[Suggestion] Smoke and atmosphere

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  1. iirelu

    Not much of a serious suggestion, as I know the performance impact would be dire, but it is a fun mental experiment: A gun for the Liberator that sprays out a cloud of smoke at a range of 10-30 meters.

    Imagine a Liberator spraying a huge cloud below it, making it invisible to those without thermal optics, as a Galaxy carrying a squad of infiltrators flies below it. The Liberator eventually makes it to the currently heavily-defended Palisade, the smoke enveloping everything and the infiltrators running amok, wiping out the suddenly dazed and practically-blinded defense.

    However a cloud is also a distraction, seeing as many people would instantly look at the huge cloud of smoke heading towards them, worrying about hidden galaxy drops. Then they are all killed by the platoon that sneaks up behind them.

    In fact, why stop at just a gun for the liberator? More sight-impairing stuff! The smoke grenade is currently under-arm only, but make it a regular grenade and cheaper and suddenly thermal optics are more often used, and then new tactics show up and more interesting stuff can happen. Speaking of more interesting stuff, why not go to space?

    A continent set on a small moon, with barely enough atmosphere for infantry to survive more than a minute, with the major paths and bases having giant atmospheric bubbles, powered by generators. Seeing as all aircraft use magical space floaty thruster technology, there will still be air combat along with vehicle combat, but lone infantry and flash swarms made unfeasible.

    I don't know what happened there. I get ideas sometimes and wow they are really dumb. This has been a rant.

    Summary: Smoke (wow!), space (whoa!), rants (aw!).
  2. Bravix

    Sadly, the smoke is useless as is. You can quite easily see the silhouette of people through it.

    I still use it, but its not that great.