Smoke Grenades vs Flash Bang/Grenade

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by orewashinigami, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. orewashinigami

    Heyo all. I'm fairly new to this jetpack jumpin' business and thought I'd ask which of the two alternatives you folks prefer and why. Without actually trying either of them (other than the smoke from an UBGL) all I can think of is that smoke has an easier counter (NV scope/thermal) but you can escape it and flashbang your opponent can't escape the effects once it hits them but new entrants to the fight aren't affected. On that note, how do you folks use each of them, and if you don't use one of them why?
  2. Iridar51

    Pretty much nobody uses smoke and flash grenades. They're simply too weak. Not that default frags are strong, but at least they do damage/kill.

    Flash nades have long timer and small AOE, and a loud bang announces to everyone who wasn't affected: "Hey! A Light Assault is breaching!". Honestly I've killed people trying to flash the room I was in simply because they announced their entry this way. Otherwise I would have been caught by surprise.

    Myself I ran with them for a short time, and again had maybe a couple of good uses. I've had maybe once or twice used a flash on me effectively.

    Smoke is simply bad all around, since its counter is freely available to every player (Q spotting).
  3. Efraim

    if you can work with an infil or HA in using their class specific nades then smoke and flash are awesome. EMP takes away Q spotting and concuss is badass on its own but mixed with Flash then you'll see ppl running into walls

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