Sneak peek of new hex adjacency graph for Indar and a bit more!

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  1. Rayden78

    The zerg do not intend to take the crown they just want slaughter.

    PS: Really like the long way from regentrock to redridge; hoping for some good bridge battles.
  2. MasterCheef

    i was against this at first in hopes that the community themselves would begin to come together and actually start strategizing to win. After playing the past week, ive come to realize that the dream of sustained organization by the PS2 community towards one common goal is a pipe dream.

    We need this system to tell us where to go and who to attack. Without it, it'll just be an endless deathmatch. The game is notonly to blame, the players just dont find value in "winning" anymore.
  3. Zorro

    Haven't you heard of Leonidas? A small, well-organized group could hold off a zerg if they were not surrounded.
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  4. Robert Patrician

    Here's my problem with that. What I like in a battle is to 'make a difference.' Resurrecting those three players who got killed far from a respawn, sneaking in and repairing a generator, taking out the one medic in a group that's been holed up behind a tree... that kind of thing. In massive zerg vs zerg fights, it's going to be a stalemate with very little chance for your actions to significantly influence the battle.

    If I wanted a zerg vs zerg fight, i'd play Battlefield.
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  5. Zorro

    Battlefield does not have more than 64 players, less than half the size of the average zerg.
  6. SpaceKing

    Really hoping this will solve Indar's northern warpgate problem.
  7. NovaAustralis

    Bio-labs have 3x 2/2 Capture Points spread across the whole facility.
    Why then do Amp Stations and Tech Plants have a single 6/6 Capture Point?

    Tech Plant and Amp Station battles would be vastly improved with 3x 2/2 Capture Points.
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  8. queue

    you kind of proved his point. If you are unimportant in a 64 player battle, imagine how useless you are in a 150+ battle.
  9. Zorro

    No soldier is useless in a battle. Larger numbers may mean that he has a smaller proportion of responsibility (unless he does some heroic feat), but he is still making a difference, even if is just keeping enemy head's down.
  10. Hoek

    I do welcome this change, but I think it's not enough. Either one of the following changes needs to be done to the outposts as well.

    a. Make the outposts neutral and uncapturable and remove the spawn room and the vehicle spawner from them. If the empire X wants to capture the empire Y's base then the empire X has to rely on the sunderers for the spawns.

    b. Get rid of the outposts all together. Leave Bases only.

    Also, I don't quite see any reason for the hex system anymore. Why not replace it will the lattice links?
  11. Halcyon

    You like Battlefield style gameplay? Go play Battlefield.

    The rest of us want our Planetside back.
    This system should have been at launch. I'm tired of mini Battlefield style fights at every facility, totally unconnected with one another or the map as a whole.

    What's extremely ironic is the fact SOE said a flat out "NO" to the lattice system and said they had major plans for their HEX system and the meta game.
    Wait....what happened? HEX? Meta? Lol. The picture I see is a lattice system!

    And about time on the PTS. Thank you!
    Now you need to refund all the SC cash ppl lost on multiple purchases and I would happily resub.
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  12. siiix

    you and the rest of the 100 planetside1 users ? lol

    battlefield2 had TWICE THE TOP SIMULTANEOUS loggins the PS2 ever had , not to mention ps1 witch is way less

    also PS2 was like battlefield2 from the start
  13. BengalTiger

    With the new system, NC connects to enemies with 8 bases.
    With the old one, NC connects to enemy bases with 9 bases assuming ownership is the same as on the images in the first post.

    If there is a friendly zerg in 1, and defending squads in 2 bases just like there probably* is now; how will having the semi-lattice system make the ghost capping of the other 5 impossible?
    Why will it be impossible to begin a ghost capture of the base behind the zerg's back while it's busy attacking the neighboring one?

    Right now it's quite easy to see where the enemies can capture, I even write in /leader where to expect the next enemy assault. Then the base gets captured as expected and probably* nobody does a thing to prevent it.

    The new system will only make it a bit easier to predict where the zerg is going; why would defenders go to face it, rather than use the knowledge to avoid it and ghost capture somewhere else?

    *- Probably, because it's impossible to tell where friendlies are, only estimates of the numbers of enemies are marked on the map.
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  14. treeHamster

    I just watched as a TR zerg was predictably moving up the East side of Indar taking bases. It started at Feldspar and the VS got slaughtered so they all left and went to ghost cap Allatum instead of setting up a defense at Rashnu.

    ^ THIS is the terrible LAZY behavior that needs to be eliminated. I'd rather have a lattice system instead because this is just pointless. The hex system "seemed" like a good idea but it's just terrible. All people end up doing is going around ghost capping bases. It would also help if they changed the XP system to give little to no XP for capping an undefended base and a TON of XP for defending a base against a large onslaught.
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  15. Gavyne

    You know if SOE just get that continent locking in, people who complain about Indarside on servers that can't pop cap out more than Indar would stop complaining. Because once Indar is locked, people would be forced to play on other continents, and those wanting to play elsewhere would be happy. Servers like Connery would stop asking for a merge, servers like Helios would be happy.

    I for one would like to know why continent locking was scrapped in favor of this new hex adjacency design that does not change the Indarside problem, nor do I see how it improves the game much at all. Sometimes the devs, and possibly Planetside 1 vets, are over thinking things. Majority of the FPS gamers today just want to gravitate towards where they can find large fights, and majority of those players often just want to find good infantry fights. The reason things are the way they are today, with the whole Indarside, the crown "problem", and the bio labs being so busy, is because people simply want to go where the fights are, and many of those players just want to go where infantry gets a chance. It really is that simple.

