SMGs for infiltrators: I predict an auto scout rifle buff soon

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xiphos, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. icesail

    I cannot think of a single reason anyone besides infiltrators would trade their shotguns for a SMG when it comes to CQC. Shotguns are already common pool, and if you use slugs, you can even get them to be highly effective at medium range.

    For infiltrators, I think it will still be a trade off between Scout and SMG. I will most likely still be running with a Scout/semi sniper for platoon ops for most of the time, since I play DM in those cases, and we will already have 11 other peeps in the squad with excellent CQC weapons.

    Trying to sneak in and flip terms to pull out a sandy, I can see sporting the SMG AS LONG AS THEY CAN EQUIP SILENCERS. If they can't, I would still use silenced autoscout +silenced pistol + knife.

    So, it will come down to the question:
    Will you be able to put a silencer on them?
  2. KnightCole

    Well, yeah, I see the point of infiltrating, but its supposed to be mostly infiltrating to avoid combat to some degree. I to am hoping that the SMGs will give the Infil's some degree of self defense but not turn them into CQB guys. Either way, the only thing to do is wait and see...the worst part.
  3. Sworaven

    It's not supposed a long range sniper. The class is called Infiltrator, not Sniper. And because the class is called that, we should have the ability to get close and personal.

    It's so obvious you never play Infiltatror judging by the way you talk. Sure there are people out there using the class as a pure sniper. But it could, and should, be so much more. SOE is just giving us the tool to be able to be more useful in a team, not just from the ridge of a hill 150m away from the battle.
  4. Sumguy720

    I was hoping their solution to infiltrators not being able to infiltrate would be more elegant. I never thought of an infiltrator as a fully auto kind of guy.

    More of a 'avoid conflict where possible and take out important targets' kind of guy. A strategic player where you need to balance killing a player with totally compromising your very important operation.
  5. Nikushimi

    Problem is the Scouts are outperformed in CQC by semi auto snipers in every aspect.
  6. KnightCole

    Infils should have a stronger stealthy play style. Their cloaking should be alot better then it is. Their snipers should get suppressors so they can fire and NOT show up on minimaps. They should be able to knife people while cloaked. if they wanna fire thier pistol in close while cloaked, they should be able to, but firing should show them up on the minimap or the flash still appears and what not. They should be the C4 class, not every class getting C4.

    NV scopes or some special grenade that shows cloaking should be the way to detect cloakers, not just looking right at them as if they are not cloaked like we have it now. I really dont find cloakers that hard to detect. Giving them SMGs is going to make them seem more like Jetless LAs rather then infiltrators.

    I played an infiltrator for a short time, but realized how easy they are to detect and kill. Also, im not patient enough to snipe.
  7. Daimond

    Ya there is no way Im trading my shotgun on other classes for an SMG, unless it could plow through enemies better, but thats dought full. As if they did that, the gun would be removed faster then we think from the infil class. But the likly hood of me taking this gun as an infil is way up in the air anyway right now, time will tell and Trial on the weapon, just be nice if trial was lest an hour long, since you have to wait 30 days to test it again, if you ran into a bad test run.
  8. KnightCole

    Well, you do play NC and so far from what i can tell, NC guns are pretty godly. I have no reason to doubt that the NC SMG will be plenty deadly. The comparison of AF19 to TRAC5 is not even a comparison, the AF19 schools the TRAC5 in every way.
  9. RachelGomez

    The AF-19 schools everything. That gun is so broken. I get killed by that gun more than any other when facing NC. Earlier, I made an NC just to see, thinking "maybe I'm just butt-hurt". Ran around in an NC vs TR match out in the canyons, and.. lol there is no comparison. That gun is ridiculous. Stock.
  10. KnightCole

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I feel the entire NC faction is pretty much easy street. They might have more upward recoil, but the damage and accuracy are unrivaled. Its the NC that has me worrying about the Infil SMG.....I fear for the NC Infil getting something like the AF19 and just face rolling everything....even if i do play NC myself.....I jsut figure the TR will get a seriously worse version of the TRAC5, the VS might get a nerfed version of the solstice and the NC will get a mildly nerfed version of the AF19 which will still end up ****** everything anyway....
  11. RachelGomez

    I don't see why recoil is ever a balancing factor. Anyone with a working brain can pull their mouse down.
  12. Ghostfox

    Eh.. to be fair, and while the carbines are more balanced in this respect than the other weapon types, the NC weapons do less DPS but have a higher burst damage potential due to higher damage per bullet. Just because these are the numbers I remember off the top of my head, an example is the Gauss SAW vs the CARV and Orion... the CARV and Orion at point blank each have a DPS of 1787.5 while the SAW has a DPS of 1666.67.

    That said, I havent felt that NC weapons were under powered.. just a had more of a learning curve.
  13. icesail

    The same can be said for the TR and VS weapons. Earlier I made a VS character, pulled out a stock carbine and went on a 22-1 kill spree with LA. Being able just go full auto at medium range, and not even having to bother to compensate for bullet drop felt like I was cheating.
    On the TR side, my engineer was 14-0 with the trac5.

    The things to keep in mind though are:
    1. All of us, posting here, by now, know how to play the game, and we know the drawbacks of the weapons, so we can easily compensate for them.
    2. When it comes to new players, VS weapons are the easiest ones to use stock, following by the TR, and last the NC weapons.
    3. On paper, guns are fairly balanced between factions.
    4. Because of flinching, which, unlike recoil, you have no way to predict or actively compensate for, high ROF weapons have an advantage, since weapon damage is not taken into account when applying flinching.
    5. Due to 4. VS and TR weapons have a slight advantage most of the time in the battlefield. For those times where you have control over when to engage, NC weapons are as good as all the other weapons, since, as stated on #3, weapons are balanced on paper, for the most part.

    Once you know how to play this game (which takes time, and some weapons are easier to learn them others), you can kill peeps with any weapon. The weapon you end up favoring in the future may not be the best on paper, but it will be the one you feel the most comfortable using.

    The only imbalances we currently have, even when dealing with "pros" is the flinching mechanism favoring high ROF. The imbalance is not with any of the weapons, it is with a game mechanic that has affects across every single class weapons and vehicle weapons.
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  14. Nehemia

    I sincerely hope the bullets per magazine isn't accurate / final. What are the developers thinking? The moment you're supposed to fire at multiple opponents, you're out of ammo. I'll keep my slug shotgun that is semi-auto scout.
  15. Fishie

    Personally I don't see much point in playing Infiltrator anymore. Even if we would pretend Infiltrators are better at stealth than everyone else, so what? What is that going to achieve? You can't touch a Sunderer, you can't hold any ground you capture. It seems like the only thing Infiltrators have going for them are inferior weapons than everyone else.

    If anyone has any arguments to convince me otherwise, then please lay it on me. I want to like the Infiltrator class, I really do, but just running around being worse than everyone at everything in the game, and having barely any way to contribute to the team effort, is just not fun. :(
  16. Nehemia

    Be squad leader, have engineer in your team. Use recon device for your teams advantage (infinite ammo with ammopack). Sneak in to place spawn beacon, have squad drop pod inside. Hack turrets, cause havoc. Shields down? Hack terminals. Enemy has ESF / libs? Hack multiple AA turrets, tell your squad to man them and open fire simultaneously. It can be fun, with a group of dedicated players. Me and my friends agree that one INF is a must for a squad, terminals hacked is extremely important, not to mention recon device at high enough rank will provide all enemy positions to your team in a rather large area.
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