun weapon to use with the delay.

    But I don't really agree about the T3 rifles, in my opinion they're easily the best! The longest OHSK range and highest projectile velocity of the standard rifles means they're the best rifles for actual long range combat. Personally that's more what I prefer out of a rifle.

    Given the mechanics plaguing snipers in PS2 I don't factor re-chamber time in very much because the player should move after the shot no matter what. Makes it almost impossible to be killed from range. Damage isn't super important in my opinion, because aside from OSHK ranges it shouldn't come in to play very much. Ideally the player would only hit a target once, bodyshots are practically a miss. Reload times aren't super impactful, depending on the situation and personal playstyle I think.
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    Yeah, as you can see i judge from my perspective and to be perfectly honest i am not a long-range sniper. There is two reasons, i just don't respect them and actually hate, so instead i hunt them down as stalker. But second reason is what by playing this game for 6 years i gradually decreaced my render distance from 500 to 300 then 255 then 200 and then 155 meters (because of fog effect 155m=125m = match infravision implant). So at this point i am physically cannot perform long range sniping and this is why from my perspective range doesn't really matter.

    However, i remember shoting for 255meters from Tier2 and Auraxium and found what Auraxium doesn't require vertical compensation at this range, so it kinda don't have bullet drop at this point while Tier2 require to aim in to imaginary second head what grows from the real one. And target was so far (at the edge of my render distance) what i barely can remember shoting someone further in days when i had more render distance, it is really just rare case if you not actively looking for good spot for long range sniping.

    But you should really try Tier2, while grinding for bighorn this one was the most enjoyable sniper rifle across them all. I seriously considered this as my primary weapon. What i really loved is it's potential for quick-scoping, but, because it cannot oneshot at least through adrenaline shield i giveup on this since it doesn't matter if you managed to perform such hard move - you still die, because target playing meta class.

    You right about long range what you spend in cloak enough time to finish chambering more than once, so it doesn't really matter, but look at my stats for TSAR-42 there is 4071kills, but only 2684 headshots. This means what, at least for me, it is a lot easier to land 2 bodyshots instead of aim for the head, because of it's 1.1sec chamber time majority of players still not able to kill you quick enough. Chamber time on tier2 was also very comfortable, it is right in the spot when it feels a bit to slow, but anyway usable for cqc, except it is not that forgiving as 1.1sec and you probably die if you miss/bodyshot.

    Still, i think what players should have ability to buy sniper rifle what can oneshot through resist shield and not hide it behind grindwall. Maybe some adjustments needed in other stats, (now i feel myself a little bit biased towards tier2, so it might lose it's 8round mag in exchange for 700dmg), but i tried to make my suggestion as simple as possible.
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  4. pnkdth

    Yeah, I had to do a double take when I realised the CQC BASR actually hits as hard as a T3 BASR which is supposed to be the slow firing hard hitter. You already have ideal optics for close to mid range and the fastest re-chamber time, it shouldn't also be a heavy hitter.
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  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I don't see any major problems with your recommendations. The only thing I would change is to up the HSM for the CQC rifles so they can still one-shot a heavy in their max damage range. Stupid or not the CQC rifles have a narrowly defined field of effectiveness, even more significantly so with your changes, they may as well be effective at that distance against the most common enemy they are likely to face. Removing the quick two-tap bodyshot would be a huge help though, and honestly I wouldn't be sad to see more of the bolt actions follow this trend.

    I would love to see the Railack lose its firing delay although I'd even settle for a reduction. 200ms just pushes it past the threshold of 'acceptable' for me, personally.
  6. UberNoob1337101

    There should be one more stat to consider, damage drop-off, because minimum damage and minimum damage ranges exist, and are more important for long-range sniping.

    CQC BASRs can't OHK at 200m
    Tier 1 and Tier 2 can't OHK after 245m
    Tier 3 can't OHK after after 300m
    Railjack loses OHK after 345m, and can OHK infiltrators at any range

    Yeah, CQC snipers have damage comparable to long-range heavy hitters... at 10m. The longer the range, the more damage falls off and CQC BASRs simply can't compete at long range. CQC snipers can't even 3HK a target with Nanoweave at 250m.

    Also, did you know that Auraxium snipers can only OHK up to 255m, and as such Tier 3 is better for those extremely long range kills?

