Sneak peek of new hex adjacency graph for Indar and a bit more!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Eugenitor

    Yup, that's 75 bucks gone. Oh well. Time to find a different game, I guess.
  2. Harbinger

    For all you whiners crying "hurr durr end of the game", read the OP. They're first gonna introduce this on a test server where people can determine whether or not they like it. So please, stop spreading your doom and gloom.
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  3. Untouchable

    I'm happy to finally see this introduced, I just wish SOE didn't have to keep relearning things that PS1 got right years ago.
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  4. Lynx

    Got love the people crying saying this will "ruin" the game when in actuality it'll do nothing but vastly improve it.


    I think it'd be cool to see not only rotating warpgates but a change in which hexes are connected to each other on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This will change things up for the people playing the game often enough so that it doesn't get as old day in and day out and will also still utilize the rest of the continent that would otherwise see MUCH less action if the hexes were perma-connected and never changed.
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  5. Herrick

    Considering PS1 lasted almost a decade and this game is struggling to last 10 months I think any change is good at this point.
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  6. Rockstone

    All the people who are complaining are just noobs with no idea what made Planetside 1 so cool.
    Also, hopefully this will let us do continent locking and flow between warpgates!
  7. Turiel =RL=

    Many people do not understand that PS1 went through changes also. The Lattice system wasn't there in the beginning. It got introduced later and it was a huge success and probably one major reason why the game lasted so long. There is absolutely no doubt that it will help PS2 also. People will know what to do, where to go and what comes next. The game will be less chaotic and there will be more purpose behind actions. Running around like a headless chicken will come to an end that way. This will create the metagame!
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  8. NovaAustralis

  9. Raap

    I missed this post, but this is probably one of the better middleground solutions suggested. It keeps the freedom of the current system, with the incentives from the lattice system. It will make certain targets more likely hotspots, but doesn't rule out other options.

    This will create a train ride experience for which player freedom is removed in favour of a simplified game. This does not create a metagame, you will still be fighting on Indar, just in a Zerg vs Zerg funnel based gameplay. All the "benefits" you mention are significant limitations and effectively result in a dumbed down game.
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  10. BengalTiger

    Come to think of it, blitzkrieg will still be very possible using the new system.

    The only change with the new way is that Broken Arch has to fall before the NW part of Tawrich can be captured, and that will have to go before the SE can get captured.

    There is no problem in setting up spawn building sieges before the attacking force even moves out of Crossroads. The system should channel people into battles, but those with a bigger plan will still be able to act 2-3 moves forward and enjoy the strategic aspect of PS 2.

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  11. Notyoz Tacoz

    Agreed! The best part about this whole idea is that they're going to allow us to Test this FIRST! Best thing the community needs to do is get their Outfits on the Test Server and provide Feedback on their results, AFTER having actually spent some quality time testing the New Continent Design.

    My first impression, I like it. However, I may end up hating it but I'm waiting till AFTER I get hands on play Testing it before judging it as Fail. I believe there is a lot that SOE can get right here, however past experience with prior PS2 implementations does have me a bit leary of what they'll actually create.
  12. LordMondando

    No, pointing out obvious problems with it, so said problems are addressed. Either engage with that or don't. Don't need a test server run to realise that there are big potentially issues with performance and predictability that can be addressed before the test server goes up (and concrete proposals have been given). Overall likely created a better more refined system, and indeed the point of them posting this up in the forums. Not to simply have people go 'awesomes /signorzed'.

    The fact that on nearly any notion about 40% of the community is just dismissive illustrates neatly why the Dev's come into forumside so often.
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  13. amelicana

    omg poor idea where's liberty one way map ? stupid idea FTW

    increase speed +1 +2 +3 certs bases capture speed but DONT CUT ******* MAP FTW solve perfomance issues "1
  14. mrb_

    How, exactly?

    Last time I played the game didn't offer any meaningful activity behind enemy lines. But that was a while ago and I haven't kept track of all patches. Can anybody shed some light on this?
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  15. NoXousX

    Looks good, but wtb Frameloss fix.
  16. Forkyar24

    do not add the proto type latitude,you will kill the game,you are suppost to play how you want,stop holding their hand.
  17. Badgered

    Comments like this are completely unproductive and show a lack of understanding of this type of game and the history of the PlanetSide franchise.

    Adding a flow to base capture actually promotes strategy and tactics and prevents ghost capturing bases, which is not a tactic - it's a way to avoid fighting and still earn certification points. It's going to present people with a myriad of flanking opportunities (actual battlefield flanking, not bypassing a battle and taking an empty hex) and other tactical opportunities to large, medium, and small outfits alike. If they add in NTUs and ANTs again (which they should) it will further increase the benefit of this system.

    This system removes the *********** of 7-8 adjoining territories for each hex and fosters an environment where real combat tactics will be rewarded while eliminating ghost capturing. This is strictly better than what we currently have.
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  18. Kinraze

    The main problem (I saw with this game) was people (Zerg) defending a pointless HEX (base) not connected to the warpgate just for farming certs. The way the system is now (to me) makes it such a diverse gameplay (unpredictable) with a lot of different options on what bases to defend or attack. I love how the system is right now except for the pointless defending base not connected to warpgate. I feel the new system your are imposing limits diversity.
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  19. ScrapyardBob

    That 10-15% bonus is pretty marginal. Much like the per-continent bonuses. Most players look at a 10-15% bonus as a "meh, nice when we get it". It's nowhere near enough to get them to stick around in a bad situation and do a fighting retreat.

    If you want players to go to continents or facilities or factions where they are outnumbered, then you need to offer them very large incentives. Bring back the server-pop bonus, boost the per-continent bonuses, and boost the defense bonuses.

    There also needs to be XP handed out for being with range of a control point / generator while the facility is under contention (rather then going off to camp the spawn shield). If you want players to perform guard duty, then you need to reward them when they perform that action. The current 10-15% defense XP bonus doesn't accomplish that at all because it does not reward standing around "just in case".
  20. ScrapyardBob

    Small outposts would be far more interesting if nanites were reintroduced as a mechanic and a limiter on how fast / many things you could spawn at a small outpost vs a major facility. A single squad could easily fully restock at a small outpost, but larger zergs would run into materiel limitations unless they BYON (bring your own nanites) via supply sundies.

    Right now, there's just not much difference between rearming and resupplying at a Tech Plant vs some shack in the wilderness vs some random tower.
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