    There are games with tens of thousands more players, a lot more popular and more successfully financially, games with multiple releases that please their playerbase with each release, and those games are played on a map, the same map, nothing complicated. You over complicate things, and the game loses flavor, average players look elsewhere, casual players would likely play even less because casuals like it simple. Your "must do this and that" design may please the Planetside 1 vets and the more hardcores, but you can't fill a game with just PS1 vets and hardcores.

    My suggestion is if you must push this new hex system out, well fine go for it, I'll give it a try. But get the darn continent locking in, and get Hossin out sooner than later, and get daily tasks in. These 3 things will improve the gameplay for more people than the new hex system will, and it'll get this game more players and playing longer than anything else you could add at the moment. Just my opinion, from a gamer who has played tons of FPS games since the Doom/Quake 1 days, someone who also played over 7 MMO's in the past 13 years including SOE's EQ1 since 1999, so I'm not biased towards a particular "system". I just know what can make the game more fun, and the devs of this game just do not seem to quite get that yet. You aren't improving on the existing FPS genre systems much right now, and I still don't quite get who the target audiences are for SOE with this game.
  16. Littleman

    This is a pipedream, only because no one ever really takes Indar outside of the early morning hours, before the sun even rises in the East.

    Part of why no one can take Indar is because all it takes is holding a single hex, ONE, (guess which one's...) to prevent an empire from capping the continent. Forces are sort of required to take everything in sequential order or else that one pocket they didn't wipe out earlier in the campaign will all too easily reset all progress done, because inevitably they'll have to throw so many guys at this one hex to take it, they can't possibly also maintain the hexes around their enemy's warp gate. This is where the merry-go-round feeling comes from.
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  17. MagicBlubber

    Just make the lattice system match the terrain or make the terrain match the lattice system, otherwise I'll feel extremely restricted as the same feeling that invisible walls give off. As many others said before, maybe some bases can be connected 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 but certainly not the entire game, and if these bases are as such, have it geographically make sense like really, REALLY be impassable and don't have a "restricted self destruct timer" or invisible walls do this.

    I have very little a problem with the hex system, I just don't want the feeling that I could have approached a different way but it's being prevented to force the pace of gameplay when the geography really says the outcome could have played out much differently for efficiency. Seriously, match the lattices to make sense with every logical or planned pathway and if you want, design future maps to better fit your more limiting, x number of connections per facility idea.

    Too much strategy planning kept you up at night? :p

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  18. Gavyne

    Don't get me wrong, I have issues with the current terrain and base design, as they are designed to be not defensible. It doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't continue to tweak the base design so they can be defended properly. Also if they implement a cooldown in which once a base flips, it can't be flipped again for say... 15mins, that's an easy fix to the problems of marry go round, or the base swapping syndrome.

    Bases are too easily flipped, not to mention it makes no sense for a base to flip when there's nobody standing at the control points. Right now a single infiltrator could go around and flip bases and leave, and those bases would flip without anybody ever being there.

    Again these are different issues, they should be addressed and debated separately. But I just don't see why they scrapped continent locking when it was so high up on the list for up votes, people have talked about it since launch. And instead, they're reworking the hex system which I just can't for the life of me see why this system will change the gameplay that much or if any at all.

    Majority of the people just want to go to where the big fights are, and many prefer fights that last for hours rather than minutes. Thus why the popularity of the crown and bio labs. I can guarantee you, if continent locking incentive is there, with some sort of faction bonus for the faction that locks the continents, people will push even harder to go for an Indar lock. As-is right now, there's no reason to lock Indar as people will just take everything back again the minute after you do it. There is no continent locking, therefore it's not worth the extra work and preparation for such a feat. And no, I don't consider 10% off purchases a good bonus, it's not even worth the effort.
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  19. Littleman

    They tried base cooldowns at first: they weren't very widely accepted, partly because it made continuing to fight over the area pointless, even though the opposing side still had a strong presence in the area.

    As for locking, people ARE trying to lock for the most part, actually. In even the most subtle ways, people want to conquer land, the problem is that it's far too easy to just go around the main force and take everything they just took. The whole point behind the lattice is that going around the main force is MUCH harder. When progress is a naturally occurring thing that can't be undone so easily, people place more stock into the territory they do take and hold.

    Even if SOE made bases more defensible, it still doesn't change that all an empire needs to do is hold a single hex until the enemy no longer has everything else to prevent the lock. Adding in systems to make this impossible WILL NOT encourage the desired effect of people caring. Land is super easy to take as is. Making it any easier won't help the game at all.
  20. Gavyne

    All I can say is that the problem of "Indarside" will still be there, because there's no continent locking, players are not forced off that continent. Base swapping will also continue, because base capture mechanics are the same, and bases are still hard to defend unless devs plan on changing that. There is still not much sense of accomplishment or incentive to really work your butts off to conquer Indar, or any continent for that matter, because 10% off purchases is just a joke of a bonus. Because we all know resources are easy to come by and most people playing this game don't even think about resources.

    For the sake of the longevity of this game, they need to give people a sense of accomplishment that they're working towards something. There's no final battle, no relic raids like in DAOC, no garrison raids like in GW2, no last stand like in BF games. They need an endgame, not marry go round forever or consistent base swapping.

    I think it's a mistake for them to scrap continent locking, to push back the release of Hossin, just so they can work on this new hex system. Continent locking got almost 2,500 up votes, while Higby's post in this thread got as many up votes as the down votes to the continent locking thread. Same with Hossin, almost 2,400 up votes, and they're delaying it to work on this new hex system. According to the popular votes, they have the wrong priorities. And to my opinion, they got the wrong priorities. I don't know if I can keep fighting on Indar for the next 4 months.
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