    Problem is, this barely matters. I'd say that almost all sniping is done within those 200m, even if I can't prove it. OHK range advantage definitely useful at times, but depending on map there's no telling if you'll fight in the open at extreme range, or within 100m. I can't see the exact distance of my target unless I use Target Finding. It's not a very important part of the game, and the advantage is not big enough to matter even if it was. Who snipes at very long range? Who hits shots consistently at long range against unpredictably moving targets? To anyone who consistently nails heads against zig-zagging opponents at 300m+, hats off, but I doubt almost anyone uses this extra 45-100m range advantage to snipe, and even rarely makes proper use of it. It's genuinely hard to do, and it's sometimes impossible to do because of terrain.

    I'm pretty sure that render range for most infantrymen is still 300m, so max damage ranges are definitely pushing to the limit of your visibility. AFAIK some rocket launcher users can render up to 700m, and same goes for snipers too? So it is a big advantage versus cloakers since they have less health, but again, is shooting at that range really viable? Is someone that far away even posing a threat? Getting 100m closer is a perfectly viable option as an infiltrator.

    Even if you reduce the CQC BASR damage, that still makes almost no difference in real play, 3HK bodyshots are already the norm with most snipers at most ranges with Nanoweave, applying that with CQC BASRs would just make them inconsistent and frustrating to use. Rather, I'd buff some snipers so they can all consistently 2HK at 50-100m against Nanoweave and OHK with headshots at least up to 150m range (they can do beyond that, but reducing OHK range further for the CQC snipers is one good way to nerf them without gutting the weapon). I know people will look at me funny for this, but snipers between each other need more consistency. Not being able to OHK with one, but being perfectly capable with another at 40m is ridiculous. T1s and T2s in particular, they have long drop-off ranges, but because their maximum damage is low, they lose 2HK bodyshots surprisingly quickly over range versus Nanoweave.

    In my opinion, the real reason why CQC BASRs are so popular and powerful are their ergonomics and scope : 1x-4x is a big selection of usable, mostly clear sights, 3.4x/4x is ideal for most ranges you're going to snipe while not handicapping you at close range too much, no scope sway to worry about and as such, you don't have to use target finding at all, straight pull-bolt is way stronger because of no scope sway and because of it's increased fire rate, you can use it like a semi-auto sniper that can OHK. Solid damage profile that still gives leeway for 2HKs up until 75m(?) is icing on the cake.

    TL : DR : Range beyond 200m just isn't as important, within those 200m CQC BASRs are better by a lot, and not only because of numbers. Within it's effective range, it's easier to use, more consistent with it's damage and it's the best sniper for using straight-pull bolt.
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    You contradict yourself in the same post. I mentioned it in my suggestion and i am aware about OHK ranges, but, as you said: "almost all sniping is done within those 200m". The only real advantage is projectile velocity. It is a giant gap of leading between shoting from suppressed CQC or Auraxium sniper rifle and this is the only reason why this rifles are more suitable for long range. Not damage.

    However, for CQC damage+chamber time plays the most important role. TTK in games usually depends on the distance between you and enemy. There is always natural inaccuracy and bullet spead what prolong your lifespan under fire. But this mostly affect fullauto and semiauto weapons and barely have noticable impact for bolt-action. It's all about hit or miss. So trying to win duel with sniper in a long range fight is a bad idea, since his weapon much more suitable for such distance than yours, but problem is what even in CQC fights it is still a suicide, because there is no counterplay right now in the game except resist shield (which is suck).

    CQC-bolter is an ultimate and most powerful class in this game which bullshjttery scales purely on a personal skill of each bolter individually. What i want to say is what skill of bolter's opponent doesn't have noticable impact, only bolter's hands decide who win this fight. OFC you can try to zig-zag, you can try to predict moment of him releasing the trigger and crouch, but all these despair moves barely can help against skilled-enough infil who just have exceptional control about situation and will not panic.

    CQC bolts can oneshot through adrenaline. CQC bolts can kill normal infantry in 2 bodyshots even through nanoweave.
    Did you ever try to perform close-quarter bolting with different sniper rifles? Because i did and i know what if is still totally doable.
    I did it even with X12 optics which may sound rediculous. 1x-4x optics is definetly helping, but not really nessesary as many may think.

