SMG VS Scout Rifle

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  1. VoidC

    6x is sometimes to high for close medium ranges. If target is static it will work. If target is moving etc. then you have to lead etc. I'm average sensitivity player and have problems by tracking with high magnification scopes and shorter ranges. In my opinion Parallax's additional velocity is better than V10's faster reload. For even closer ranges Ghost suits best for me. I got all three named bolt action rifles and after maxing V10, I don't see a point to use it. The longer reload of Parallax feels quiet similar to V10's. Ghost on the other side is nice and could be even faster :)
    So atm I use following weapons sorted by effective range: Eridani - Phantom - Ghost - Parallax.
  2. Flag

    V10 and Parallax have the same bullet velocity.
    So it's really down to the slightly higher damage(parallax) or re-chambering speed for faster follow-up shots.
    That's the only place the two are different.

    So while the Ghost is even faster than the V10, it is also limited to low power optics.
    + it doesn't have the increased bullet velocity of the V10/Parallax.

    Which leaves the XM98 in a sort of awkward spot of having no real redeeming qualities that make it worth the cost.

    Sorry to TR and NC infiltrators for only using the VS names. I don't recall the other rifles' names from the top of my head.
  3. VoidC

  4. Flag

    Hm. My apologies. :)
  5. Vasheron

    I use both the SMG-46 Armistice (with suppressor, HS/NV scope, and extended mags) and the SOAS-20 (with suppressor, HS/NV scope, and laser dot). I use the SMG in CQC, mostly towers and bases. The auto-scout is a more versatile weapon in that it has a longer effective range than the SMG while it still retains some utility in CQC. The only major weakness of the auto-scout is it's magazine capacity; if it had ten more rounds per mag it would be a far more balanced weapon.

    I've tried the semi-auto scout but found it's 3-shot close range kill, and 4-shot medium range are insufficient due to the rate of fire and recoil. More often than not, your target will realize they are being hit and seek cover before you can finish them off. In close quarters you will simply be out-gunned by people with automatic weapons. It also appears to have hit detection problems (or maybe it's just COF manifesting) because the bullet frequently doesn't go where the scope (HS/NV) is aiming during sustained fire.
  6. Vasheron

    I should probably add that, in my opinion, the only weapons an infiltrator really needs right now are an SMG and a good sniper rifle. The auto-scout is really optional and only useful if you think you'll be engaging targets up to 35m.
  7. Stinneyt

    I'm very happy with bolt actions for long range sniping, but that often means I'm out on my own a lot.
    For joining in on base assults as an infiltrator (the only class I can really play) I was looking for something that would make me a little more viable.
    I havent tried any SMG's but I have the SOAS-20 and so far it has been OK.
    I do, pretty much have to empty a magazine to kill someone, and if I miss oven just a few shots, I have to reload before I can finish the kill.

    Using up bullets and magazines so fast means that I have to rely on Engineer ammo packs. Which I think is great. I love aspects of the game which force you to rely on other players.

    I came to this thread looking to see if SMG's would be better suited for my base assult infiltrator, but it seems inconclusive.

    I dont think the SMG is going to add that much to my game not for the cert points cost anyway.
  8. Flag

    One way to look at it is that the SMG isn't as unforgiving as the ASR if you miss some shots.
    If you get -really- close, the SMG will in theory last you a lot longer in terms of ammo, both in single clips and overall capacity.

    The ASR is -somewhat- usable at 30+, where the SMG really isn't, but the cons of the ASRs arguably makes it better to run closer, even with the scout rifle...
    Where the SMG beats it on just about everything except maybe damage per bullet.
  9. lonegunman

    Both kinds scout rifles need a buff: they need higher bullet velocity, and absolutely should have lower damage degradation. I mean, the barrels are longer than my guy's leg. They're as big as full sniper rifles and their bullets should not be losing 30% of their force before they hit 100m like they do now.
  10. Blackinvictus

    That was completely bad*ss!

    I was on the fence, but you just inspired me to give this class a go!
  11. VKhaun


    The niche for the scout rifles is just too small. The SMG does fine out to medium, and the bolt action sniper rifles do just fine down at medium as long as your positioning is good. There's just no reason to give up the hip fire and mag size of the SMG to get the mediocrity at mid range of the scout rifle.

    One day I'm sure the scout rifle will be buffed. If tomorrow it could load HV ammo, equip a bayonet, and killed in one headshot at any range where a pump shotgun slug round kills in one hadshot, then I'd sing a different tune. But today with crappy damage and a niche roll, I regret buying them. Battle rifle as well.
  12. SGTWOLF68

    SMG all around better gun only downfall is range my advise, stick with it's pretty friggin' awesome.