Sneak peek of new hex adjacency graph for Indar and a bit more!

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  1. Anderz

    Not sure about this. In my experience, a faster capture timer -- such as when six players are on the point -- is less about limiting the defender's chance to respond, and more about securing an undefended/abandoned base in a time frame that doesn't result in me logging off out of crippling boredom. The wait is killer.

    Can you make it so that if no enemies are detected in a region, the capture speed is much faster?
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  2. Badgered

    This is amazing. I would simply suggest getting rid of the hexes all together as they don't serve any purpose with this configuration. What you should do instead is just draw lines from base to base. What you have presented to us seems like the lattice in every way except for appearance. Just draw the lines and ditch the hexes.

    Thank you so much for listening to our feedback and doing this. Your team rocks!
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  3. Kon

    best part of the post, im not sure what these rushlanes microhex stuff will do to stop people spending all day at the crown or farming a biolab, people especially with the way IA works now you could randomly spawn at a biolab hack out an and and then attack the biolab, even with no adjacency it still if your racking enough kills be more effective than capturing territory to get certs

    this needs to work in conjunction with things to nerf the farm things like
    removing the XP / cert benefit by putting diminishing returns on spawn kills ( hell even normal kills after youve killed someone 10 times or more you start getting less Xp from them some sort of metric)

    removing the statistical benefit ie KDR, as deaths and KDR serve no purpose to this game and players DO and ARE modifying their behavior to maximize it, some people don't but there are some that do, and those players actions can affect players trying to push the objectives

    removing the incentives to spawn/teleporter camp 1. by making it so spawn shields etc cannot be shot through either way yes i realize it will be hard to get out of spawn rooms but thats what point 2 is about tunnels etc are for ( yes tunnels in biolabs imagine that!) providing covered alternative routes out of spawn rooms so you can flank tanks / camping players

    all in all thanks for the update, cant wait for test server then all the whacky ideas for balance etc can be tested on a whim with real world results
  4. Wasdie

    Hexes give them quite a bit of flexibility. I don't see the point of getting rid of them.

    Anyways, awesome changes coming.
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  5. cfftble

    My feedback is positive. Very, very positive. Especially:

    because I imagine several months of playtesting have given the devs some good ideas on how to improve the map.
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  6. WalrusJones

    Can we get territories to list the name of the leader of the platoon that takes a territory too?

    I want enemy commanders to yell my name when I cut them off.
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  7. Bing

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  8. riker

    now all we need is continent locking and then WE ARE IN THE CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
  9. Vashyo

    Very excited, that looks much better
  10. HadesR

    Shouldn't be less than 3-4 Imo .. Make people think a little, but I suppose less will make the CoD kiddies find fight's easier :rolleyes:
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  11. WalrusJones


    I had a fairly long post about how opportunities to cut people off should be plentiful earlier.

    Reading the comments first page may do our movement some good.
  12. HadesR

    Need more cont's first or it's pointless
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  13. riker

    they are building hossin right now, thats what clegg is doing, apparently he has built a few of the tech labs already and alot bases which means its nearing completion since they probably have the terrain mostly figured out
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  14. St0mpy

    This might be great for peak time battles and scrum seeking soldiers but it'll suck for those wanting smaller battles going to outer bases for the lighter numbers. Not everyone wants to zerg .... and what about night time?

    Its making it prescriptive, linear and far less sandboxy. Less choice is less choice. Im all for choice and being rewarded for taking a better path as suggested would be great but I dont think forcing people away from less busy but tactical choices is the right way to go. How do we cap around amp stations or biolabs (which could stay neutral for an hour or more) if they become so central to every route?

    Do SOE really want to FPS cap people out of the game?

    Bottom line, are SOE controllers or enablers? Seems they are moving from one to another with this. Surely we should be free to choose our battles?

    Thing is when first announced everyone blindly started voting it up because it vaguely resembles the old PS1 system. In reality its different but no one seems to care, yay for adjacency changes, it must be good because everyone else thinks it will be ... or will it?
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  15. MistaN

    OMFG!!! It's happening!!!! This is huuugeee!! Every single thing in this post is jizzworthy! Yes yes yes yes! I'm sooo excited omg I can't wait. I want in on the test servers!
  16. vincent-

    I look forward to testing many things.
  17. Moises J.Ramos

    YES!!!!! LATTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  18. Delnoir

    Hear that sound?

    That's the sound of ghost cappers clenching their butts in anger.
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  19. ZippyTheHappyChimp

    Defenders most often fail because they are outnumbered or out gunned. Reducing "fall back positions" from 5 to 3 doesn't fix this, instead of the next target having 1/5th as many defenders as FAILED before, it'll only have 1/3rd as many. That failed. That will continue to fail.

    Nothing can really be done about being outnumbered. People play when and where they play.

    However, outgunned can, maybe, theoretically, be rectified. But as long as defenders have to roll single tanks out into a nuke alley of attackers, OR they have to go 30 hexes back and then spend 5 minutes driving forward, they will continue to be outgunned. As long as it takes 5 defenders to take out each vehicle, but each vehicle can kill any number of defenders as they try, they will continue to be outgunned. They will continue to lose ground. They will continue to be pushed back, split up (but under the new system, split up marginally less!), and pushed back further.

    Plus, if you have to leave the base to "defend" it, why bother coming back at all. Better exp to join some crew attacking some other target and just skip being the chuck roast in the meat grinder.

    Possible solutions.

    -Provide A LOT more infantry-centric cover.
    -Provide turrets that don't die in 1v1 and 2v1 fights, aren't fscking worthless AI turrets, aren't positioned so that 80% of the area they threaten is protected by a giant rock outcropping, AND are actually something worth repairing and manning. Perhaps hire a military architect to laugh at most of your base designs.
    -Provide some sort of staging area so that you can muster a wave of X tanks to take on their Y tanks.
    -Change nearly all shields to act, for all projectiles, as spawn room shields do for bullets. Let people shoot rockets from safety. Tanks can still be out there, safe behind all the convenient outcroppings, ready to jump out if someone makes a break in a sundi, but just sitting in front of the shield (targeting and tracking all the infantry trying to play chicken through the shield to get off laughable damage shots) will no longer work out well.
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  20. [HH]Mered4

    Just a reminder, that if you ever find yourself outnumbered, ask yourself.
    What would Leonidas do?

    If that still hasn't solved your issue of outnumbered and outgunned, what do i do, I don't know what will.
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