Sniper rifle default scope range?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by LocknLoadnDie, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. LocknLoadnDie

    Does anyone know what the default range for a sniper rifle's scope is? Are the rifles different or are they mostly the same in that regard?

    I have heard that the 7x scope is perfect. I have tried it but didn't like it. I like distance shots so I was thinking of going for a 12x, but I am not sure. Thoughts on scopes?
  2. Fusilier

    Well, I honestly can say I have tried the 10x and 12x scopes on the NC rifle, can't really say good (or bad ) things about either one though. The 10x lacks mil-dots, the 12x has a very narrow field of vision. The biggest issue I had with the 12x would be the reticle would not always be in the general direction I needed to aim in scope view, so I would constantly need to exit scope view and readjust in the direction of the target. All in all, it was more trial and error with a dash of experience and a side of luck.

    I did have an amazing shot shot with the 12x today though (actually, it was 2). I was stuck behind enemy lines and decided to stalk targets near a depot. One enemy had just gotten a Flash and speed down the road, slowing down a bit (probably to read the map). Sight, aim, pulled trigger, hit - wounding shot. The guy starting tearing down the road on the flash, while I was busy reloading the bolt. Just as he was about to crest the top of a hill at quite a very long range - sight, aim and adjust for bullet drop, pull trigger, hit - Awarded exp. My jaw dropped, as I really only expected to miss as such an impossible shot.
  3. HvcTerr

    By "range", do you mean magnification? I believe the default scope is a 6x.
  4. HvcTerr

    Yeah, this annoyed me too, I really wish that the sniper rifles had a not-too-useful default crosshair when you aren't yet zoomed in. Perhaps just a shotgun circle or box-outline, something to keep you from accidentally zooming to the wrong spot.
  5. LocknLoadnDie

    Hmm. Well my next cert buy is going to be the red laser dot for the Reaper Pistol (that thing is sweet). I will probably try the 12 scope next. Thanks for the Replies guys.
  6. Thanatar

    i like the 12x scope very much. for short to medium ranges i just use the default one. :)
  7. Zourin

    I honestly wish for a lower magnification scope for midrange shooting, which is perfect for the semi-auto rifles. A 3x reflex would be freaking perfect for a squad marksman.

    Until then, I'm just the guy in spanx with a pistol in the close/midrange fights.

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