    Even with 650dmg which is not enough to kill heavy, you just deal with it, you just try harder. You pull your ******* sidearm and try to finish him before he pop medkit. But at least this heavy had a chance to repel. Because it's fair and it's fair because it's ******* in-door fight. This is HIS territory, he is supposed to dominate indoors in cqc fight. Not a ****ter with oneshot stick.

    Search on twitch or youtube for some clips how NSOPS playing with their SR-200. Even with 600dmg and 1.4sec chamber time it is still extremely badass CQC bolt, but it is the most recent one what been added in to the game and it is relatively balanced, as all things should be.
    Old CQC, T1, T2, T3 sniper rifles are legacy, outdated remnants from different age.

    I want it to be nerfed, because i tired of switching to my bolter loadout everytime i start die to much. Because it's ******* easy mode.
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    Here is few moments of my gameplay:

    5:00-5:19 What might be considered as medium range - i killed an infil and then had duel vs light assault, i managed to kill him in 3! shots. He only scratched my health bar. Then i killed heavy assault in 2 shots because i missed my first one (hit his neck and game count it as bodyshot). This heavy had first shot advantage on me, because i been focused on cloaked infil and didn't know what there is someone watching on me. He caught me by surprise, but still die. Oneshot stick win.

    8:24-9:00 Clearing ascent cave entrance with other bolter, nothing to comment.

    9:27-9:33 BR11 guy with default T1 bolt. I didn't see him standing there, but he spotted me so i start to dodge, he miss and paniked, grab his pistol and obviously lose. This is example of low skill bolter.

    11:20-11:33 I encountered 2 guys, miss twice, but still won because my oneshot stick have 1.1 chamber time. Problem is what even if they would be both heavy assaults i would still win, because both my hits was headshots and almost nobody uses resist shield

    13:05 Few more shots

  9. Booface

    Someone else mentioned damage dropoff, and you also have to consider velocity. The 150 m/s difference between the CQC bolts and the T3s is pretty significant, and makes unpredictably moving targets much more manageable at a greater distance, and makes sure that the rifles keep their differentiation in terms of effective ranges. Just because the CQC rifles hit hard up close, the damage drop off and low velocity make them noticeably suboptimal at more than 75m or so despite the higher rate of fire.

    Also, keep in mind that if you're CQC sniping, you are probably going to want a silencer, which decreases the CQC bolt rifles' low velocity even further. Unless things are really close, I'll usually use a tier 3 rifle even in indoor fights just because the higher starting velocity means I can keep a silencer on all the time and have a bit more versatility.

    You're not wrong, the majority of experienced infiltrator mains will say the CQC bolts are the best choice most of the time. But I don't think it's so one-sided that it's a major problem.

    Please read my previous replies such as: "It is a giant gap of leading between shoting from suppressed CQC or Auraxium sniper rifle".
    Also take a note what i included projectile velocity in "stats" section.

    If it's not that much of a problem why we get angry posts like: "NERF BOLTS" "SNIPER RIFLES IS OP AS ****" "CQC SNIPING IS ********" every month? It is a lot easier than it look, because CQC bolts in their current state is super forgiving. You can fight 1vs2, miss twice, but still win the fight while it supposed to require enormous skill for being competetive in close quarter fights. Because if you miss, you rechamber super fast so there is almost always a second chance and you only need to land only 1 headshot. You can even commit for bodyshots against nonheavies and still win most of the fights, it's rediculous.

    What i want to point is what i am on my personal examples show how far i am from ideal, i show how i made mistakes, but still able to win no matter what.
  11. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I have a problem with statements like this. Calling a fight against a CQC bolter "suicide" is not accurate in the least and detracts from the quality of the rest of your argument. Every bolter is not Elusive1, in fact most are fodder that you don't think twice about mowing down. You only remember that one guy who sniped you by the very fact that they were an outlier.

