Sniper rifle or Scout rifle?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by relaxo, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. relaxo

    So, I wasn't in the beta, and am therefore unaware of the major difference between these classifications. I understand Scout rifles are semi/full auto capable, and most of the sniper rifles are bolt action. What's confusing me is the stats between the two rifles. The HSR has better damage/accuracy than any TR sniper rifle. Are the stats for each weapon classification only relevant among that classification, or across the board for all weapons? It would be nice if these stupid bars were replaced with actual numbers...
  2. Red 5

    Those bars weren't accurate in Beta and I don't expect them to be now. The Scout Rifles are supposed to be a medium ranged weapon so that infiltrators can actually infiltrate in case you don't like sniping. If you do like sniping however, I would advise you to get one of the TR bolt action rifles. They're pretty accurate and more importantly lethal at greater ranges than the default semi-auto. Don't take the bars as a reliable source of info because they're not. Trial the weapon and find out if you like its style.
  3. Patchwork

    Scout rifle and sniper rifle are far different in feel and effect; I played VS in the Beta and opted to purchase their variant, the Artemis, the second it came out. If you like sniping, stick to the default or maybe pick up a bolt-action (which I hated at first but became increasingly comfortable with).

    The Scout Rifles with 20 size clips are super-burst machine guns that are best at close to medium range and really are a replacement for the loss of shotguns. They're accurate, but have a lower damage-per shot, so don't get it hoping to be two light-years away and still getting kills. It feels more light a light assault or medic weapon, but it's definitely one I love using.
  4. Ymaros

    The most funny thing is that those "bars" are not accurate, AND they are not descripting all the weapon caracteristics... you got like 6 informations, and need 10-12 to really know what you are buying.
    And if you were given the 10 informations? You still can't try it :/
    There is really something to change here