Sniper Duels = Pay2Win

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by zaspacer, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Shadowstorm

    There seems to be an amusing correlation between the apparent skill and knowledge of snipers, and their belief in the ability of the implants.

    Needless to say, if you lose, it might not be because they have better gear, implant or rifle, it might just be that they are better than you.

    A prime example last night, I was on Indar firing at range on a base from out in the desert, the vanu were defending, by far my least favourite competition, but it had to be done. Enemy sniper sees a tracer from a previous headshot. Fires at me and misses, thankgod.

    I trace the location back to where I think the sniper is, he decloaks and fires again, as he decloaks I move behind cover, confirmed his location, knowing the layout of the base, the most logical place to relocate to after that shot now that I know where he is, is just a little further up. I move out in stealth, aim at the likely location he is to move to, aim roughly where his head will be (or exactly depending on how cocky I want to appear), I destealth and fire. The bullet hits something, he was in stealth exactly where I predicted he would be. Headshot, kill. I muse at the luck but perhaps it was skill and knowledge, eitherway the torrent of abuse that came from this individual, was abhorrent, he was not best pleased that he was killed when he should have been perfectly safe and when he thought he had me.

    I do not pay, I do not have hold breath implant, Im even using a Railjack with 6x scope when I should have had 12x equipped. Im BR 31, he is BR 96, he is an Auraxium paying player, with Hold Breath III.

    A sniping duel is NOT even remotely affected by implants, I would go so far as to say that sometimes the implants are actually a disadvantage, making us lazier and complacent.

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  2. geekrider

    Implants are over-rated
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  3. Arkha3

    About the only reason Hold Breath could be useful, is tracking a target that is running around. Other than that, it's a liability and will not make you a better sharpshooter in a contest.
    Counter-Intelligence or Regeneration1 are a much better option
  4. turingmachina

    Your perception that the only way to get implants is to pay for them, is warped. I have put zero (that's 0, or "nothing" in layterms) station cash in the implant system, because I play classes that get me a lot of xp events, infiltrator, engie, medic, and gunner / pilot. Infact, I have more implants than I know what to do with. I save my station cash for squad boosts or cosmetics. You're whining about a perfectly good and balanced system that awards player skill, because... you are perhaps just not very good or unlucky? Maybe you should switch to a class that gets you xp events faster?
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  5. lawn gnome

    tank hunting with heavy assaults is incredibly fun and earns me a decent chunk of xp.
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  6. yeHHH1g

    I think you need to pick a different class, clearly sniping is not your thing. The absurdity of needing or running a Hold Breath III implant is beyond me, I recycle every Hold Breath I've ever gotten
  7. m44v

    Is only pay2win if VS buys helmets that remove the bulls-eye in their face.
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  8. Jawarisin

    Everybody doodle their own way, but as far as I'm concerned:

    lumifiber armor + your choice of flashy camo
    Hunter Cloaking
    Recon Darts (Maxed)
    /Pistol doesn't matter, your favorite
    (In your case: TSR-4) TSR-4
    -4x Scope: the best overall, important for quick lining 200m+ shots
    - Straight Pull

    =====If you want an implant, Battle Hardened.

    Think that's it, if you need any more information or wonder why a specific thing, feel free to ask.
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  9. EvilMindedSquirrel

    I have never bought an implant pack or charger. I have almost every implant and over 100 chargers. That being said, I also do not use them.
    If you are up against a good sniper no matter of "hold breath" will help you. If need that much time to aim, you have no chance in a dual. Once you are out of cloak you will get a head-shot in about the time it takes for the bullet to travel. A good sniper in a dual already knows where you are before you uncloak to shoot, takes aim and just waits for you to make the wrong move.
    A good sniper can only be taken out by another sniper if they make a mistake or if you see them first. (Or by one of those darn Light Assaults that somehow always show up right behind you)
  10. TeknoBug

    Oh I second battle hardened for sniping, I really hate it when a Lightning or Lib is bombing grounds near me while scoping and it throws my accuracy off. It's definitely useful in heavy fights (not just for snipers).
  11. gh05t

    hold breath implant is crap, you have to learn to scope whilst stealthed, then drop it-fire-stealth again.

    if you are stood there firing off you're a target for everyone, just hit and run.
  12. Rafutela

    This is it.
    The SAS-R/GHOST/TSAR-42 are beast way too underrated.
    The 4x scope has no sway, once you get used to it to snipe +200m, you don't need those hold breath T1,2 & 3 implants.
    And you will be proud when they will pm you "wow with just a 4x scope really ? gg" trust me ;)

    Again, he is right.
    Except maybe the Recon Dart, I'd choose the Motion Spoter but it is a personnal preference and playstyle (use it to bait etc ...)
  13. Rift23

    If you know the other guy is zeroed in on you, why just sit there? Sometimes I go ahead and try for a race just for ***** and giggles which has led to some hilarious simultaneous kills (we both get the vengeance bonus) but otherwise the last thing I do when I see another sniper is poke my head right where he's aiming.

    Also, haven't used a single implant since they came out, want to get Rangefinder but even that isn't required for figuring out drop if you know how to set a personal waypoint as a marker.
  14. Jawarisin

    You are wrong to do so. In general, I don't really care, but The SAS-R/Ghost/etc are ideal at medium range (Although I use it everywhere). You want to shoot your darts ahead of you, so you can see them coming from far away, or see on that hill all the way over there.

    lol'd at setting a waypoint. I always thought it a hilariously s*up*d tactic.
  15. VanuSShooter

    I prefer to run Sensor Shield over Hold Breath III. I like to aim&fire as quickly as possible but at the same be selective with my shots
  16. Rift23

    Thought so too until someone showed me it wasn't.
  17. Rafutela

    I know that way of thinking, and I've used it quite long enough to see that point (recon dart 5 1st lvl 5 skill trained). If you need recon dart to snipe at medium range, I can agree with it, but it doesn't fit in the way I play actually.
    Motion spotter 5 is 50m range with a 4 mn duration, the way I used it is more useful (to me) than recon dart.
    75% of my SAS-R's Kills are under the 50m range (I use it at any range too, from 10 to 300 m).
    So I'm certainly not wrong to do it that way.
    A sniper who pays attention don't need to shoot the dart to that hill overthere, and see when enemy are coming to his position.
    And if you don't see enemy coming to you, Motion spotter is more useful than recon dart to secure your position, the cover and cloak will do the rest
  18. Vaphell

    Motion spotter is golden for snipers, true, and i died quite a few times trying to sneak up on sniping enemies, but I kind of dislike motion spotter because they can't be used to probe a specific area in advance. I play solo but i cooperate a lot and drop darts for other people all the time. Whenever I see allies attempting to secure a cap point, i shoot a dart for them, whenever i hear a sneaky infil trying to flank the **** out of people, a dart so others can shut him down. I notice an enemy expedition trying to sneak in from unexpected angle? Darts on them to notify the rest. Spotter is good only for defending.
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  19. Jawarisin

    As I said, I use the SAS-R anywhere from 0.1m - render distance.

    But recon darts have the same range, but can be all used simultaneaously. Also, it doesn't indicate you on the map as a motion spotter would.

    The motion spotter is good and works, but recon darts are simply better and more polivalant. Also, as far as concerned, motion spotter doesn't seem to care for invisible infils.
  20. Jawarisin

    I got enough kills with my sniper to be able to judge the distance roughly. I can't tell you in meters, but I can tell how much elevation I need over their head.