SMG or Scout? HELP PLZ

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  1. NecroArbiter

    I am an inf, and I dont like using a pistol when it gets to going inside a large facility like a bio lab. I need to switch my primary to a full auto rifle. Plz help me choose between scouts and SMGs. Honestly, I don't see y scout rifles even exist. They only have 20 shots in their mags, so I decided to go 4 the SMGs. But I guess scouts exist 4 a reason. Wut are full auto scouts' advantage comparing to SMGs? And guys, since I play on TR, should I get the Hailstorm or Armistice for my SMG?
  2. FoxGhost

    Scout rifles are supposed to be better in mid-range situations. They have a longer effective range and therefore do more damage at greater distances. SMG's are strictly close combat weapons. Anything beyond that and you're pretty much screwed.

    That being said, I'd personally chose the SMG over the scout any day. I run one as my standard primary on my Infiltrator, and there's not a single gun in this game that I have come to love more. Not because it's so hopelessly overpowered, but because it allows me to play the class the way I always wanted to.
    Play it smart, flank enemies, use your allies as decoys to close the gap and get close, and you'll be fine.
  3. The King

    I tried the semi auto scout (sucks bad.. not real good at close encounters either)
    Also have the full auto scout (sucks bad at close encounters compared to an SMG or any other gun out there that's automatic, it's not that great at range either especially with that low amount of ammo)

    I have both SMGs as a VS.
    I like them both. The one with the lower amount of ammo is not too bad at a short distance away. ADS and pop heads
    The one with the larger clip is so much better at hip fire though.

    I would get the one with more ammo in the clip...Some assurance for making sure a target is dead or that you can fight an additional enemy that just happen to come by.
    So I would pick the SMG overall.
  4. Blitzkrieg

    I'll put it like this.

    Fully automatic Scout rifle works at short to medium range. It's very good at medium range. It also got buffed recently so now has a 24 round magazine and has better accuracy. Also with the Suppressor, it's virtually silent. Which makes it a brilliant infiltration weapon and for sneaking around when working in short to medium ranges.

    The SMG is fantastic at short range. Blistering damage in a short time with amazing RoF while no need to ADS as it hipfires like a dream. However it's limited to short range and short range only. Unfortunately with the suppressor the SMG is still loud, which makes it less of an infiltration weapon used for guerilla warfare and more of an ambush weapon. Even though the suppressor removes you from the map, countless times i've used fired it and enemies still flock to my exact location.

    It comes down to personal taste. Do you want a loud short ranged weapon which great dps which is built for hip fire spray mode? Or do you want a weapon that is silent and built for infiltration and works at a medium range, but requires you to be a good shot and conservative with ammo.
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  5. Mustarde

    I'll second what Blitzkrieg said.

    I'm still trying to use the full auto scout rifle (SOAS-20 for TR) post-patch to see how I feel about the overall changes. It is definitely better than the original. I like it and get kills with it. But I am not sure that it is worth having over the SMG. I think most people have judged the SOAS-20 and equivalents as "still bad", but I am not convinced yet. I will try to have a better answer for you, but it will take time so I can rack up more substantial gameplay with it.

    As for which SMG to use? They are both great and will get you CQC kills, especially with intelligent use of cloaking. Personally, I prefer the armistice, which has a shorter TTK, and feels much better suited for killing 1-2 targets and cloaking up again. That fits my style of SMG play better. The hailstorm, while having a larger magazine and great hipfire accuracy, has a slightly longer TTK, slower rate of fire. The numbers are deceptive - in practice, this means the guy you are trying to gank has more time to wheel around and put 4 gauss saw rounds into you and laugh as he calls for a medic. Yeah, if you finish the first guy off, it's nice having more bullets in the magaine for a second, or maybe third kill.

    But with the way I use an SMG, I just want to quickly obliterate one or two guys as fast as possible and get away clean so I can do it again in 3 seconds.

