SMGs for infiltrators: I predict an auto scout rifle buff soon

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xiphos, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Xiphos

    SMGs are confirmed for infiltrators. They will be a primary weapon available to all classes and are meant for close range combat.

    The NC SMG shown had 25 bullets per magazine (likely with 167 damage per bullet), the TR version 35 (likely with 143 bullet per shot). The VS SMG wasn't ready to be shown yet.

    Source for this is Friday Night Ops - Episode 17

    Apparently the devs think that giving infiltrators SMGs isn't going to create any problems like shotguns did in beta. With that there isn't any reason why auto scout rifles should be worse than carbines.
  2. Revanmug

    Or they'll just remain useless. The goal for the scout rifle was to close the gap for infiltrator. It has no use for mid/long fight since the bolt action is just flat out better than anything else(but less forgiving) AND the SMG is just going to crap over anything else in the arsenal of an INF for close quarter. Scout rifle don't really have much point now.

    Or yeah, they could be buff but I doubt it.
  3. OldMaster80

    I was wondring the same. I believe the only reason why they introduced SMG is to give us a new reason to spend SC.
    But I don't understand what am I supposed to do with my scout rifle once SMG are introduced. Today it feels like poor version of a carbine, tomorrow is it going to be the poor version of a SMG? o_O
  4. Shuuda

    I was always under the impression that Scout Rifles were made for medium to close medium ranges rather than CQC, or at least that's where I find the full auto rifle most useful. Bolt actions at these ranges are simply too unwieldy to be relable, whereas I have no trouble control the Scout Rifle.

    I don't think I've ever thought of a Scout Rifle as something to use when you're up in an enemies face.
  5. Takoita

    Honestly, I don't see any reason to introduce whole new class of weaponry into the glitchy soup we have now. What's there for SMGs to do?

    In terms of short range oriented shootaz we have: carbines, LMG and AR variants, shotguns, pistols, MAX weapons and scout rifles (correct if I missed something). Where does SMG class fit in there? What's the niche?

    More importantly, what about scout rifles? Should they hit harder and have more effective range to differentiate them? Some unique ammunition options (shield disruptors that kill infantry shields akin to EMP nades but are meh against hp, for example)?

    I fear that SMG would turn out like "more of the same".
  6. VoidC

    Xiphos, I hope you are right.

    50 % more ammo, better Hip COF and less recoil (or faster auto-centering) would fix scout rifles.

    However, even then SMG will still have its own niche (Bio lab <-> Amp station scout rifle)

    fast moving while ADS (which is really surprising)
    probably better TTK ( similar to top carbines !? if not no LA will ever use it)
    better Hip COF
    lower range
    higher dmg drop
    higher bullet drop

    To me SMG fits pretty well for LA and Infiltrators ...
    I think about nowadays sneaky special units with suppressors and SMGs (like MP5).
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  7. iller

    ...or...SMG's could just be another Blatant straight-upgrade cash grab like the Longshot was, and anything with similar performance stats will get nerfed instead (lol, LA80 speed) to make sure their "product rollout" sales metrics impress the shareholders
  8. KnightCole

    So were going to see Snipers every where running around invis then popping up behind everyone pumping them full of lead then invising and running off before anything happens to them? problems there....

    So Infiltrators are going to pretty much become Jetpack-less inviso Light Assault troopers. Maybe they will make the SMGs really, really, really bad...
  9. icesail

    The way I see it

    Semis - long/medium range
    Auto - medium/close range

    V1 - short range low damage, in line with rof of fast carbine but less damage per bullet
    V2 - very short range, very low damage, fastest rof in game but less damage them a stock pistol

    Pretty much the SMG is an alternative to the shotgun for the spray and pray type of players. In our case, is so we shut up about close range weapons.
    From what I saw on the video, it looks like the COF of the SMG blooms pretty fast and wide, if you keep your finger down.

    The big question, and the one that will dictate if the auto scout will be totally useless or not, is how dramatic is the damage drop at medium range. If the damage drops dramatically at over 20-30 metes, them the auto-scout would still have a place.

    Now I just want one more pre-set slot to accommodate for one more weapons to use....
  10. Fishie

    Could always just, you know, use an IR/NV scope and shoot the "inviso Light Assault troopers"? Or even just shoot the obvious shimmering silhouette.
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  11. Kiekeboe

    I have the same feeling like you..... Especially people with low graphics are gonna get ****** because you can't see them unless your on top of them, And no one is gonna run with NV/IR on there screen. And the TTK in this game is already so low, before you can aim your dead.