    As a sidenote: if RS counters bolters and bolters are both easy to use and prevalent, logic dictates that RS would be worth using. Since it isn't I would suggest the threat isn't as significant as it is played up to be.
    Let's not get carried away. The bolter's skill decides what odds they are rolling the dice against when they accept an engagement. Even the very skilled do not hit every shot, and as the skill level increases so too do the odds that missing even once will result in death since ~1 second rechamber is enough for any good player to wax you multiple times with any gun in the game.
    I've already addressed bodyshot damage, but I'm honestly fine with one-shotting through Adrenaline. What they should do is buff the HP given from NMG so AS isn't the direct upgrade it currently is.
    This is a poor counter argument. We get threads complaining about and asking for nerfs to all manner of stupid crap. That doesn't mean we pander to those people.
    Don't mistake highlights against noobish players to be representative of what it is like to face peer opponents. This resembles the chest thumping of people who assumed the Fulda Gap would have been a walk in the park because we pasted Sadaam in '91. Skill disparity can make anyone look good.
    Not against good players you won't. Trying doing that against Recursion and see exactly how far that strategy gets you. 1 second is an eternity in CQC and good players will drop you significantly faster than that.

    Please understand I agree with the spirit of what you are suggesting as far as balance is concerned, but let's not get carried away as far as what we're actually dealing with. This is a tweak to pare back an outlier and make underused weapons more relevant. You're not swinging a 200lb nerf club at something like old ZOE or HESH.

    Be honest, if it was anywhere near as widespread and as easy to pick up as some would have you believe then every fight would look like a COD quickscoping lobby and outfits like 00 or Fool would look like Optic or Faze or whatever the hell the new hotness is these days. Maybe it's different on other servers, but I've never seen it.
  12. MurgNC

    I agree with the tier list.

    Do you guys think Railjack is going to get buffed, ever? Right now I'm working on the NC Sniper Rifle Directive and I need one more aurax. My choices are Railjack, Impetus, and Gauss SPR. I started using Railjack but it's just so bad I switched over to Impetus, which is slightly better, but is incapable of getting kills at long range. So in any long range engagement I find myself reluctantly switching back to Railjack and getting frustrated. Should I just get the Daimyo for long range and throw the Railjack in the trash, or is there some tip or trick I should be using?

    Hello, i can feel your pain. My weapon of choice was: CQC, T1, T2, EmpireSpecific(TRAP) and Equivalent of Impetus(KSR-35)
    However, i highly regret about last one because default 99SV(equivalent of Gauss SPR) recieved some major buffs.
    It's a bit hard to explain because NC have different "default" sniper rifle, but let's give it a try....

    There is 2 semi-auto sniper rifles in each faction. "Long" range and "Short" range.
    1st difference is insignificant - optics. Why? Because main advantage of 1x-4x scopes is "no scope-sway" mitigated by unique rail attachment called "Ballistics computer" which is eliminate scope sway on high magnification optics.
    2nd difference is damage drop-off. Here "short" range worse again (impetus). It will lose ability to kill targets in 1headshot+1bodyshot a lot quicker
    3rd difference is the most important one and not so obvious - bloom per shot. This is the primary reason why "Long" range is significantly better. For VS and TR this is a "default" semi-auto sniper rifle, so it supposed to help newbies and what newbies always do wrong? Answer is weapon handling. "Long" range have 0.15 bloom per shot in ADS and 0.8 bloom per shot from HIP while "Short" range have 0.8 on both. What it means is what with "long" range you able to spam the thigger and weapon still be pretty accurate, while with "short" one you should make pauses between shots just to let bloom settle down, otherwise this sniper rifle would shot extremely inaccurate. You can see difference in VR training room.
    4rd difference - faster bullet speed and slightly softer recoil

    So thats why i would recommend you to try Gauss SPR instead of Impetus - No scope sway meaning no real advantage of having 1x-4x scopes. Better damage at range. Giant difference in bloom per shot. +50m/s extra projectile velocity and weaker recoil

    I had 500+ kills on both of them and in the end i made wrong choice so i finished my directive line by using "short" range one
  14. Booface

    The Railjack is weirdly better than it seems when you first start using it (but it's still not great). So when you are sniping at long and really long range, what starts to mess up your shots more than getting your precision and prediction wrong is that during the travel time of the projectile someone can move erratically. There's nothing you can do about that, since once the projectile leaves the weapon it's out of your hands.

    What makes the Railjack interesting is that you are trading travel time for windup, and you get to maintain control and continue adjusting for changes in movement during the windup. It actually in theory makes it much better for those long range shots.

    In practice though it's weird and hard to get used to. And, honestly, most players are not going to get many kills per minute at that range no matter how specialized their weapon is. You are going to be much more useful and efficient if you are 150m closer and taking more and better shots, and at that point the tradeoffs the Railjack makes don't really make sense anymore.

