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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by jiitunary, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. jiitunary

    I think that it's a little unfair that you are limited on your ability to actually infiltrate with the infiltrator. To be good at close quarters fighting or defending a point that you are sitting on, it seems you need at least a scout rifle which is very expensive. proximity mines is also very useful and also very expensive.

    decoy grenades are useful but not necessary.

    the main point of this is that you're stuck with a sniper rifle until you have a thousand certs. which i think is pretty ridiculous.

    If you're going to call the class an infiltrator, let it start off with the type of weapon most useful for infiltrating. Or at least give us a choice when we make our character.
  2. TheRhyno

    That it's a day's worth of work to actually be allowed to snipe (have a scope) is funny.

    Fastest membership I've ever gone through. From add to cancel in under an hour. This was actually a decent game in beta. Now it's 1000 creds for anything useful.
  3. Kalocin

    A lot of people think that the infiltrator is meant for infiltrating bases...I see the infiltrator more for scouting and flanking or getting behind the enemy. For instance, the recon scope can help you avoid enemies while you're running to the other side of the battlefield. Close-quarters imo usually means we'd need to 1shot kill a lot due to our weak armor/health...however then all light infantry would be an infiltrator.

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