    I hope this isn't the case but we will see what impact it will have ingame.
  12. KnightCole

    Lol, I dont have any issues finding or firing at those shimmering sillouhettes. I dont need a NV scope, I see them perfectly fine in the dark just normal. Infact, they are overly easy to see, if anything I think the Cloaking should be more invis.

    I just think its kinda tarded to be giving a kit that is supposed to be a long range sniper an automatic CQB weapon. Infils should be dog *** dead if they get discovered, that piddly pistol should be their side arm. Its why they are infiltrators, they are supposed to get in undiscovered, wreck havoc with explosives and snipers then get out.
  13. Xiphos

    The SMGs shown seemed to have a relatively wide hip fire COF and large COF bloom. At least that was my impression. If they are less accurate than carbines but supposedly better at CQC then it means they'll put out a lot of damage fast. They will bridge the gap between shotguns and carbines. Like shotguns they also have 0.75x ADS strafe speed modifier.

    There are already 2000 dps carbines with good hip fire accuracy though so I wonder how much dps SMGs will do.
  14. icesail

    I think he meant to say

    "So were going to see Shimmering Snipers every where running around pretending to be invis while shimmering more them a Las Vegas Show Girl then popping up behind everyone , waiting for a second for their noisy cloak to deactive, pumping them full of lead then pretending to be invising and running off while shimmering like a Xmas tree, before anything happens to them? problems there"

    Are we talking an empty base with a dude afk or doing in the middle of bunch of enemies that are guarding?

    The fundamental flaw with our class as never been the ability to kill at CQC. There are plenty of videos of people doign pistol/knife combos and killing enemies faster them you can with a shotgun, and will be able with the SMG. The fundamental problem with infiltrators in CQC is that you CANNOT use your cloak if there are people around. Between the fact that you are still visible, that you cannot defend yourself while in cloak, and most important, because every 12 seconds you make a very unique, pretty loud noise announcing "enemy cloaker near you".
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  15. KnightCole

    Yeah, Icesail, exactly. if anything, I think the Cloaking should be a greater asset to the Infiltrator. You should not be making noise when you uncloak and the cloaking should be harder to spot, even on the move. Also, you should be able to fire atleast 1 round while invis or knife a guy once or something. The cloaking should be the Infil's strength. If they are not using it to their best, they die. No need to go and give them a machinegun. It kinda ruins the whole "infiltrator" idea. Infiltrator to me means quiet, sneaky, sabotage, killing lone guys....not running in like a weak HA with a mini-machinegun hosing people down.

    Besides, if you an infiltrator amongst a group of enemy soldiers in CQC trying to knife and what not, your doing it wrong to begin with. You deserve to be sighted and shot in the face for playing your class wrong.
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  16. RachelGomez

    Except there's nothing invisible about cloaking. Especially with IRNV.
  17. Nogrim313

    i could deal with the visible shimmer if i was silent or at least a 1/3 as loud, right now its safer to use a jet pack and run on the roof as its much quieter and less noticeable and lets you fight back
  18. Sabreur

    This right here is why you're not seeing eye-to-eye with the Infiltrator players. The whole point of being an Infiltrator is to infiltrate. We're not supposed to be just long-range snipers - ambush style play is supposed to be viable. That's why they gave us shotguns back in beta. Giving us shotguns turned out to be too OP, so they were removed - and unfortunately for us, a balanced replacement never happened. The hope is that SMGs will be a powerful-but-not-OP CQB weapon, letting us go back to actualy infiltrating instead of playing 300m point-and-click. Scout rifles sorta work, but the time and risk involved with getting close enough to use them effectively doesn't really pay off.

    Besides, now that the game has matured a bit, a lot more people (myself included) run around with IRNV. So worrying about invisible ninja assassins overrunning the game is a bit silly. Even better CQB weapons and opponents who don't use IRNV, an infiltrator trying to be Rambo is just going to die stupidly.
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  19. Chemicalnurd

    The SMG is being added so that the infiltrator can have a weapon that they can infiltrate with, and every other class can have it too because it doesn't matter if they don't.
  20. Ghostfox

    Eh.. I, for one, plan on using my infil suit a lot more with SMG's. From what I can see(faster maneuverability, faster strifing when ADS compared to other weapons and the like), they are meant to be used solely for CQC. This will, IMO, make EMP grenades much more useful outside of group play. I think LA's will benefit more from them but Infiltrators should have a much more solid CQC base to operate from with these.

    *edits to add*

    Also.. not sure that making them a secondary would be a good idea. If that happened, then there would be no tradeoff to using long ranged weaponry, such as the bolt actions for infls, the high damage, low RoF carbines for eng/LA, and so and so forth.

    I personally know that if this was made a secondary weapon, then my default setup for my LA/Engineer suit would be an AC-X11 for mid-long carnage and the Cyclone for CQC.