    This assessment of SMG's goes against the common wisdom out there and most people reading this will disagree with me. So take it for what it's worth. I have used both quite a bit, although I actually got frustrated enough using the hailstorm that I gave up on getting the auraxium medal with it and just went back to the armistice. I was genuinely surprised, since the numbers paint a picture of the hailstorm being easily the better choice.
  6. Astraka

    I agree 100% with your assessment. I don't think the Hailstorm is a bad gun exactly, it just isn't as good (in my opinion) as the Armistice for the Infiltrator's hit & run style of play. If it was more like the Sirius that I use on my VS character I'd play with it no question, but the dramatic drop in DPS compared to the Armistice kills it for me.

    With that said I think the TR SMG situation is probably the most balanced out of the three factions. With the NC & the VS their respective high capacity SMGs are very nearly straight upgrades. With the TR, the Armistice is your higher DPS low ammo SMG, and the Hailstorm is your lower DPS high ammo SMG. Had I been in charge I probably would've made the Blitz & Sirius follow that formula more closely then they do.
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  7. Rigsta

    Hop into VR training and try them out. Make sure to use attachments as they can make or break a gun.

    SMG wins at close range, hands-down. The larger-mag variant is more versatile because you aren't forced to use the extended mags rail attachment. The shorter-mag version is a bit more stable & easier to keep on target but punishes missing all the more. Since CQ fights are generally quite chaotic I stick with the big-mag SMG.
    (Note, this is based on the VS SMGs.)

    Tip for in-your-face fights: breach their shield with your gun and finish with your knife.

    The semi-auto scout is ok for medium range, and out-performs the semi-auto sniper rifles in certain situations. Currently they have no scope sway but the next update will introduce scope sway to all guns with 6x (or higher) optics mounted.

    The auto-scout is just bad. The default LA/Engi carbine has a better TTK and a larger mag, SMGs wipe the floor with it in CQ, and the semi-auto scout (grip + compensator) or true sniper rifles are better for mid-long range fights.

    Lastly, Game update #8 is going to change a lot of things about a lot of guns. I'd wait until it lands, then spend some time in VR to see which gun(s) you feel most comfortable with before buying.
  8. zaspacer

    In playing around with the Cyclone and Blitz in the VR, the Cyclone had a much more manageable bullet spread. Cyclone bullet spread was almost totally vertical and I just had to pull it down some to keep it on headshots. The Blitz bullet spread is both vertical and horizontal (up and to the right), and was a pain to keep on headshots.

    HUGE point.

    SOE has announced MAJOR changes to most guns. (SMGs have been specifically named) It's probably best to hold off on testing or buying any Guns OR Gun Attachments until after GU8 goes live and we have the new versions of each gun.

    Here is what SOE said:


  9. OldMaster80

    And consider SMG effectiveness at medium range is liklely to be slightly reduced with GU08 (they said they want to adjust close quarter weapons that are a little overperforming at mid range and I believe they mean the SMG).
    The choice depends on your play style. Personally I prefer to keep myself at medium range because in a face to face fight I don't feel like I can compete with other classes, so I use the Scout Rifle and I'm fine. At close quarter (aka inside bases) SMG is probably the best way to go.
  10. McToast


    I just bought the Cyclone recently and use it with adv laser instead of extended mags, as most would suggest. I absolutely love it. The big advantage of the Cyclone is that it's still usable at medium range. The 25 round clip may seem too small, but usually I'm either dead or have time to reload by the time the clip is empty. I prefer the Cyclone over the Blitz, because it rewards accuracy and recoil controll a lot more.

    the Toast
  11. lilleAllan

    The reason for picking cyclone above blitz is the slightly better ttk and better range.

    Will wait till after update to see if the range is nerfed before purchasing.
  12. Xocolatl

    I prefer semi-auto Scout Rifle + unlockable pistol. You don't have the best TTK for any distance, but it is very flexible. I tend to flank and try to get a drop on people, so these two offer some really nice combination of close range stopping power, and medium-long range cover fire.

    I have to say though that I don't do the one-man-army Infiltrator thing all that much. I usually just do coverfiring. I find it to be pretty dang useful in an organized assault.
  13. SGTWOLF68

    SMG no challenge whats so ever.
  14. Plague Rat

    I've been using the auto scout for quite a while now. Ran with SMGs for a bit but I just found I wasn't a fan of the weapon, despite picking up both options available to my faction. I like the cyclone better but I understand the TR ones are set up differently. All the same I just found that one to be more versitile, whereas the high capacity just seemed pointless. As an Infi you don't commit to fights where you're outnumbered (would need more than 25-35 bullets before a reload) and as any other class I'd probably just use a shotgun.

