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    • SMG (Preferably the Armistice faction equivalent) with suppressor
    • Blackhand/cqc pistol
    • OHK Knife
    • Hunter Cloak
    • Adrenaline Pump
    • Motion Spotter
    • EMP Grenade
    • Medkit, can flex mines if you take regeneration as implant
    • Nightmare (max) Deep Operative (lvl 4 or max) can flex sensor shield, catlike, regeneration, sweeper HUD

    • SMG-This is an SMG infiltrator guide. I recommend the Armistice because of its TTK. Dropping your opponent quickly is important, the SMG allows you to fallback on your weapon and gunplay when things don't go according to plan.
    • Hunter Cloak-The Nanoarmor cloak is trash. You might as well choose a different class with better weapons and abilities than mess with this thing. It doesn't last long enough and takes too long to recharge to be worth your shield being on-par with other classes and having damage reduction while you're cloaked. Don't use it.
    • Adrenaline Pump-You'll often be chasing enemies down who are unaware of your hunt. Being able to sprint faster than them helps you in this regard. This also helps you move around quickly, and since you'll be cloaked while moving, you'll be able to cover more ground before your cloak runs out. You can survive unseen AP mines by just running by. Also helps you run away.
    • Motion Spotter-Use it over the motion sensor. You are an SMG infiltrator, it does not matter if a particular individual notices your motion spotter and pulls out his darklight sidearm. Drop him with your SMG primary. In fact, use your motion spotter to lure in enemies. When you see them on your radar getting close, go invisible, wait for them to aim at your motion spotter and take them out. Rinse and repeat. The range on the max lvl Motion Spotter and its uptime make it head and shoulders better than the motion sensor for you. You won't have to keep finding ammo packs/resupplying to keep your radar advantage going, and to top it all off, it's less obvious on the minimap than a huge blipping circle.
    • EMP Grenade-The only reason I would ever take off Adrenaline Pump is for grenade bandolier. Being able to clear points of mines/deployables as well as take out shields is very useful, especially when those mines happen to be below enemies.
    • Medkit-Keeps you from having to resupply or run to the nearest medic.
    • Nightmare at max rank allows anyone you kill to cloak you for 2 seconds. It's great for knifestreaks, and it's great for engaging multiple enemies at once. Unfortunately, you will briefly uncloak to recloak when using your hunter cloak during those 2 seconds, so use them well. Deep Operative makes it harder for enemies to see you. I know some people don't think it does, but there's a reason I'm using it over sensor shield/catlike. I think it does. A lot.
    • Blackhand is useful for shooting targets sitting still at range. any CQC pistol is a useful backup.
    • OHK knife is useful for when you've positioned yourself to attack a huge mash of infantry. I recommend having nightmare on and moving from enemy to enemy rather than trying to slash the same one over and over again
    I won't get into the specific details of how to play. That would be a lot of text and I doubt anyone would read it. Instead, I will sum it up by saying you're going to want to use the situational awareness your motion spotter gives you, combined with your cloak, to position yourself to flank enemies. You ambush. There's a class out there with more shields, better weapons, and an overshield that will ruin you if you face them straight-up. Try and aim for the head, as that will increase your TTK further, especially against a Heavy Assault with overshield. Also, their overshield will stop yout OHK knife unless you headshot them.
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    Make a video,it will be seen and listened by all. Btw i read all the post, it's interesting but you don't recommend to have the cyclone for example? It's TTK is great.
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    Better yet, come find me.

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