    So, end of the day, the Railjack is better than it seems (but really hard to get used to) for really long range shots. But at that range your main priority should be getting closer rather than actually taking those shots.
  15. McToast

    I won't comment on your main issue here, because I don't think it's a huge deal. So there's something that murders HAs in some situations - I don't really care, the class is overused and - in my opinion - a tad too strong anyway.

    But I can wholeheartedly agree with the Failjack. This thing feels like you're playing with a massive lag. I'd rather see it changed to be somewhat alike to the Gauss Rifle from Mech Warrior Online: On mouse press you would have to charge up for 0.2 seconds and can hold that for ~2 seconds, on mouse release you actually fire. If you hold for longer than 2 seconds, the charge expires, and you have to charge up again. Also increase magsize to 5.
  16. Booface

    People complaining about CQC bolters and sniper one-shot headshots has nothing to do with the internal balance of sniper rifles in general. Complaining about snipers is a tradition as old as online first person shooters.

    And if you can 2-shot bodyshot infantry at close range, then you would've had them with any other CQC weapon choice anyway. They simply weren't ready for a shootout or didn't have your position in time. It's in your first post so I know you're aware that the time for a 2nd shot with the CQC bolters is 1.1 seconds. That's an eternity. Some of the worst CQC choices for other classes are less than half a second TTK. The only way you can walk around and 2-shot infantry and consistently come out alive at close range is if you are always getting the first shot, and they always take more than half a second to figure out what's going on. Your performance would be the same with any other CQC weapon in that case, because you're fighting blueberries.

    The reason the CQC bolts have higher damage is to compensate for putting yourself at higher risk at your effective range. If you want to pop shielded Heavies, you have to put yourself at a range where they can pop you back.

    And then you'd be giving a significant TTK boost against shielded Heavies to the mid-to-long range rifles that don't require the same investment of risk? Seems to me that'd actually make things worse from the complainer's perspective. And I say all this as a person who actually prefers the slower rifles.

    If you really think that elusive1 tier players are so common that CQC bolters are ruining the game, then just talk about a nerf to CQC bolters. I don't understand the reasoning behind wanting to upend the established balance of the entire weapon class.
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    All i want is make entire sniper rifle category relevant and reasonable to use. Not just 2 of them + phase****.
    Right now there is no reason playing with something else than CQC bolts or Auraxium ones apart from grinding for Auraxium sniper rifle. I am telling this as a person who went through this journey, i tried them all, they just not worth it, mostly because damage is to low. It would be nice to have natural progression and give each sniper rifle purpose to exist.

    I really think what IVANPIDORVAN's tier players is pretty common and even this skill level is enough to cause havok, through all mistakes, missplays and missed shots infils is still my most successful class and bolters my most successful loadout.

    On a side note i would like to see nerf of pellet's damage for autoshotguns from 125 to 100 to match every other semi-auto shotgun. Not because i hate shotguns, but because nighthawk my 2nd popular weapon on my main character, because i am to bad to play fair against peoples with higher skill level. Doesn't matter what it loses damage significantly quicker it is still just best shotgun in game. 125dmg is a huge difference, it allow you to kill standart infantry with nanoweave in 2 shots (125*6*2=1500) and overshielded heavy in 3 shots. While default, highcapacity and baron need +1more shot with slower rate of fire. And pump actions can instagib overshielded heavy only if you hit the head with some pellets, so heavy assault with autoshotty is effective counter class for pumpaction aswell. Just fact of having 125dmg per pellet make EVERY (except jackhammer in burstfire mode) other shotgun in game useless.

    I want game slightly less cheasy at least in infantry vs infantry gameplay, but i can't resist temptation and force myself to not use bolts or autoshotgun. It's beyond me.
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  18. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This is pretty similar to how the old Phaseshift worked. It was crap. Honestly there's no real reason not to remove the delay from the RJ. Add those missing 200ms to its rechamber time and call it a day.
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  19. MurgNC

    Well it's too bad the Railjack is so hopeless. I mean, they fixed the TRAP, right? So why not the Railjack?

    Well, I figure if they were going to fix it they would have done it by now. Getting this last aurax for my NC Sniper Rifle directive is gonna be tough.