    As for scouts, the autoscout has been my preferred weapon for several months now. It's an odd one for certain but once you figure out it's quirks it performs just as well as any other weapon, and even better at times. It's rebalancing threw me a bit but it's still quite good. Prior to GU07 with the right attachments it was a bullet laser. True, it only had a 20 round mag, but it was the only automatic I could fire at a target 40m out with minimal misses due to recoil or CoF bloom, and yet it still functioned decently at close range. After the change those 4 extra rounds in the mag make a surprising difference, and the large ammo pool is a godsend, but I was a little down at the fact that it's accuracy was reduced, but now with GU08 attachment changes, I've been more or less reunited with my bullet laser. The active ranges for this weapon keeps me right where I need to be to create a sensor net with my recon darts and use my EMP grenades without risking being in the blast myself, but still able to easily follow up on any and all effected targets.
  15. Arkos

    I have not tried out the auto-scout rifle, but I LOVE my Cyclone. Personally, I like the faster TTK, because as Mustarde and several others have pointed out, going into a fight where you really need the extra bullets of the larger mag SMG is usually suicidal as an infiltrator. Kill 1-2 guys, dodge out, repeat. The faster TTK on the lower mag size SMGs is great for this because you finish off the 1-2 guys noticeably faster, reducing the risk that you will a)be killed by them, b)have more people join the fight as they run to the sound of gunfire, or c)start running just as said people running towards the firefight enter (they will likely see you and give chase or kill you very quickly).

    From what I have read, the auto scout lends itself more to a particular playstyle much as the close range BASR and semi auto snipers do. SMGs the best pure CQC weapon available to infiltrators though. They also have the slight side benefit of unlocking on other classes as well. I play LA as well as infiltrator (actually got my SMG for my LA back when I didn't play much infil), and the SMG is an excellent gun for LA too.
  16. Fenrys

    It's still not worth using after GU8.
  17. Metal Insomniac

    I have no idea which of the TR SMG's is better. All I know is the NC's 1st gen SMG is better. Get the one that feels right for you, and have at it!
  18. Nocturn0l

    I kinda like using the Stalker (NC Auto Scout rifle), it has a very high dps at range (125 dmg at 652 rpm) which outclasses many carabines and even lmgs and as an infiltrator u can usually get the first shot which lets you outgun a lot of other classes beyond 50-60m. The small mag means you will most of the times empty one on a single enemy, which in return means cloak, reload, retreat and get back in after a few seconds. It's really an infiltrator playstyle that is a lot fun to me.
    I also tried the Impetus ( semi Auto Scout rifle ) and cranked up quite a few kills during that time. I'll be getting this one next, basically it's the gauss spr with low Level optics.
    I've also been using the cyclone for some time but i don't like the limited range, getting in Close means you are much more likely to be spotted and if you can't get the first shots with that one you're gonna lose a direct firefight because of your lower health and deadly Close range weapons like shotguns, it has good hipfire though and that can kinda make up for that but your chances of escaping are of course much lower if you miss some shots.
    As we have the ability to hack weapon terminals we can Switch weapons according to situational demands.
    For Long range sniping i use the la-80 with 12x scope.
    For medium range sniping and big firefights, especially when the enemy storms you, i use the gauss spr, as you can quickly line up deadly or assisting shots on mutliple enemies.
    For medium to Close range Engagements in more open terrain i use the Stalker and only for in base fights i use the cyclone, you really have to Play to the Advantages of each weapon.
    Oh, and when there are tanks around i Switch to HA ;)
  19. zaspacer

    What attachments you use on your Gauss SPR, Stalker, and Cyclone?
  20. Nocturn0l

    for the Gauss SPR just the 6x scope and foreward grip, 2x Reflex and grip on the Stalker and 1x Reflex, Extended mag, softpoint ammo and silencer on the cyclone
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