Smoke tactics?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Moonheart, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Moonheart

    I would like to specialize a bit more my engineer into the use of the Underbarrel Smoke Grenade Launcher.
    However, I've been currently really been put off by the different tries I've made with it.

    I cannot use it well, in a sense that despite of having both infinite smoke screens and a IR/NV scope, I hardly kill people more than they kill me this way. Like if I was not advantaged by the smoke screen I create, I was instead the one behind hindered by it :(

    So, is there any engineer experienced with it that could provide me tips about how effectivly exploiting this feature in combat?
  2. Morpholine

    It works best in the first few minutes after you begin to use it, with a squad full of people expecting (and equipped for) smoke cover. After the first few minutes, everyone breaks out the IRNV if smoke continues. And there are plenty who just run with IRNV most of the time, anyway.

    IRNV and the vehicle counterpart aside, smoke has always been a bit underwhelming, as on minimum settings it's a very small and short-lived puff, and you can be spotted through it anyway (for shoot-the-dorito shenanigans).

    That said, it's very useful for covering a squad re-positioning across an otherwise-open fire lane, where the smoke is between them and the bulk of the enemy. Just be aware most of the vehicles geared for infantry-slaying are using Thermal anyway.
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  3. DrBash00

    Well, it is possible to spot enemys in the smoke by simply pressing the Q button, and then you can just shoot on the "arrows" even if you cant see him. (Like Maxes have never NV)

    And as long this is not fixed, i see no way to make smoke usefull.

    Otherwise ther should be a scope that sees through smoke but is NOT usefull in other Situations, so you could use smoke tacticly in a squad.

    Right now there is only 1 way i can imagine smoke could work

    1- smoke everything for some time (not smoke + instant crash, let them wait... and wait in the smoke)
    2- move out with a squad of cloaked infiltrator (they can not be Q spottet, and not be seen with NV)
    3- jump between the enemys, drop your mines first (every inf need to know where he should drop his mines, so you dont blast up your own team 2 much) and then go with the smgs and clean up....

    I never tryed this one, but because of the mentionet mechanics, there is not really another usefull way but only cheap distraction ;-)
  4. OldMaster80

    The problem is when you fire smoke you're never 100% sure of what you are doing because you can't say if your enemies have the NV as well. Moreover you might also harm your mates if they can't see through the fog. You basically take a risk.

    Smoke must be used very tactically. I've seen some very organized outfits like Outcast and BRTD using it very well: everyone throwing smoke grenades to cover an assault starting from the spawn room, for instance. The enemy was confused by the giant smoke could and suddenly TR started flanking.

    My 50cents: use it during daytime, you minimize the risk that the enemy has NV. Avoid using it during night, it might be counterproductive.
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  5. Targanwolf

    I would use it if the duration were significantly L O N G E R
  6. Targanwolf

    smoke is not for YOU killing people
  7. Flamberge

    I recently lowered the particle effects in my .ini file, and now I can't see smoke at all....
  8. Shadowhunter1

    smoke grenades are worthless until they fix the bug that allows people to SPOT through the smoke!

    YES!!! you can spot through smoke, making smoke worthless!!!
  9. Targanwolf

    Smoke...when you know far from worthless.