[BUG] Sniper Rifles not firing straight?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klondor, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Klondor

    So i've recently come across a very interesting (and by interesting, i mean infuriating) bug with sniper mechanics. I'll have someone lined up perfectly in my sights, i'll pull the trigger, and the sniper round will land meters away from the target. Normally i would expect this when walking and shooting since that affects your accuracy, but while remaining stationary?

    I only have one example of this right now, but it's all i have to support my report.

    As a side note: In this clip, i'm well aware that the follow-up shot from my rifle actually was operator error, as well as the subsequent shots from my emperor, but it was the initial shot that would have kept me alive a little longer that was bugged out, and thats all it took to get me killed.
    Mind the rage, i was pretty much fed the f--k up, it had been happening for a few days. The rifle i'm using in this clip is the SR-7. Has anyone else experienced this recently? I feel like i'm the only one.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Happened to me once on my NC sniper (Longshot). I fired several test shots to confirm it and saw the tracers from my shots flying off to the side several meters from where I was aiming. Not seen it since though.
  3. breeje

    i don't think it's a bug, watched you're movie over and over and my conclusion is
    you're firing on a moving targets head at the center (little bit to the right)

    now count in the bullet travel time, i know this is maybe 0.2 seconds
    now count in the place where you see you're target and where you're target actually is, this makes again 0.2 seconds
    and count in the travel speed of your target and trigger squishing time, all these things will make you lose 0.5 to 0.8 seconds
    you should have aimed at the front of his head

    i know i am not a specialist in these things but this is my conclusion
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  4. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The one thing that springs to mind when things like that happen is when a player sits on uneven ground. Depending on how the player is positioned and how the ground is layed out, the player's weapon model will look completely normal, however when you zoom in, you'll notice the scope will be quite jittery. It's hard to tell if this is what is happening from the footage you've provided but that will most definitely cause the shot to land completely off course as the game thinks you're still moving and when you come to fire, any and all shots will be fired with maximum spread and will not hit where you'd want them to.

    The ground you sat on did look reasonably good, but there have been times where I've sat on ground that looks ok and is at a reasonably acceptable angle to shoot from, when it's turned out it wasn't.

    If you can, whenever you get yourself into a good spot, try and scope in and hold it for a moment (preferably when cloaked so you don't get plinked while testing) and see if your screen has some jittering. If it does, it means you'll need to move in order to get an accurate shot.

    Other than this, I honestly can't think of any reason why your shot missed unless it truly is a bug.

    I don't think this was the case here. The shot lands really far to the right completely out of the scope. If this was a simple bullet lead error then it'd have landed far closer than that especially at those ranges.
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  5. FateJH

    If you watch the video in slow motion when he scopes in, at around 00:33 look to the right side of the scope. That small dust cloud from the wall is his bullet striking the ground.

    It's not that you missed, Klondor, or the the bullet somehow curved. If you walk through your video in slow motion and keep track of where you cursor is when you took the shot, it looks like your bullet hits exactly where you shot in regards to the ground behind the player. You keep tracking the head after taking the shot so it's natural for the bullet to look like it hit somewhere that isn't your cursor.

    It's not that the bullet curved but that it wasn't instantly in the guy's head. I would chalk this up to a failure to lead properly if I didn't know any better. As I don't snipe, I don't know much better; but, the playback does seem to speak to me that the bullet had travel time that you did not account for, or that you expected the bullet to leave the barrel later than it did.
  6. Klondor

    Ah, yes.
    I went back and looked at it closer and closer, turns out i did in fact jerk the sight while tracking his head. So i guess this is the reason why, But if you listen to the audio to when the dust kicks up, something still doesn't quite add up. The sound and the dust cloud are very VERY close to one another.